#1.1: Back Off, He’s MY Fiancé. ~ Parte 2

The Bona Fide Tales of Choco-Ball~ [OT7 + Chanwoo] (CLOSED)
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This take longer than expected. I have to say that, comedy is not exactly my expertise. Sadly. T___T But, it's not until the point I got no humor to show~ ^^
Hopefully this one is good enough. Once again, thank you to koojung for sending the prompt. ^^ I hope you will like this!~ :D

Enjoy people~ ^^v





                They never speak about the incident anymore. All the weird things Junhoe said to Chanwoo that day and Hanbin’s unexpected rage with his unusual anxiety are all buried deep down in their minds. It’s as if those things have never happened. It’s all forgotten with time flying by.



                Chanwoo is relieve definitely that the fight has never been mentioned but he is not even close to pleased. The reason is because that the tension between the two brothers is growing bigger day by day. He notices that Hanbin has never talks to Junhoe anymore and Junhoe is acting as if he doesn’t have a brother working in the same company with him. The whole situation is overwhelmingly heavy and tense, even the staff around could feel the cold war of the two.



                It’s been a week since that evening and the two brothers are still ditching each other’s existence. It feels like as if Chanwoo is trapped in between. Every day during lunch break, Hanbin will come down to Chanwoo’s working floor and get him to join him for lunch when it’s all well known by the staff in the same floor –or even the whole company– that Chanwoo would always have a lunch with Junhoe only. But since then, it has been ‘Hanbin and Chanwoo’ together rather than ‘Junhoe and Chanwoo’. Every time the two lovebirds leave that place, there will be a pair of raging burning eyes following them until they reach the end of the hallway.



                Chanwoo is truthfully scared with those eyes of Junhoe. The way he looks at them it is as if he is all readied for a killing spree. Chanwoo swears wholeheartedly that if a single gaze can kill a person, then they are surely dead already.



                Then there comes Junhoe’s revenge on Hanbin when on one day, Chanwoo and him are assigned to work together on a new project. With the golden opportunity at hand, Junhoe doesn’t waste it away by spending all of his time with the younger to ‘professionally work’ on the project with him.



                But with all the ‘accidentally’ touching and too close body contact whenever they are having a discussion on Chanwoo’s desk, Hanbin calls it as seducing and he is not happy at all.



                And there are a few scenarios of the two trying to get on each other’s nerves every single day without fail right in the presence of Jung Chanwoo. At first he doesn’t realize it but after people talk and his colleagues start pointing on it, it then dawns on him that all of it is because of him. The two’s bloodied civil war is because of him, and their new technique on pissing off each other –though Chanwoo has zero clue on why would they do that– is also because of him. 



                But of course, Chanwoo has no knowledge about their sudden arguments.






                He snaps out from his reverie when a voice calls for him. Turning his head around, he sees Junhoe sitting not-too-close-to-him on the chair. The older face looks a bit tired with all their long hours of extra working but the fatigue doesn’t seem to falter his persistency on working. And that is what Chanwoo admires of him. No matter how sassy and ignorant Junhoe is, he would never neglect his work and stay focus to finish it up perfectly. Well, he’s a perfectionist though. Yet still no match to Hanbin.



“God, what are you daydreaming on about? I’ve been calling you for million times but you just didn’t stop making that dumb face.”



                His words break a sheepish smile out from Chanwoo. The younger mutters a chain of apology before he resumes his work with Junhoe. They have been working an extra 2 hours from the usual and it’s getting late in the evening already. The office is empty with only the two of them and the table lamp as their companies for the night.



“You know, if you are tired already, we can stop. Seriously, there is no need to rush this over.”



                Junhoe assures him. Though Chanwoo wants to decline the offer, his closing lids are just too hard to resist. The sleepiness is fighting his way and Chanwoo decides to call it a day. They wrap it up before walking to the elevator down the hallway.



                When Chanwoo steps his feet outside the building, the sky has already turn darker and the stars are brightening the dark canvas of the night. Tonight the moon emerges itself from behind the clouds, shining the way to their home. It feels good to have your back straightens up after an all day long sitting down.



                His wristwatch shows that it’s almost 9 pm and after weeks staying in Seoul, Chanwoo just knows that the taxi wouldn’t be stopping anywhere near the area. The only chance for him to go back home faster is by bus which the station is 3 blocks ahead. God, it’s going to be a long night.



                Junhoe is gone, he has his own driver waiting for him in the parking lot. While for Chanwoo, well, he can’t blame anyone on this. He is the one who is so stubborn to refuse his father’s offer for a car and this evening he turned down Hanbin’s offer to drive him back home. Now, he is all stuck on his way back home with only the bus as his savior. So much for an independent life.



                He has no choice but to walk and after his seventh steps, a sound of car’s honk blaring from his behind. He turns around to see a black sedan coming closer to him and when the window slides down, he is met with none other than Junhoe.



                “Are you walking back home?” He asks Chanwoo through the window, voice a bit louder to get even with the noise from the streets. “Come on, I’ll give you a ride.”



                Well, no one is going to turn that down and Chanwoo next found himself sitting at the backseat of the expensive imported car with Junhoe beside him. The view of the streets flashing through their view and the night suddenly feels so soothing. Chanwoo is too indulged in his own world with the lights from the streetlights dancing in his mind when the deep voice of the man beside him breaks it away.



“I bet the view in Melbourne is far more beautiful than in here.” Junhoe says, his attention is on the street just like Chanwoo before.



“Yeah it’s pretty. But the city is too busy and packed. I like it more in Seoul.” Chanwoo answers, eyes on Junhoe though the older is not looking back at him.



“But Seoul is packed too.”



“Of course it is but, let’s just say nothing is much better than out own hometown.” A smile forms on Chanwoo’s face and at the same time Junhoe turns his head away from the window to meet the younger’s eyes. It feels like he is pulling in to the big orbs of Chanwoo the moment his eyes fall on it. He can no longer push himself away then.



“You know what,” He says with head slowly falling to Chanwoo’s shoulder, surprising the younger. “I can’t sleep well for the past few weeks. A quick nap probably can keep my mind straight.” Junhoe closes his eyes and let his head stays on Chanwoo’s shoulder, being oblivious at how shocked the younger is with his sudden behavior. But, Chanwoo doesn’t push him away. He let the older sleeps on his shoulder nevertheless.



“Why are you not getting any sleep? Are you sick or something?” Chanwoo inquires out innocently. Worries flooding his being about Junhoe’s discomfort. It is silence for a few calming seconds before Junhoe replies back,



“I got a disease. My heart can’t stop pounding day and night. Sometimes it feels good, sometimes it’s hurting me. I can’t make it stop.”



                It intrigues on Chanwoo’s interest to know what kind of disease Junhoe has until he couldn’t find peace in sleeping. Just by hearing it makes him feel sorry for his best friend and at the same time wondering what virus that has attacked him viciously.



                “Have you go and see the doctor? Maybe they can help you.” He says to Junhoe, being oblivious of the small smile forming on the latter’s face. It’s probably because of the dark that he can’t see his face well.



“Well, apparently this kind of disease can’t be cured by any doctors or medicines.”



                “Then by what?”



                Junhoe is about to answer you but the car suddenly stops making him stumbles to the front, body falls down in a much embarrassing way. He is sure that his head hit the back cushion too had that it’s throbbing right now. Meanwhile, Chanwoo is just lucky that he wears a seatbelt. Only shock plastered on his face as his eyes travel to the front, trying to make up whatever the things that are on the street before them within the dark. What, is it a road block?



                Surprisingly he sees a white Porsche parked right in front of Junhoe’s car. Before his brain can process on anything, the owner of the exorbitant vehicle comes out and it is his fiancé all along. Chanwoo sees a glimpse of his face from the car’s headlamp and damn, Hanbin looks sour than the normal. He stands before the passenger’s seat backdoor on Junhoe’s side and snatches it open. Within a split second, Junhoe is dragged out from the car, his body falls on the cold asphalt tar mercilessly by his own older brother.



                Chanwoo wants to scream for Junhoe’s name but the hard tug of his fiancé’s hand on his own makes all the words died down in his throat. Hanbin is angry. Very angry and Chanwoo doesn’t know what’s the thing that is upsetting him so much like this. His eyes are as red as a fire and face grim like never –of course the red and fire part is a joke. It’s just an expression–. But the point is that, Hanbin is on a killer mode and unfortunately Junhoe is the target today.



                “Stop.” Junhoe says, yeah there he is. Standing up from the hard tar effortlessly. Chanwoo can see the fire in his eyes too. His hands are wiping out the dirt from his pants. Of course, sassy Junhoe but this time he looks more like an annoyed Junhoe.



                “What the hell are you doing, hyung?” He asks out to Hanbin. There is a venom deeply graved in his voice. Anger lacing it on the surface and a strong unbreakable persona to add with.



                But none of those scared Hanbin out. “I’m taking my fiancé home.” Is the only thing he replies.



                “I don’t want to be rude but can’t you see that is exactly what I am doing? Or are you blind or even a fool to notice that?” There he is. The sassiness coming in. Adding up with his undeniable rudeness that no one can compare with. Junhoe is determined to make Hanbin mad it seems.



                “Yeah, but he is my fiancé. Not yours.” Chanwoo would be lying if he doesn’t see how Junhoe’s face fall hearing that. “Now go home. Mom and Dad are waiting for you.” With that said, Hanbin pulls Chanwoo to his car. He makes sure the seatbelt is put safely on Chanwoo before he closes the door tight. However, Hanbin should know that the window is not soundproof because the younger can hear what he says to Junhoe.



“I’ll see you back at home.”



                In case that anyone is wondering, there is no affinity to Hanbin’s words nor friendliness. Those are just plain cold and lack of emotions. From the side view mirror, Chanwoo can see the potent veil of Junhoe’s lifted slowly revealing his vulnerable and sad expression once again. While the car is moving breaking through the howling winds of the night, Chanwoo doesn’t say anything to Hanbin at all.



                He doesn’t like it. He doesn’t like the two fighting and he doesn’t like it at all that he knows nothing about their t

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