##3.1: Pricked On The Wrong Side

The Bona Fide Tales of Choco-Ball~ [OT7 + Chanwoo] (CLOSED)
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Second prompt for the second batch~ And I personally like this request. Nicely done to noname101.

I hope you like it. ^^ Forgive me if you not. I'm sorry, I'm still sick. T.T The brain is not working much but I try my best.







June: Yah


June: Jung Chanwoo


June: Where are you?


Chanwoo: What?


June: I’m asking where are you


Yunhyeong: What’s wrong with u so sudden looking for him?


Yunhyeong: He’s with me buying grocery


June: Oh nothing


Yunhyeong: Since you kids are such a monster eater


June: Just asking because the dorm is too quiet


Chanwoo: I think the person who’s behind all the noise pollution is none other than you yourself :P


Chanwoo: why look for me then?


June: Because I got no one to annoy


June :P


Donghyuk: Aww is June lonely?


Donghyuk: Don’t worry Bobby hyung will be there soon~ ;)


June: shut up you big forehead


June: Just go and do something useful like helping your mom out


June: Not chatting here taking all the spaces


Donghyuk: heol


Donghyuk: rude :/


June: :P


Donghyuk: You are lucky I’m not in the dorm or else I’ll kick you


Jinhwan: Don’t worry June-ah, others will be back soon


Jinhwan: Jiwon, me and Hanbin are still in the studio. But we’re almost finished


Jinhwan: Just sleep or do something for a while to kill your boredom ^^


June: which is why I’m looking for the maknae


June: To torture that boy


Donghyuk: Which often turns the other way around


June: -_-


Chanwoo: lol are you trying to seek revenge for the yesterday prank I did on you? ;)


June: I am still pissed about that


June: you sneaky brat


Chanwoo: ^^ you are welcome~


June: actually there’s something I want to talk about with you guys


June: something important


Donhyuk: What? About Chanwoo putting the wasabi in your drink yesterday? ^^


Yunhyeong: omg yesterday was gold


Yunhyeong: June’s red face was gold


Yunhyeong: I can’t stop laughing XD


June: it’s not funny you know


June: I can still feel my tongue burning


June: all is because of that brat


Chanwoo: once again, you are most welcome Junnie~! :*


June: !!!


Donghyuk: Hahahaha June is angry XD


June: ok can we stop talking about yesterday because I got something much important to say rather than that


Donghyuk: Okay ok, what is it?


Hanbin: You better not talking nonsense bcoz we got no time to handle your June


Jinhwan: Language please


Jinhwan: And leader-nim, please finish the song first before you play on your phone


Hanbin: :’)


June: Actually I don’t get it


Bobby: ????


Hanbin: What?


June: Why the fans said Chanwoo and me are the twin towers in the group


June: Like why?


Hanbin: that’s because both of you are so damn tall you idiot


June: I know about that hyung just shut up for a minute


Hanbin: heol


Hanbin: and I’m the leader here


June: It’s like people are saying we are the same


June: when we actually don’t


Jinhwan: Well there isn’t any much different actually


June: WDY mean???


Bobby: He’s the Satanwoo, you are HoeDiva


Bobby: no different basically


Donghyuk: same species


Bobby: Oh Yeah ;)


Donghyuk: ;)


June: Well but still, we are on a different level


June: In fact, there’s nothing about us that’s alike


Chanwoo: Yeah I agree


Chanwoo: I’m not that eligible enough to fit into your role as the source of noise pollution and conflict


Bobby: damn




Donghyuk: that’s awesome


Bobby: high five maknae


Chanwoo: ^^v


Hanbin: nice one Chanu~ ;)


June: well no, ofc you’re not


June: Because you and your fat cheeks are so not in my league :P


Chanwoo: Oh really~ of course me and my fatty cheeks don’t belong in your league


Chanwoo: Truthful speaking, I don’t even care to be in one.


Jinhwan: Basically no one care ^3^


June: Jinan hyung you should be on my side :(


Jinhwan: my loyalty is not that cheap


Jinhwan: you need to pay


June: I’ll pay you


June: With Chanwoo’s fatty cheeks 3:)


June: So many fats in them


June: Wonder if all of it is eternally solid ^^/


Chanwoo: Well I try to get it slimmed


Chanwoo: Still trying though


June: keep going on kiddo


June: I dare to say it’s not going to work


June: even after all the workout or with the face roll, those fat cheeks will never be gone for the rest of your life


June: and that’s why we’re not in the same league


June: because my cheeks are not fat and my jawline is killer


Donghyuk: I thought we all agreed that Bobby hyung got the most killer jawline in the group


Yunhyeong: Yes he does. Lol I still can’t enough with our fans’ reaction to Bobby’s jawline


Yunhyeong: they said it’s so sharp that they could get their finger cut!


Donghyuk: ahahaha yeah


June: And then they are going to list us down from the one who got the most killer jawline to the least


June: sadly, the fatty cheeks won’t be in the list. :)


Chanwoo: Well that’s okay because I am not that desperate for such kind of publicity so thank you


June: ofc you don’t


Donghyuk: Do you guys remember when June dyed his hair blonde during our first debut?


Donghyuk: iKONICS called him Prince Junhwe back then


Donghyuk: Prince Junhwe the Blonde Prince XD


Jinhwan: We got Prince Yoyo too


Jinhwan: Lip balm prince ^3^ chu chu lips


Bobby: The moisture lip prince xP


Yunyeong: Aish stop that hyung


Yunhyeong: I don’t even get it why they call me prince


Yunhyeong: I’m just a normal person


Bobby: yeah of course. You’re the ‘old-man’ in the group that’s pretty high nobility enough






Yunhyeong: Shut up Jiwon


Yunhyeong: you bunny


Bobby: as a record, this bunny is loved by many


Jinhwan: Don’t forget Hanbin …...


Jinhwan: uhh…...


Jinhwan: Does he has any nickname too?


Donghyuk: RBF


Yunhyeong: RBF?


Bobby: Oh damn yeah, R.B.F


Bobby: That is truly gold d^.^b


Chanwoo: What’s that?


Hanbin: You little Jiwon


Hanbin: How could you hyung T_T


June: RBF = Resting B**** Face


June: Can’t write it full or else Jinhwan hyung might kill me


Jinhwan: glad that you know it


June: all for the sake of his favorite fatty cheeks tall monster maknae


Chanwoo: stop calling me fatty cheeks please


Chanwoo: and yes, I am tall


June: Fat cheeks


June: Fat cheeks


June: Fat cheeks


June: Fat cheeks


June: Fat cheeks


June: Fat cheeks


June: Fat cheeks


Donghyuk: yah don’t spam!


Yunhyeong: what’s wrong with this boy?


June: Fat cheeks


June: Fat cheeks


June: Fat cheeks


June: Fat cheeks


June: Fat cheeks


Chanwoo: You are such a brat June


June: whatever fatty cheeks


June: I can do whatever I want


Yunhyeong: Don’t worry Chanwoo-ah your fat cheeks are still cute ^3^


Donghyuk: yeah, it’s cute~~ ^3^


Hanbin: like squirrel keeping the nuts in them


June: LOL


Donghyuk: HAHAHAHAHAHA Hanbin hyung that’s funny


Chanwoo: you guys are so mean calling me names T.T


Chanwoo: like I said, I’m trying to get it slimmed


Chanwoo: not my fault if it’s chubby


Hanbin: if you have enough time to get your cheeks slim


Hanbin: then you better practice.


Hanbin: that’s more important


Chanwoo: I know that hyung. ^^’


June: yeah, not your fault


June: what can we do, you are born with them


June: blame your parents then


June: for them to give birth to a boy with too much fat in his cheeks


June: Hihi


Jinhwan: Yah Gu Junhoe


Yunhyeong: June that’s …...


June: What?


Jinhwan: That is very rude of you, June. Apologize to Chanwoo now


Bobby: What the hell boy


June: WHAT? I did nothing at all!


Jinhwan: I keep my silence from the first moment you started talking about this thing bcoz I know you meant it as a joke but this is getting too much


Jinhwan: You are acting very very rude to Chanwoo right now.


Yunhyeong: Apologize now June. Chanwoo is mad already


June: Why? It’s nothing right?


June: Lol what’s the big deal? He can’t handle my jokes? Then he should grow up instead


June: Grow his mind much taller than he grows his body


Donghyuk: June-ah, that’s too much you know


Yunhyeong: Yah what is wrong with you?! Huh? Why are you this rude?!


June: I am not! Stop using that exclamation mark on me!!!!!!


Jinhwan: June …...


June: What, hyung??!??!?!?!?!!!


Chanwoo: I know that my cheeks are fat, I know I’m not supposed to be this tall at this age. I know I’m not good enough


Chanwoo: And I know why you start saying all this in the beginning. Okay, I’m sorry for putting that wasabi in your drink last night. I’m sorry for pranking you every single time and make you piss off. Including the members too, I’m sorry for playing too much on you guys.


Donghyuk: Wait Chanwoo-yah that’s not what we mean.


Chanwoo: I know you don’t like me in the beginning hyung, and I can live with that actually. It doesn’t even matter


Donghyuk: This shouldn’t suppose to happen…


Chanwoo: But at least please, don’t say something like that about my parents.


Chanwoo is offline


Donghyuk: Damn you June


Donghyuk: You’re such an


Donghyuk: This is not like what we planned in the beginning


Donghyuk is offline


Yunhyeong: Good job June.


Yunhyeong: I don’t even know what to say to you anymore


Yunhyeong is offline


June: What? I didn’t do anything….


June: What the hell is wrong with you people


Jinhwan: I know you are mad Chanwoo put wasabi in your drink last night. And he turned off the heater the other morning when you were in shower or when that boy plays jokes and laughs at you at time


Jinhwan: But he only did it for fun. You know Chanwoo is still a kid, right? And so do you


Jinhwan: But that doesn’t give you any privilege to be mean June. This is wrong


Jinhwan: Although I know this is all just your way to payback, you are being too much.


Jinhwan: Apologize to him when he gets home later


Jinhwan is offline


June: ……...


Bobby: It’s okay, June. Things already done. Chanwoo might just probably fake his anger. That boy is a good actor


Bobby: Just remember that next time if you want to pull a prank on him, make sure it’s something that less offensive. Not calling him names


June is offline


Bobby: Aish these kids nowadays


Bobby is offline


Hanbin: I’ve been in the booth for only a few minutes and I missed this much???


Hanbin: What happened to the plan guys??!!!





That night
PMs between June and Donghyuk


June: Donghyuk-ah


June: Yah stop ignoring me please


June: I don’t know what to do


Donghyuk: Maybe you should think with your brain first before saying whatever s you want to say


June: I know that. I’m sorry


Donghyuk: Exactly what is wrong with you this morning?!


Donghyuk: That was not like what we all have been planning for! We; me and the others hyung agreed to your idea to prank on Chanwoo in our chatroom.


Donghyuk: You said just follow your flow and lead. So we did.


Donghyuk: You called him names, okay we got the hint so we joined you adding some jokes here and there.


June: Yeah ….


Donghyuk: And you said we planned to make Hanbin hyung or Bobby hyung have a fight with you and then put the blame on Chanwoo like what was a part of the plan. YOUR STUPID PLAN THAT YOU PLANNED IN THE BEGINNING ALL BY YOURSELF!!!!


Donghyuk: And then suddenly, you started calling him names and even made fun of his parents. Seriously June, what the hell?!


Donghyuk: So much for following your ‘golden idea’.


June: Okay, I’m sorry okay?! I’m sorry. I don’t even know it. I lost the plan’s grip I guess. And I just keep going on with whatever I have begun with


Donghyuk: Oh so you suddenly calling him names is what you stated as ‘keep going on with what

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