##4: The Stolen Maknae

The Bona Fide Tales of Choco-Ball~ [OT7 + Chanwoo] (CLOSED)
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Back with another prompt~ I'm going to make you guys lolllllllzzzz at the end. 3:) hihi so many cheesy iKON in this prompt and i am very satisfied~~ xD

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These days, it feels like you’re mine, it seems like you’re mine but not
It feels like I’m yours, it seems like I’m yours but not
What are we? I’m confused, don’t be aloof


Some by Junggigo





 Yunhyeong: Is everyone awakes already?


Yunhyeong: Or are you guys still in hibernation?


Donghyuk: I’m up


Donghyuk: Barely


Donghyuk: Only because Bobby hyung snores too loud


Hanbin: Why are you waking us up hyung?


Hanbin: I want to sleep!!!


Hanbin: We got no practice today so go back to sleep


Yunhyeong: Then all of us will starve to death later


Yunhyeong: Come on, I only need 1 person to go with me to the store


Yunhyeong: Our fridge is completely empty


Yunhyeong: Not even ramen in sight


Donghyuk: Let’s just order takeout


Donghyuk: Coz I don’t think I can get up from my bed


Donghyuk: It’s too comfortable here


Yunhyeong: Don’t you guys feel tired ordering takeout food all the time?


Yunhyeong: because I am


Yunhyeong: And I am in the mood to cook today


Yunhyeong: So don’t spoil it or I won’t be cooking for the next 3 months


Donghyuk: Alright alright we got it!


Donghyuk: Just go to the store then and buy the groceries


Yunhyeong: Alright then let’s go


Yunhyeong: Hello~


Yunhyeong: I just said let’s go!


Hanbin: To who?


Yunhyeong: Anybody that is alive and well and typing to me


Hanbin: Not me. I’m dead already


Yunhyeong: Aish this kid


Yunhyeong: Jinhwan hyung


Yunhyeong: Are you up?


Hanbin: leave hyung alone. He got fever I think


Yunhyeong: Oh I see


Yunhyeong: Well then, I’m still waiting for someone


Yunhyeong: Whoever that think he’s a man come with me


June: I’m a biual


Hanbin: I’m still a


Yunhyeong: What is the relation between a man and a ?


Hanbin: ^^/


Yunhyeong: =.=”


Yunhyeong: Donghyukkie?


Donghyuk: I’m currently having an identity crisis


Yunhyeong: You guys are hopeless


Donghyuk: Why won’t you just go with Chanwoo?


Donghyuk: he’s your roommate just wake him up


June: Damn man


Hanbin: Aigoo Donghyukkie you


Donghyuk: What?


Donghyuk: What is it? What’s wrong?


Yunhyeong: Nothing. I’ll just go alone.


Yunhyeong is offline


Donghyuk: Eh??


Donghyuk: What is this?


Donghyuk: Why so sudden????


June: Nothing. Now the peace is restored


June: I want to go back to sleep


June: Wake me up when it’s breakfast


June is offline


Donghyuk: Did I just said something wrong earlier?


Hanbin: Nothing Donghyuk-ah. Just forget it


Donghyuk: What is it, hyung? TELL ME!!!!


Hanbin: Candy-chan~ Please go back to sleep before I send you into an eternal one :)


Donghyuk: Heol scary leader


Donghyuk: Chanwoo are you up?


Donghyuk: Why won’t you go with Yunhyeong hyung?


June is online


June: For the love of God and my precious existence, please shut up and sleep


June is offline




-After Breakfast-


Chanwoo: Hallooooo~~


Chanwoo: Hanbin hyoooonng~~


Chanwoo: Do we have any practice today, hyooong? :3


Hanbin: No. All cancelled


Hanbin: But we will have some practice tomorrow evening


Chanwoo: Umm I see~


Hanbin: So enjoy your day


June: Why are you asking?


Chanwoo: Nothing. Hanbin hyung, may I go out for a sec?


Hanbin: Why?


Hanbin: Where are you going?


Chanwoo: I want to go and see someone for a while~ ^^


June: Let me guess


June: Is it that ‘Jerk’ boy again?


Chanwoo: His name is JACK.


Chanwoo: And yeah, I’m going to see him. Only for a bit while


Donghyuk: But the last you met him was 2 days ago


Donghyuk: You want to go and meet him again?


Chanwoo: Why? There’s nothing wrong with me meeting friends outside the group, right?


Donghyuk: No there’s nothing wrong. It’s just ….


Chanwoo: ???


Hanbin: Where will you guys meet?


Chanwoo: At my parent’s house. He’s there already.


Hanbin: What?


Hanbin: Are you telling me that you’re going all the way from Seoul to Yongin just to see your friend?


Hanbin: Are you crazy?


Chanwoo: What’s wrong with that?


Donghyuk: Why won’t he come to Seoul to see you then?


Donghyuk: Why should it be you who go to see him?


Chanwoo: because I’m the one who wants to see him


Chanwoo: I ask for him to wait me there


Chanwoo: After all, Jack can’t ride too long with a car or taking a train. He’ll feel sick


Hanbin: What is wrong with him? Is he a kid or something?


Hanbin: I rode on the train ever since I was little and I’m still alive


Chanwoo: He is not comfortable leaving Yongin


Chanwoo: That’s why I ask him to wait for me at my house


June: So much for your ‘friend’


June: I mean, what’s so special about him that you are so eager to go?


June: is he your boyfriend or something?


Chanwoo: Aniya. He’s not my boyfriend.


Hanbin: Then what? Your future wife?


Hanbin: Don’t go


Chanwoo: Ah hyung~~~


Hanbin: No I won’t let you. You’re crazy


Hanbin: You guys just got to know each other for a week when you went back to visit your parents


Hanbin: and the last you guys met each other is exactly 2 days ago


Hanbin: Then now, you want to go and see him again?


Hanbin: All alone??? Just for the sake of this Junk guy??


Chanwoo: Jack


Hanbin: Whatever. That junk only suits in the junkyard.


Hanbin: I won’t let you leave


Hanbin: besides, this is the last day of our holiday


Hanbin: use it wisely and rest properly before we’ll be starting out with our next schedules


Chanwoo: But that’s why I want to go and spend some time with him


Chanwoo: bcoz I know after this I won’t have any time for him anymore :(


Bobby: Wow this is the first time ever I’ve seen Chanwoo getting all works up just for the sake of spending some of his precious time with somebody


Bobby: You’ve never did that with us before. :’)


Donghyuk: You don’t love us at all. You don’t even care about us


Hanbin: And when I said I want to spend some time with you, you run away and brush me off saying ‘I’m busy’


Hanbin: but you are not busy anymore when it comes to your new ‘friend’ ……


June: Yeah


Chanwoo: That’s because Hanbin hyung always bullies me


Chanwoo: And no, I love you guys okay. I care about you. It’s not like I don’t want to spend time with you guys


Chanwoo: But we are always together. And now I finally got a new friend other than my cool hyungs, I should spend time with him, right? Besides he’s a friend


Bobby: Well he got the point


Hanbin: Kimbap!


Bobby: Sorry


Bobby: And nah! You’re just making excuses :/


Chanwoo: I’m telling you the truth


Bobby: Just say that you don’t like to spend your time with us


Chanwoo: I’m not lying T.T


Chanwoo: Hyung please, let me go. Only for a few hours


Chanwoo: I’ll be back before dinner


Chanwoo: Promise~


Hanbin: You going alone to Yongin? All alone?


Hanbin: I’m coming with you


June: Me too


Chanwoo: But I thought you have to send the demo tracks today to Sajangnim


Chanwoo: And I don’t think June means that


Chanwoo: You won’t even move a muscle on your bed and now you’re saying you are going to come with me? Like sure?


June: Well …. You got the point


Donghyuk: Stupid June


June: :P


Hanbin: . I almost forgot about that.


Chanwoo: it’s okay, hyung. Besides everyone needs to rest.


Chanwoo: I’ll be fine by myself. It’s my own hometown after all. ^^


Chanwoo: Plllleeeassseee!!~~ ;)


Bobby: Hanbin’s sigh has never been this loud boys


Bobby: Damn it this maknae is going to be the death of us


Chanwoo: ^^”?


Hanbin: Fine


Hanbin: You can go.


Donghyuk: What?


Chanwoo: YAYYY!!!!


Donghyuk: Hyung NO!


Chanwoo: Hanbin hyung, I love youuuuuuu!!!!! ^3^ <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3


June: Gross


Hanbin: Only because I let you go


Hanbin: If not, you’ll be cursing on me all day long


Chanwoo: now that’s not true ^^


Donghyuk: Jinan hyung…...


Chanwoo: I’ll be going first. I’ll text you when I’ve arrived


Donghyuk: Aren’t you going to say something about this????


Chanwoo: Bye hyung!!!! ^.^v


Donghyuk: He’s really leaving. Hyung!


Donghyuk: Jinhwan hyung


Bobby: The door is opened


Donghyuk: Jinhwan hyung!


Hanbin: and closed


Bobby: and he’s gone.


Donghyuk: JINHWAN HYUNG WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU???!!??!!!???!!!!!!


June: I don’t want to say this but I think I have to


June: Is Yunhyeong hyung that pissed until he doesn’t even stop Chanwoo from leaving?!


Bobby: Are they still fighting? Yunhyeong and maknae?


Hanbin: I don’t even know what to say anymore


Bobby: I thought Jinhwan hyung already got them back together


Hanbin; Those twin monsters


Donghyuk: Jinhwan hyung ……


Hanbin: I should just marry them off that’s far easier


Donghyuk: He left us again. Maknae loves this stupid Jack boy than us T_____T


Donghyuk: Hyung!!


Hanbin: Will you shut up?!




-At the same time-

Jinhwan & Yunhyeong


Yunhyeong: Did you see the group chatroom?


Jinhwan: Yeah


JInhwan: I saw it


Jinhwan: I’ve read everything


Yunhyeong: I can’t believe this


Jinhwan: Not even a single word missed


Yunhyeong: He left again to see that boy


Yunhyeong: And he didn’t even say anything about this to me!


Yunhyeong: Or even call me in the group.


Yunhyeong: Hyung, is he really starting a war on me?


Jinhwan: Patient, Yunhyeong-ah


Jinhwan: I bet he’s just a bit upset about yesterday


Jinhwan: Or it’s just that he forgot to tell you


Yunhyeong: How can he forget when I am 24/7 before his eyes?


Yunhyeong: He did this on purpose


Yunhyeong: it’s his tactic to make me mad


Yunhyeong: I don’t like this.


Jinhwan: Maybe next time if you don’t want to be ignored


Jinhwan: You should keep your mouth shut and say no word at all


Yunhyeong: Hyung you don’t have to remind me


Yunhyeong: I know I’m at fault T.T




-Yesterday Evening-


iKON Chatroom


Bobby: Chanwoo yah please stop it


Bobby: I can’t live like this anymore


June: I think I broke my phone


June: Because of all these notifications


Donghyuk: Heol Chanwoo


Chanwoo: What? Is it wrong for me to share my story about my holiday to you guys?


Chanwoo: I though we are all sharing it together here


Hanbin: Yes, we are. We are all sharing our story to each other


Hanbin: But what I’ve seen for these past 2 hours is


Hanbin: all the things that you keep on saying is none other than this new friend of you; Jak


Hanbin: I’m getting enough of it.


Chanwoo: Hyung, you forgot the C


Hanbin: I know. I did it on purpose


Chanwoo: Heol -.-


Hanbin: Because I have enough of it


Chanwoo: But I haven’t finished yet!


Chanwoo: In fact, the story just begins!


June: God help me


Jinhwan: Let him be guys. Aren’t we agreeing to share everything about our one-week holiday?


Jinhwan: There’s nothing wrong with him telling us about this new friend of him ^^


Chanwoo: Jinhwan hyung ~ I <3 U


Jinhwan: ^^


Bobby: For some kind of a reason, I could see that emoticon is not even smiling


Jinhwan: Tell us what happened Chanwoo~ ^^


Jinhwan: What is it about this friend of yours, Jack?




Yunhyeong: You did that on purpose that time, right hyung?


Jinhwan: For what? To feed on our jealousy?


Jinhwan: You fool think about it


Jinhwan: If we stop him then he’ll be all sulking and the one in trouble will be us too


Jinhwan: And we all agree Chanwoo ignoring us is something that none of us are able to deal with


Jinhwan: Hanbin, Donghyuk and YOU will be crawling to his feet begging for him not to ignore you guys again.


Yunhyeong: ^^” literally only


Jinhwan: Whatever




Chanwoo: And he’s so kind! He then helped me to find my missing wallet and then we—


June: Yes yes we got it we got it


June: Jack is so kind, Jack is nice to you, Jack is so friendly and cute


Chanwoo: And he suits my personality too


Chanwoo: You know what guys, I think I……


Hanbin: I what?


Chanwoo: I think I have just found my soulmate~


Hanbin: ……...


Bobby: ……...


Jinhwan: ……...


June: Oh no……


Chanwoo: ???


Donghyuk: Yunhyeong hyung is typing


Chanwoo: Oh yeah


Chanwoo: Yunhyeong hyung~ you have been so quiet throughout the chat. Let’s join us! ^^


Yunhyeong: Are you just saying that you have found your what???


Yunhyeong: Soulmate?


Chanwoo: yeah. I think I have. I could feel it ;D


Bobby: Oh God


Bobby: Should we all offline?


Bobby: Hanbin?


Bobby: Jinan hyung? T.T


Donghyuk: Yunhyeong hyung is typing


Bobby: Anyone? T_T


Yunhyeong: You Jung Chanwoo... has just left for one-week, met and spent time for only 5 days with this such a handsome, good-looking, nice, kind, smart, and has the so called British-American Korean genes in him that you don’t even know whether it’s true or not—


Chanwoo: It’s true. He’s from America. And he got blonde hair


Yunhyeong: And now you are saying that he is your soulmate? Like seriously?


Yunhyeong: Are you kidding me??


Chanwoo: Hyung, I’m telling you the truth. I can feel it




June: For some kind of a reason, I could hear that laugh is not even a laughter of joy


Yunhyeong: Well of course. Of course you can feel it. You know what’s the best for yourself


Yunhyeong: You know what, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a soulmate who you just met for a few days


Yunhyeong: And of course he is special. He’s a friend of yours. You like him so much that you keep talking about him without even asking people around you if they care or not to listen to them


Chanwoo: I don’t get you


Yunhyeong: You are being so happy because he makes your life so bright and even helped you find your missing wallet and eat ice cream with you


Yunhyeong: Of course you don’t get it. because you are too busy talking about him


Yunhyeong: Jack here, Jack this, Jack that blablablabla!!


Bobby: This is very interesting I’ve never seen this side of Yunhyeong


Bobby: The Jelly~ side


Hanbin: What’s Jelly


Hanbin: And I thought you want to off kimbap?


Yunhyeong: Seriously, you are all about him!


Bobby: No I’ll stay bcoz this is fun


Yunhyeong: You’ll never shut up!!


Chanwoo: Why would you get so angry, hyung? I’m just telling my story


Chanwoo: You don’t have to be so mad at me


Yunhyeong: I am not mad at you.


Chanwoo: I didn’t say anything when you told yours. So why should you suddenly get too work up about mine????


Yunhyeong: I am not getting worked up. I am not okay?!


Yunhyeong: Tell maknae guys; am I being too exaggerate?


June: Actually you are.


Chanwoo: Look, I don’t understand why would you be so mad at me when I talk about Jack. He’s a friend of mine. So what’s wrong with that?


Yunhyeong: He’s a stranger Chanwoo! You don’t even know him! Where do he lives? What is he doing? What is his parents’ name? Which school he goes to???


Chanwoo: I know okay! And those doesn’t matter! I like him. He’s my friend


Yunhyeong: Oh yeah, doesn’t matters??? Oh of course!! You just said that. You like him!


Yunhyeong: So what? Are you going to date him now?? Make it official?? Let YG knows about that too??


Hanbin: Okay, this is getting serious


Yunhyeong: Let’s do that. Let’s just do that. You go and call Sajangnim and tell him that you have found your oh so perfect soulmate and you don’t want to be separated with him ever again


Jinhwan: Alright that’s enough Yunhyeong.


Yunhyeong: No I’m not done yet with this brat


Yunhyeong: Hanbin, send Sajangnim’s number here


Chanwoo: What did you call me hyung???


Hanbin: What? Why? What do you want to do with his number??


Chanwoo: A brat?!


Yunhyeong: Just give me the number!!!


Chanwoo: You know what, I think the brat in here is you Yunhyeong hyung! You’re the one acting like a brat. You are just so crazy and pessimistic and paranoid.


Yunhyeong: What? I am a paranoid you said?!


Chanwoo: YES! You are! You just don’t know how to respect other’s privacy. This is my life. I can be friends with whoever I like


Chanwoo: Why would you care about that?!


Jinhwan: Guys, stop it. That’s enough


Chanwoo: And you don’t have to be so jealous if I got a new friend okay?!


Yunhyeong: I am jealous?! What?! This is so absurd!!


Yunhyeong: I am not jealous! Not at all!!!


Jinhwan: Hanbin, Jiwon


Yunhyeong: Don’t be too proud of yourself, I’m not jealous of you and him


Jinhwan: Donghyukkie and June


Chanwoo: Well I think you are, hyung. You just can’t accept it that I have a new friend


Hanbin: ????


June: What?


Jinhwan: All of you go offline now.


Chanwoo: Because you are so afraid that I might leave you behind my oh so precious ‘twin’!


Bobby: Why hyung?! It’s just getting fun!!


Jinhwan: I SAID NOW!!


June is offline


Hanbin is offline


Donghyuk is offline


Bobby: Look! They have stopped!!


Bobby: Why would you guys stop?!


Jinhwan: KIM JIWON!!!


Bobby is offline





Jinhwan: And the nightmare begun after that


Yunhyeong: Oh God


Jinhwan: You know what I thought at that time?


Yunhyeong: What?




Chanwoo: Oh no


Chanwoo: Did I just …. fight with Yunhyeong hyung???


Jinhwan: Now only you realize it????


Chanwoo: Jinan hyung ….


Yunhyeong: Twin …...


Chanwoo: Huh?


Yunhyeong: So after all of this time, it’s just ‘twin’


Chanwoo: …….


Chanwoo: Hyung


Yunhyeong: Forget it Chanwoo-ah


Yunhyeong: I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled at you


Yunhyeong is offline


Chanwoo: What?


Chanwoo: What is that?


Jinhwan: Chanwoo


Chanwoo: Yes hyung?


Jinhwan: Offline now


Chanwoo is offline





Jinhwan: I think that both of your some relationship is the hardest and ridiculous relationship ever


Yunhyeong: ……


Jinhwan: But it’s cute


Yunhyeong: Hyung …


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