Midnight Madness


Entertaining all of this mentally retarded boys are hard enough. Now, they are required to stay with them under the same roof for thirty days.

Curse the goddamn mysterious will.

To top it all, everything went wrong when they begin living in the house.

When the clock strikes midnight, Kyungsoo finds himself locked up in a cabinet in the kitchen with a spatula in hand for protection, Luhan somehow ends up curled like a baby on top of the closet, Tao thinks they would never catch him as he hides behind the couch, Baekhyun simply stands in the middle of the house while assuring himself that his half- statue disguise is wonderfully done, Joonmyeon prays hard as he rolls around under the bed with his eyes tightly shut and Minseok just wishes they could survive this night from where he is sitting in the washing machine.






Pairing :  EXO OTPs

Genre : Crack, Horror, HighSchool!AU

Author's note : 

My first attempt at doing crack and I honestly have zero idea of what I'm even writing half of the time.

I started this because I'm kind of having a hard time writing lately and I really needed a break from all of those complicated plots.

So, this is probably good for someone who needed a break from reading all of those make-you-want-to-puke-go-crazy-and-tear-your-hair-off-all-at-the-same-time kind of plots too.

I hope you're ready to enjoy the ride and let's just well.. ride off into the sunset together? (, I sounded like Yixing on crack.)



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216 streak #1
Chapter 7: I am loving this story it's both creepy and funny at the same time~~~
FairyLove5 #2
Chapter 5: Interesting.
Venus23 #3
Chapter 4: Wow wow wow, what happened?
istarrysky #4
my favorite ships! looks good.. update soon!