Mark is damned, and he would say his new companions were too, if the word didn't have another meaning to it. To correct himself, he is a Damned; someone who survived an epidemic and instead woke up with the nature of a monster. But as he is surrounded by other Damned, while trying to protect his best friend and new companions, he can’t help but see through their wild nature and suddenly see a people that are desperately trying to be human. And maybe that's all they are; purely human.

So who is the real enemy?




Description: We're in a post-apocalyptic world, where society has scrambled together what they could after humanity destroyed eveything. This time there is focus on how to live in balance with nature and not try to be above it anymore. In the North 7 clans are gathered beneath one commander and in the South it's heard that 14 clans are gathered under their commander. This doesn't mean that there aren't more clans in the North, but they haven't chosen to be a part of the unity. Then there is the clan that none would like to talk about, but it's a place their loved ones go when they are Damned. 

 - (Everything will eventually be explained in the story!)

Pairings: Mark x Haechan | Taeyong x Ten | Taeyong x Jaehyun | Johnny x Ten | Jaehyun x Johnny | Winwin x Kun | Mark x Jaehyun | Jaehyun x Doyoung | Hansol x Yuta | Chenle x Jisung 

 - (If you're curious about pairings, these are the ones that I would say appear in the story!)

Warnings: Violence (I will mark those chapters with violence), Character death



"To any new reader's, the only thing I have to say is enjoy. Trust me you'll love it."
 - HannahMooMoo


"This fic made me feel like I was reading a real published book (which you should!) ...
I would definitely recommend this to people- NCT fans or not."



"If you are searching for an unique idea and a great style of writing, you have to read this!"

"I don't normally cry when reading stories, but your story made me cry, smile and laugh more than once."
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"One of the best things about this story was the relationships.
The couples varied in so many ways that it was enjoyable to see them grow together."

 -  Bunnyhop70


"Honestly, this was a really great story and I'm surprised I read it all the way through because I have not gotten into nct yet,
that's how good her writing is."



"This story has the impact that makes the readers want to continue reading because honestly,
everytime I finished reading an update I would go "I wanna read the next chapter." "

 - johnjaeyongthusiast


"This story is a must read! The author wrote it in details so you don't have to be confused.
You will feel a rollercoaster of emotions when you read it. Good luck!"

- _usernamenotfound


(Thank you for all the kind reviews and comments! The comments on this story have inspired me and helped me through tough moments.
I owe it all to the kind readers that encouraged me to continue writing. This story is finished because of you!)
- Emma <3


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Emma has officially gotten into the NCT fandom because she won't stop writing fics about them.
This will be a longer chaptered fic, and I don't know when it will end or how many chapters there will be.


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DAMNED; College is one attention-seeking . But I just finished the first chapter of the sequel GIFTED. Which means I will post the foreword soon, and then when I've reached chapter 5, I'll started posting! <33
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