The Space Between

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With warring hearts and their lives plagued with tragedy from the start, how can Irene and Seulgi find their way to reconcilliation and a fresh start? This is a story of two women skating their way to two different paths in their own world and the space between them that keeps their hearts from falling in love.



Another Seulrene fic for all of you :)

As I said from my first fiction Crush, I plan to make series of stories penning them under Dave Mathews Band's song title tracks.

This story actually came from my inspiration after watching a documentary about Kim Yuna's road to Olympics. It's so beautiful btw.

I just can't let go of the ideas inside my head I have to wirte it right away even though the first story is not yet finished hehe.

I hope this will turn out good. 

Enjoy reading!


epilogue, it's been great guys. :) i will reply to all comments posted for this chapter. woohoo!!!
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