The Bona Fide Tales of Choco-Ball~ [OT7 + Chanwoo] (CLOSED)
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Excuse the lateness (is that even a word hahahaa) ^^

To the one requesting this, thank you beforehand and I'm sorry if this doesn't meet your expectation. I try my best following your plot ^^'

Hopefully you like it, and the same goes to all of you!!!~ =)








Hanbinnie created the group


Hanbinnie added Bobby


Hanbinnie added Jinan hyung


Hanbinnie added Yunhyeong hyung


Hanbinnie added June -.-


Hanbinnie added Donghyukkie


Bobby is online


June is online


Donghyuk is online


Bobby: What the hell is this….?


Donghyuk: Don’t tell maknae?


June: Chanwoo-ahhh~~~


Hanbin: I’ll slaughter you gu junHOE


June: Whoa calm down hyung


June: I’m just kidding


Yunhyeong is online


June: No need to be hostile


Hanbin: Good


Hanbin: Stay like that. Don’t tell him


Donghyuk: So what’s the deal with this group?


Hanbin: Because….


Bobby: You want to plan a surprise engagement. Okay call.


Bobby: Donghyukkie and June on the ring, Yunhyeong on food


Bobby: Jinhwan hyung where?




Yunhyeong: Hanbin ah how could you


Yunhyeong: You should consult me first


Yunhyeong: I am his twin!


Donghyuk: Said the person who hates to be called like that


June: I don’t want to find the ring. It’s hard


Donghyuk: No it’s not. You’re the same size with Chanwoo


Donhyuk: For sure we can find one


June: Oh okay then


Yunhyeong: But Chanwoo’s hand is smaller than June


Hanbin: Guys


Bobby: Just measure it a bit smaller, for sure will fit


Donghyuk: Bobby hyung is a genius


Hanbin: GUYS


Bobby: Shut up now


Hanbin: Heol? And I am the one making this group -.-


Yunhyeong: Ah right, what’s up with this group again?




June: YES!


Donghyuk: HUSH JUNE!


June: ^^b


Hanbin: Second, congratulations for the soty /clap clap/


Bobby: We’ve celebrated it already /clap clap/ ^^’?


Hanbin: Third, does everybody know Chanwoo has been crying?


Yunhyeong: About?


Hanbin: The award


Bobby: Well that’s a good thing


Bobby: At least he’s not heartless


Bobby: Which we know he isn’t


Hanbin: I know


Donghyuk: But when did he cry? How did you know hyung?


Hanbin: /pic sent/


Hanbin: saw this on twitter


Donghyuk: maknae cried????


Donghyuk: I didn’t know this


Yunhyeong: no wonder I saw his eyes looked a bit red yesterday night


Donghyuk: when


Yunhyeong: After the dinner party


Yunhyeong: But of course he said nothing


Bobby: And you just let it be?


Yunhyeong: You know him. He won’t say anything at all if we push him


Yunhyeong: So it’s better to just say nothing


June: So, what’s the deal hyung?


June: it’s good that he’s showing his emotion


June: I don’t see any big deal here


Hanbin: I know but


Hanbin: Why didn’t he come to us? Why would he cry alone?


Bobby: You know that kid yourselves Hanbin ah


Bobby: He doesn’t like to show his tears in front of people


Hanbin: Even so


Yunhyeong: You want him to rely on us more, right?


Yunhyeong: I got what you mean


Hanbin: Yes


Donghyuk: That’s quite hard


Donghyuk: Even though he’s the maknae in here


Donghyuk: Chanwoo is independent


Jinhwan is online


Donghyuk: Unlike June who can’t even handle his own


June: If it isn’t because Jinan hyung has already read your message


June: I would have cursed you right away


Donghyuk: XD


Jinhwan: What’s all this about?


Bobby: Scroll up hyung. Read it yourselves


Jinhwan: :/


Bobby: Hanbin shows us what he got from a fan in twitter


Bobby: Chanwoo was crying after our MMA yesterday


Jinhwan: Ah that


Jinhwan: I saw it already


Donghyuk: You have?


Hanbin: Why didn’t you tell us??


Jinhwan: Because you will find it nonetheless


Jinhwan: Why should I trouble myself telling you?


Hanbin: ==”


Bobby: Hyung is so lazy


Jinhwan: I’m busy


Donghyuk: Sleeping?


Jinhwan: I’m proud of my hobby


Yunhyeong: =.=”


Jinhwan: He knows that you’ve seen that picture you know


Hanbin: He told you, eh?


Donghyuk: Tell what, hyung?


Jinhwan: Apparently I’m out with Chanwoo right now


Jinhwan: Just now he told me that Hanbin texted him this early morning asking him about that pic


Bobby: What did you ask him?


Hanbin: Why didn’t he find us when he cry?


Bobby: You ask straightforwardly like that???


Hanbin: ^^’


Donghyuk: What did he said to you, Hanbin hyung?


Hanbin: He gave me this >>>> -.-


Hanbin: Then >>> :P


Hanbin: He said he didn’t cry and gave those emoticon to me


June: Savage Chanwoo


Donghyuk: He’s always trying to hide everything haish


Hanbin: Right. Which is why I want to do something


Jinhwan: What?


Yunhyeong: Btw Jinhwan hyung where did you and maknae go?


Jinhwan: Just out eating. He’s at the washroom right now and our foods isn’t here yet


Hanbin: Just something to practice his emotion outburst.


Hanbin: And I need all of your help in this


June: Why


June: is there any ways for me to be excluded?


Hanbin: Come on June ah!


Hanbin: Help him


June: More like helping you


Bobby: Let’s just do it


Bobby: Whatever it is, I think it’s exciting


Bobby: Will it make Chanwoo cry for real?~ =)


Hanbin: If we did it right


Donghyuk: I don’t know what it is and don’t quite get it


Donghyuk: But why does this feel like hidden cam?


Hanbin: Maybe it is ;)


Donghyuk: I’m in ^^


Donghyuk: No matter how suspicious this is


Yunhyeong: I will join only if it’s not something overboard


Hanbin: Not at all hyung


Yunhyeong: Call


Hanbin: Jinhwan hyung?


Jinhwan: I’m in


Jinhwan: This will be fun.


Hanbin: Great. So this is how it will be ………..






Donghyuk: Has anyone seen Hanbin hyung?


Donghyuk: Hanbin hyung~~


Donghyuk: Why didn’t you online -.-


Yunhyeong: What is it Donghyuk ah


Donghyuk: Is he at home?


Donghyuk: Can somebody check it for us? Me and Bobby hyung have been calling him all day long but he didn’t answer us


Yunhyeong: Wait. I’ll check his room


June: I thought hyung is out


Donghyuk: Well yeah he did say he will meet us up at the studio


Donghyuk: But it’s been almost 2 hours and he’s not here yet


Yunhyeong: His room is empty


Yunhyeong: He didn’t come back home


Yunhyeong: He’s still not at the studio?


Donghyuk: No


Donghyuk: it’s only me and Bobby hyung now


Jinhwan: Could he be going somewhere?


Donghyuk: If yes, he would tell us first. We promised to meet here


Chanwoo: That’s strange


Donghyuk: Chanwoo ah, why won’t you try calling hyung?


Chanwoo: Ok


June: This is absurd. Why would hyung suddenly gone?


Yunhyeong: Indeed it is


Yunhyeong: is there anything he not telling us?


Bobby: Well he has been quite disturb this past few days


Bobby: Do you know anything about this Chanwoo?


June: Yeah didn’t Hanbin tell you anything?


Chanwoo: Hanbin hyung didn’t answer my call


Chanwoo: And no, he didn’t say anything


Bobby: Hmmmm


Donghyuk: This is worrying


Donghyuk: Where could he be?


Yunhyeong: Guys


Jinhwan: I will try calling him


Jinhwan: Maybe he’ll pick up this time


Yunhyeong: I got a call


Bobby: From who?


Yunhyeong: Oh my god


Yunhyeong: I need to call manager hyung


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