Missing You {Sequel to Blues}

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How many times can a heart break and be mended back again?
"I hate you! I hate you so much!"
“I’m tired…tired of trying to make this work…just let me go…”


How many tears can be wiped?
She holded her tears and tried to calm her heart.
"It’s not healthy for her to feel like this…I need to let her go…” he thought to himself feeling like the rain drops that were falling were the tears that he didn’t want to cry.


How much damage can a relationship take?
I still wait for you like this...
What have done…?







Hey, I'm back! So, I know I didn't post nothing since Blues and that my account went under major reform and all, but after much thought I decided to comeback!

I'd like to do some considerations before; first, yes I've changed my username; second, this fanfic will have a different format from my other ones (yes, I'm planning on changing the format of the other ones in the future); third, I'm posting without the corrections of my beta reader, so there may be some mistakes since english is not my native language, so please forgive me and don't worry, I'll ask my petit beta reader to fix any mistakes soon.

Last of all, this is the sequel to Blues!

Some considerations:
- This one will be more sad, more melancholic, so be warned.
- This is the last fanfic of this serie (if I ever write about Skydragon in the future it won't be related to these other fics)
- Subscription and upvote are very welcomed 
This one particular fanfic will have both GD and CL's pov, so pay attention while reading, please.

And oh! If you're new here, I will recommend you to read the previous stories so you can understand the whole story

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“I’m sorry” Jiyong said facing the ground, after some minutes. “For what?” Chaerin asked facing him. “You know what…” he shot back, too embarrassed to talk about that night. She thought about his answer for one minute before saying anything, and that made him even more nervous.

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