##5: Chanwoo's Crush ..... Who?!

The Bona Fide Tales of Choco-Ball~ [OT7 + Chanwoo] (CLOSED)
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Last prompt for the second batch~ and I'm going hiatus for months starting tomorrow T.T

Excuse me for the lameness and boringness(is this word even exist?) of this chapter ^^'



For kimbobbain~

Love you gurl ^3^




Hanbin: Roses are red Violets are blue


Hanbin: Guess what?


Bobby: What?


June: I thought our neighbor’s cat is ugly


June: But then I saw Hanbin hyung






Hanbin: You little Hoe


Hanbin: Don’t steal my poems


June: It’s already been stolen


June: Like in 6 seconds ago


Jinhwan: Alright, June is only joking


Jinhwan: let’s start over Hanbin-ah


Hanbin: Ok, I’m going to start over again and don’t any of you dare to interfere


Donghyuk: Got it


Bobby: K


Hanbin: here we go …...


Hanbin: Roses are red Violets are blue


Hanbin: Guess what?


Bobby: What


Donghyuk: He said don’t interfere him


Bobby: I’m not interfering I’m answering him


Jinhwan: This is getting nowhere guys


Jinhwan: We might just continue this until next morning comes


Hanbin: The ‘Twin Monsters’ have never been this awkward


Donghyuk: Yeah hyung is right


Bobby: Thought I’m the only one who notices it


Hanbin: No, you not


Hanbin: bcoz I’ve been watching them over the weeks


Hanbin: and damn, both Yunhyeong hyung and Chanwoo have been acting weird


June: Actually, it’s Yunhyeong hyung that has been acting weird


June: Chanwoo is just fine


Jinhwan: I agree with June. It’s Yunhyeong, not Channie


June: Since when did you call him Channie, hyung?


Jinhwan: Since …... whenever?


June: I thought I’m the one who gave him that name


June: Which means I’m the only one who can call him that


Donghyuk: Negative. It is ME who gave maknae that name


Donghyuk: which means it is only ME who got to call him that


June: No it was me


Donghyuk: No it was me


June: me


Donghyuk: me


Yunhyeong is online


June: ME!!


Donghyuk: ME!!!!!


Yunhyeong: Knock it off, both of you!


Yunhyeong: Ugh I’m having such a good dream but now it’s ruined because of you guys


Jinhwan: Good morning Yunhyeongie~~


Yunhyeong: ^^


Bobby: Which is exactly 2 o’clock in the evening right now


Yunhyeong: Shut it, kimbap. I’m taking a nap


Hanbin: Hyung just in time. We are talking about you 3:)


Yunhyeong: huh? About me? Why?


Yunhyeong: damn, so many notifications from this group. I’m too lazy to check all of them


Donghyuk: Blame Bobby hyung and Chanwoo. I don’t even know what these two idiots were babbling about in the group last night


Bobby: Roses are red violets are blue


Bobby: Shut up Donghyukkie


Donghyuk: Heol -.-


June: Good job hyung d^.^b


Bobby: d^.^b


Hanbin: Somebody shoot this ship


Donghyuk: No need


Donghyuk: Even from the start, they’ve never sailed


Yunhyeong: Hahahahahaha


Jinhwan: ^.^


Bobby: Funny


Hanbin: Of course it’s funny xD


Hanbin: Can’t let you two ruin the peace


Hanbin: we have got to keep this awkwardness


Hanbin: For everybody’s sanity


Bobby: Talking about awkwardness


Bobby: I thought it’s someone else who’s being awkward lately ;)


Donghyuk: ye~ah …. With someone else~~ 3:)


June: ^^


Yunhyeong: I am really confused what you guys are talking about right now


Bobby: scroll up and you’ll know ;)


Yunhyeong: No way. I’m too lazy. So many noti -.-


Donghyuk: We are talking about you and maknae, hyung


June: You and Chanwoo


Yunhyeong: What?


Yunhyeong: What’s wrong? Why so sudden?


Yunhyeong: Why would you guys talk about us?


Jinhwan: He’s always nervous whenever he’s talking too much kekeke


Hanbin: yeah I notice that too ^^


Yunhyeong: What? What nervous? I’m not


Yunhyeong: I’m not nervous okay?


June: I swear that Yunhyeong hyung is sweating a bucket right now


Donghyuk: Hahaha yeah


Donghyuk: Sadly, we can’t have a look at it


June: yeah


Hanbin: what do you mean by ‘yeah’ you . You are only a door away from him


June: Well, since I’m in my room and he’s in his, I can’t see him


June: So yeah~


Donghyuk: I swear you are too lazy for your own sake


June: Thank you Candy-chan~ ^3^


Donghyuk: That is not a compliment!


Jinhwan: Is Chanwoo with you, Donghyukkie?


Donghyuk: Yeah, but he’s doing his vocal lesson with the teacher. I’m already done


Jinhwan: Since the maknae is not here yet, it’s a good time to ask him Hanbin-ah


Hanbin: yeah you are right, hyung


Yunhyeong: Ask who? What is this?


Jinhwan: Yunhyeong-ah, are you alright with Chanwoo?


Yunhyeong: Yeah we’re cool


Bobby: Cool?


Yunhyeong: What?


Bobby: That’s it?


Jinhwan: because we notice that both of you are not that close nowadays


Donghyuk: Are you guys like, fighting?


Hanbin: Or did he do something that offense you, hyung?


Yunhyeong: No. it’s nothing


Yunhyeong: There’s nothing wrong with us


Bobby: Really? Then why so awkward Yunhyeong-ah ^^/


June: You guys have been really weird for the past few weeks


June: Whenever Chanwoo is watching TV, Yunhyeong hyung would suddenly say he is sleepy


June: When we are all eating, instead of sitting beside Chanwoo like always, Yunhyeong hyung takes his seat beside Donghyuk


June: when we are taking the van, again he is sitting away from Chanwoo when we all know the twins always sit together


Donghyuk: and this has been happening for weeks with no explanation


Hanbin: but then out of a sudden, when Chanwoo is talking with Bobby hyung, Yunhyeong hyung would get in the way :)


Bobby: I notice that too


Bobby: God, Yunhyeong is so desperate to get Chanwoo to talk with him that time ^^/


Hanbin: the same thing happened 2 days ago when Chanwoo said he wanted to sleep with Jinhwan hyung so that they could play games together


Donghyuk: suspiciously Yunhyeong hyung who knows nothing about Dota suddenly volunteered to join them


Donghyuk: haha that’s so cute >///<


Yunhyeong: Yah


Yunhyeong: what are you kids talking about?


Yunhyeong: I don’t understand you


Bobby: oh I think you do ;)


Hanbin: yes you are ;)


Donghyuk: you understand us perfectly well ;)


June: absolutely ;)


Yunhyeong: What the


Jinhwan: ;)


Yunhyeong: You guys are crazy


Yunhyeong: I don’t even understand what you guys are talking about


Jinhwan: If you want them to stop mocking you, then you should just tell us the truth


Jinhwan: Because your bipolar attitude is really bothering the life out of us all


Donghyuk: Tell us, while maknae is still not here


Yunhyeong: I …... I don’t know what should I do


June: but you know, it won’t make any difference


Yunhyeong: I’m afraid to tell you guys nor to let anyone knows about this


June: Because later Chanwoo will read all of this too


Hanbin: You are really a June


Donghyuk: What an idiot this idiot is


June: What? I’m telling the truth


Bobby: Well he got a point though


Donghyuk: And this idiot too


Bobby: Who the hell are you calling an idiot? I’m your hyung


Jinhwan: Bobby


Donghyuk: Yes, you are my hyung. The idiot hyung ;)


Bobby: I promise I won’t curse again hyung I’m sorry


Jinhwan: J good


Bobby: you little Kim Donghyuk


Hanbin: Are you about to curse?


Hanbin: in the presence of Kim Jinhwan?


Bobby: No! How could I.


June: Lol


Bobby: We should live in modesty and surround ourselves with positivity :)


Jinhwan: :)


Jinhwan: That’s how a true gentleman should be


Bobby: ^^


June: Lol I’m sure Bobby hyung is turning red from all the anger he’s restraining right now


Hanbin: xD


Donghyuk: in case no one notices this, we are getting out of the topic


Hanbin: Right


Yunhyeong: I was hoping you guys will just forget about it


Jinhwan: Why would you feel afraid? What is it?


Donghyuk: Hyung, you are starting to make us worried right now


Yunhyeong: Can we talk later? I need to take a shower


Bobby: just tell us Yunhyeong-ah while maknae is still not here yet


Donghyuk: Uh Bobby hyung


Hanbin: yeah this is your chance. I mean all of this weird behavior of you is really worrying us


Hanbin: You’ve never been like this before. And it’s just so damn awkward


Donghyuk: hyung


Hanbin: especially when we found out that it got something to do with Chanwoo


Yunhyeong: look, I don’t think you guys understand this


Yunhyeong: in fact, I think no one will understand it


Bobby: then make us understand you !


Jinhwan: LANGUAGE!




Chanwoo is online


June: uh-oh


Chanwoo: Hyungs~ Did I miss something?


Chanwoo: Whoa, so many notifications.


Bobby: Hey Chanumon~~


Chanwoo: What’s up everybody? ^^


Hanbin: ah Chanwoo yah!


Hanbin: Uri maknae~


Hanbin: Long time no see~~


Chanwoo: hyung, we have just met 30 minutes ago


June: manhi geuriwosseo na yeoksi~~


Chanwoo: now June is singing -.-


Yunhyeong is offline


Chanwoo: Hmm? Yunhyeong hyung is here too?


Jinhwan: He said he has another schedule later so he has to off for a shower ^^


Chanwoo: Oh really? I thought Yunhyeong hyung is free today


Chanwoo: I’m thinking of asking him to go out with me tonight to buy something


Jinhwan: The schedule comes out so sudden. That’s why


Chanwoo: Oh I see ……


Hanbin: Is Donghyuk there with you Chanwoo?


Donghyuk: I’m here beside him. We’ll be leaving in another minute


Hanbin: Well Donghyukkie, why don’t you go back first. I need Chanwoo here with me


Hanbin: Got some recording to do


Chanwoo: I’ll be there in a minute hyung


June: Chanwoo yah don’t. Hanbin hyung might just want you to buy him some choco-cone or something


Hanbin: Shut up you brat


Hanbin: Just go back to your hibernation


June: :p


Donghyuk: I’m on the way to the dorm. See you later Hanbin hyung, Bobby hyung, Jinhwan hyung and Chanwoo~ ^3^


Bobby: bye~


Jinhwan: Be careful Donghyukkie




-Somewhere in between-


Hanbin: Find Yunhyeong hyung and get him to talk would ya, Donghyuk?


Donghyuk: Absolutely. I’m getting June with me too




-minutes later-


Jinhwan: That is so obvious Yunhyeong-ah


Yunhyeong: What?


Jinhwan: What you did earlier in the chat room. It’s too obvious


Jinhwan: That you are avoiding him


Yunhyeong: :/


Jinhwan: Donghyuk is on his way home right now


Jinhwan: When he gets back, would you two have it settled?


Yunhyeong: There’s no need to wait for him.


Yunhyeong: June is already here in my room, nagging and poisoning my ears with his so loud voice


Jinhwan: ^^


Jinhwan: Chanwoo is here with me and Hanbin


Jinhwan: and also Bobby


Yunhyeong: yeah I know


Jinhwan: he doesn’t say it but we can tell that he is upset


Yunhyeong: Is he okay?


Jinhwan: he said yes but, we all know how secretive this kid is :)


Yunhyeong: Hyung, if I tell you about it, will it be okay if I don’t talk to these two kids?


Jinhwan: Why?


Yunhyeong: Because this problem I’m having, it’s not something these kids can understand


Yunhyeong: Although they are already an adult


Jinhwan: ^^ Alright then. Tell me, what is the problem?


Yunhyeong: Wait a sec, I’m throwing the trash out from my room


Yunhyeong: and by the meaning of ‘trash’, it’s Gu Junhoe


Jinhwan: Why am I not surprise …….




Back to iKON Chatroom that night


Yunhyeong: Does anyone wants some pizza?


Bobby: ME!!


Donghyuk: ME!!


Hanbin: Not Donghyukkie. He’s on diet.


Donghyuk: Ah~ Hyung~~~~ T.T


Jinhwan: Yes please. Thank you Yunhyeongie~ ^3^


Hanbin: No


Donghyuk: T____T


Donghyuk: How could you …….. L


Yunhyeong: Arasso. June? Chanwoo?


Bobby: Both of them are out


Yunhyeong: Oh really? When did they go?


Bobby: few minutes ago. They said they got something to buy


Bobby: Actually I don’t even know


Yunhyeong: Hmm that’s weird. Chanwoo didn’t say anything


Jinhwan: Must be urgent perhaps? Who knows what those two are up to ^^’


Yunhyeong: Hmm that’s okay then. I’ll keep their parts.


Hanbin: Hyung, add more cheese for me~~


Yunhyeong: Arasso~~


Donghyuk: I want some extra cheese too~~~


Hanbin: Still no


Donghyuk: Jinan hyung~~~ T____T


Jinhwan: Aish kids




Next morning


Yunhyeong: Have anyone seen Chanwoo?


Jinhwan: Hmm?


Hanbin: Nope.


Jinhwan: I thought he’s with you?


Yunhyeong: He was but not anymore


Chanwoo is online


Chanwoo: Yunhyeong hyung! I’m out with June for a bit. Sorry I forgot to tell you~


Yunhyeong: ah that’s okay then. I just want to tell you that I’ve put your bottle in your bag


Chanwoo: Thank you hyung! I will get it back later in the

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