###1.1: Thank You For My Smile - Part 2

The Bona Fide Tales of Choco-Ball~ [OT7 + Chanwoo] (CLOSED, FINISHING REQUEST)
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June feels his heart drop beholding the scene he’s met with. He couldn’t believe his eyes to see before him, lying on the bed is the person he has been longing to see for weeks now; his Chanwoo covered in blood all over his body. June helplessly watches as Yunhyeong hovers over the younger while doing CPR with Jinhwan pressing over the wound on Chanwoo’s stomach with a clean towel; it seems to be the place where the blood keeps spilling. Donghyuk is long gone to nowhere he could detect.


June watches as the monitor shows the status of patient’s condition and Chanwoo is definitely losing it. His heart rate drops drastically along with the SPO2 and the blood pressure increasing due to the open wounds. He wastes no time but to help Jinhwan presses on the wound. June takes off his coat and holds it at Chanwoo’s stomach, he ushers for Jinhwan to go and get the bag of blood for blood transfusion. Luckily enough Chanwoo was his patient once thus June remembers which blood group the boy’s in. As Jinhwan left, it’s only Yunhyeong and June standing over the younger’s bed. He watches as Yunhyeong uses his hands to pump on Chanwoo’s sternum.


“He should be in red zone, Yunhyeong-ah. What the damn hell he’s doing in yellow?!” June is beyond rage, if Chanwoo is placed in a right zone, surely they wouldn’t be in short hand right now.


“We can’t! There’s no more bed inside there. That’s why I’m moving him here.” Yunhyeong replies as he applies more pressure to Chanwoo’s sternum where the heart is situated below the bone.


“How come there’s no more bed?! We’re in a hospital! Of course there’ll be bed!” June throws his rage at the poor Yunhyeong who seems to be at edge holding up his own stance at the moment. But the latter stays patience, the speed of his hands don’t alter despite his wavering attention.


“We got victims from a bus accident back at Hyundae streets! God dammit please don’t make it hard for me, June-ah! I’m trying to bring him back!” The moment Yunhyeong said that, the monitor blares off into hysteric, taking both of them into shocked. Even the nurses who are running over from the exit door to the red zone come over to their side to assist.


“, he’s on hypovolemic! Where’s the damn hell the blood bag?!” June screams in panic watching the heart rate goes down in seconds. Chanwoo is losing too much blood.


“Even if Jinhwan comes, we can’t proceed to blood transfusion. Not until the wounds are closed!” Yunhyeong says as he tries to control his panic down. He bends down his body after the 50th pumps and performs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to give some air to Chanwoo. Then he continues to pump at his heart again. At that time, Donghyuk returns with a wheeled-stretcher and few nurses.


“One of the surgery room is free to use! Let’s get him there QUICK!”


With that said, one of the nurse straps on the oxygen mask to Chanwoo’s face while Yunhyeong and June proceed to two men transfer of patient from bed to bed. Both of them lift Chanwoo off while Donghyuk stand by on the other bed to catch the younger. After it’s done, he quickly pushes the stretcher towards the surgery room while June works on putting pressure on Chanwoo’s wound.


June doesn’t know what to think or how to think. The only thing he could care about is Chanwoo’s safety only. His grasp on the younger’s cold hand only tightens until he is forced to stay back out of the surgery room. Now he could only wait.





“He’s stabbed.” Is the only statement he gets from Yunhyeong who’s sitting before him on the steel chair. Both of them are in the hallway right before the surgery room. It’s noon for lunch break but none of them 3—including Donghyuk of course, could fill their stomach with food. The incident with Chanwoo earlier this morning is one thing to digest into their heads.


“The police hasn’t come out with an official statement but that’s what we concluded from the wounds he sustained. A stab on the stomach and a very hard hit to his head. He also got his left leg fractured and right ankle sprained. I don’t know what exactly happened to Chanwoo but this is more than just falling off a chair like before.” Yunhyeong continues on talking while June and Donghyuk could only keep their mouths shut, taking over the whole explanation given by their friend who’s taking Chanwoo’s case into his hand. For Yunhyeong is the first person who found Chanwoo before he wheeled him off towards the yellow zone out from the ambulance.


Donghyuk lifts his head up, he searches for Yunhyeong’s eyes with his already glistening one. “Do you think he’ll be okay?” He asks for reassurance, anything that not just both Donghyuk and Yunhyeong needed but one that June desperately urges for. His question only makes Yunhyeong’s face sinks down.


“You know exactly that there’s no definite answer we can get except when that door is opened.” Yunhyeong points out to the sliding clear door where currently some surgeons are fighting the line to save Chanwoo’s life. June couldn’t stop the thoughts of having the boy’s stomach cut opens, his perineum layer exposed with red blood pouring over the surgery bed. June has it enough as he stands from the chair, pacing through the room searching for a peace of mind. Yunhyeong and Donghyuk could only watch him in silence.


“I bet his dad did that to him.” June utters with his breath heavy. His eyes shut tightly as he imagines the image of Chanwoo being abused physically by his father. That man who June despises the first day they met.


“Don’t just accuse somebody that way, June-ah. It’s not fair. We don’t even know what exactly happened to him.” It’s Yunhyeong reprimands him. At that, June faces behind him to meet up with Yunhyeong’s eyes. How terrible the eye bags his friend has, it ruins Yunhyeong’s handsome face.


“Oh come on! You guys know exactly what a his father is. You both saw it before how rough he treats Chanwoo the day he took him away.” June has never been this mad, not since the day he lost his own somebody, but he couldn’t help it. He knows he will just lose it if anything happens to Chanwoo. Meanwhile, Yunhyeong and Donghyuk reminisce back the time when both of them witness Chanwoo discharged from the hospital. How his father keeps pushing him around and even almost caused the boy to fall flat onto the concrete floor just because he couldn’t get his pace up with him to the car. They both know that even with first impression, Chanwoo’s father has been mistreating his son.


June remembers the days he spent with the younger in his ward room weeks ago. Whenever a conversation about dads comes out, Chanwoo would magnificently put the end to the topic smoothly without fail. June sees that many times already and the event that took place the day Chanwoo is taken away by his father only justified his thoughts more. The look on Chanwoo’s face when they talk about family will be one of sadness and June swears with all of his life he would never away let the younger shows that expression again. He wants Chanwoo to be happy. He wants him to live.


“I’ve been hearing a lot from the staff before about his father.” Donghyuk’s words break the bubble of thoughts he has. “How cold and loving-less his father is to him after his mother passed away.” The conversation catches on June’s attention, including Yunhyeong too. “Chanwoo’s mother got into an accident few blocks away from this hospital while she was on her way to fetch him from a cram school. It was night and snowing that day. The road was wet and the car swerved into the divider until one big truck ran it over. His mother still inside.” June’s heart feels its crack when he hears that. “They managed to get her to the hospital but she couldn’t make it. She was totally in bad shape. His father blamed him of his mother’s dead until today.” At the end of the story, Donghyuk is crying. He sobs and faces down letting the tears fall onto his lap. Yunhyeong pats on his back for comfort.


“That explains why his father is acting like that to him.” Yunhyeong utters. “But that still doesn’t give the impression of his father doing something that inhuman to his own son. I mean like, seriously it’s his son. How could he stab him?” Yunhyeong’s logic doesn’t have enough time to get into other’s head as the door op

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