And The Winners Are...!

The Bona Fide Tales of Choco-Ball~ [OT7 + Chanwoo] (CLOSED)
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Once again, hello to everyone! I hope you guys are doing well today on whatever the things that you guys have done or went through. ^^

I am here right now to announce the lucky 3 winners of the prompts sent to me. But first, I got to let you know that choosing them were really hard. All the prompts are really good and the plot is so intriguing. Trust me, I had a serious brain wreck choosing them. xD

But still, I have to choose. And I'm stressing on the word hard because trust me it is. I got this one prompt that I feel guilty not writing it because it's good but then like the rules said it was supposed to be 3.

However yeah, who cares? I'm sure you guys would not bother if I add another one.......? ;)

So that's it! We got 4 Winners! And the prompts from them are the requests that I am willing to write. ^^


Ladies and gentlemen.. These are the winners! /drum rolls/


No.4   koojung
Pairing: Chanbin/Junchan
Genre: Fluff/Drama/Comedy
Office AU


No.3   Aya
Pairing: Chanbin/Chandong

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Last prompt is posted and shop is closed. ^^ See you guys in a few months to come. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE LOVE ❤️
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