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Ten is Thailand's beloved Crown Prince and everyone's favourite person in the entire kingdom. An imminent threat to the royal family forces him under the protection of Lord Taeyong, the cold mun nai, trained in the foreign lands of South Korea. What started out as a cold and somewhat hostile servant-master relationship blossoms into an incredible bond that will stand the test of an impending war.



Yes, I'm back. And yes, I have stepped into uncharted territory a.k.a the NCT universe.

I can't tell you exactly how excited I am to write this chaptered fic. And yes, you know me. It will be long and fun and maybe self-conflicting(?) but right off the bat, I will tell you now that we will both have an awesome ride.

So please, please hold my hand as I go through this fic. Talk to me. Comment. Let me know if it gets boring or if I'm triggering you in anyway. You know how I sometimes get lost along the way and how distracted I get with my biases *side-eyes Ten*, so please keep me in check.

People who have been with me since I started writing for EXO will know how OC I get with my fics so updates are sporadic but I am anchoring myself so hard into the very foundation of this fic to make sure I (we) make it through till the very end.


Why TaeTen?

Because why the hell not.

*screaming rn because I love them so much and they look so good together, like COME ON*



I have little to no knowledge about the Thai Kingdom and how it works, but I am learning and researching as hard as I can. If there are any misconceptions, they are mostly unintended but feel free to correct me in the comments. Please bear in mind, however, that this is a work of fiction and all roles here may not be accurately portrayed as with Thai royalty. Rest assured that great respect and consideration to the proper nobilities will be excercised throughout the writing process.

All foreign terms will be marked with an asterisk and will be explained in the footnote of each chapter. So before you panic and ask, please check the footnotes, kkkk~


SPECIAL THANKS to Tripping-Panda for the amazing cover image. T_T I didn't really have the time to find someone to make one for me because I was too engrossed in writing, but she's been an angel and made one for this long-(ride) fanfic. Thank you, hun. <3

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