##2: Comforting The Broken Heart

The Bona Fide Tales of Choco-Ball~ [OT7 + Chanwoo] (CLOSED)
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This scene is the sole reason why I want to do Text Messages so badly~ ^^

Little gift from me for all of you, (also to get your trust to send me some prompts(?)) ^^"

Enjoy~ ;)




To all the broken heart, where did they go to?




iKON chatroom
Saturday; 9:46 PM


Yunhyeong: Chanu yah


Yunhyeong: Chanu please, pick up your phone


Yunhyeong: We want to talk to you maknae


Donghyuk: Please don’t act like this. We are all worried sick about you


Donghyuk: Jinhwan hyung doesn’t even talk the whole day long


Donghyuk: and I swear I saw hyung cried this morning


Jinhwan: is it really necessary to bring me in such a way into this conversation, Donghyukkie?


Jinhwan: Maknae-ah, please don’t do this to us


Jinhwan: You know that we are worried about you right?


Jinhwan: and hyung is sorry for everything that happens to you


Hanbin: we didn’t know that it would come to this


Hanbin: we have no idea at all


Hanbin: and although we have zero knowledge about you and—


Hanbin: about you guys …. we are sorry


June: hyung you idiot


June: you’re making things worse


Hanbin: shut up June


Hanbin: at least I’m trying to be a good hyung to him


Hanbin: I tried okay?


Bobby: I know this is hard for you Chanwoo-ah


Bobby: but you have to know this


Bobby: no one lives forever. and it is NOT your fault that you didn’t know about this thing


Bobby: so rather than blaming yourself why you didn’t know about it, you should just be sad and cry then become sad once again


Bobby: and pray. Pray for the best for her up there. She needs that the most


Bobby: especially from you


Donghyuk: hyung, are you giving a speech or eulogy right now?


Donghyuk: bcoz I swear I feel I want to cry reading it


Bobby: yah you pabo it’s not for you. I’m talking to our baby maknae


Bobby: who is seems to disappeared for the whole day long and not picking up any of our damn calls


Yunhyeong: Chanu ah where are you


Jinhwan: I’ve tried calling him. Again


Jinhwan: but like the pass 8 hours, he’s nowhere to be found


Jinhwan: seriously Chanwoo where the hell are you


Yunhyeong: I’ve been calling you many times but you don’t pick up


Yunhyeong: I texted you, asking you where are you and not to ignore any of our calls and messages


Yunhyeong: at least, not your mother. She’s very worried about you right now


Yunhyeong: just please…….


Yunhyeong: just talk to us okay?


Yunhyeong: we are here for you


Hanbin: I can’t do this anymore


Hanbin: I’m going to go and find that boy


Hanbin: anybody’s coming with me?


June: I’m already outside you know, you guys are late


Hanbin: wait for us at the park downstairs, June. We’re coming in a minute


June: ‘Kay hyung


Donghyuk: but we are not supposed to be out


Donghyuk: after today photos, we shouldn’t be seen


Jinhwan: and so does that boy named Jung Chanwoo


Jinhwan: [Jinani ‘Fairy’ Hyung]: you better be ready young man, bcoz when I found you next you are so going to get it from me for making us worried like this. And pick up our calls dammit! [10/9, 9:51 PM]


Jinhwan: I copy it from my pm with him, just in case he won’t read mine


Donghyuk: ^^b thumbs up hyung


Jinhwan: :)


Hanbin: Bobby hyung, are you coming?


Bobby: yeah I’m ready now. Yunhyeong you come or not?!


Yunhyeong: I’m already at the door, hurry up!


June: wow for the first time ever Yunhyeong hyung is fast


Yunhyeong: that little boy, I even forgot where did I put my lip balm


Yunhyeong: but it’s because I’m so mad at him right now I’m letting it be


Yunhyeong: hopefully it won’t be that cold outside or else my lips are doom


June: Well as a record, it is cold right now


Yunhyeong: you little June :)


June: ;)


Donghyuk: that is not because you’re angry at him, Yunhyeong hyung


Donghyuk: you are worried. ;)


Yunhyeong: well of course I am! Who wouldn’t be worried when your brother is out there alone crying and not even contacting any of us?!


Yunhyeong: and he’s not wearing any jacket with him! Only that suit he wears since this morning. Not eating anything at all since last night and all alone out there


Jinhwan: Not to mention the reporters are looking for him


Yunhyeong: now you tell me who wouldn’t be worried?!


June: lol even Donghyuk telling on air that he’s eating too much because he’s stressed out didn’t match up to this craziness


Donghyuk: yah stop that, that’s last month’s story. Forget it


Hanbin: and this is why we should be with that boy always at the time like this


Hanbin: Donghyuk eats when he’s stressed out. Chanwoo?


Hanbin: I mean Chanwoo in this kind of situation, what would he do?


Hanbin: He might be doing something stupid


Hanbin: Although that is unlikely for him


Jinhwan: Hanbin please don’t say something like that


Jinhwan: you know how worried I am right now


Donghyuk: Hanbin hyung don’t


Jinhwan: Chanwoo doesn’t talk much these past few days when she didn’t answer his calls. He stopped eating when her number suddenly terminated


Jinhwan: Then suddenly when that girl’s mother called Yunhyuk hyung yesterday asking for him to tell Chanwoo that his friend had just passed away all of a sudden he went all quiet


Jinhwan: he didn’t even look at us when we asked him if he was okay or not back then in the dressing room


Jinhwan: you boys didn’t say anything; because I asked you guys not to. We were all quiet during the flight. Even the staff too


Jinhwan: then this morning even during her funeral he was all quiet. He didn’t even cry do you guys know how I just wanted to punch him and tell him that it is okay to cry over your friend’s funeral and not to be afraid of all those cameras capturing your crying face?


Jinhwan: I was and still so mad at him becauswe he didn’t t ell us whath he feels I’m—


Hanbin: hyung... Jinhwan hyung stop


Jinhwan: Im so sad because hesaid nothing at us at ..all


Hanbin: I’m sorry hyung


Bobby: Hyung


Hanbin: Please don’t cry I beg you


Yunhyeong: Hyung please no. Stop it don’t do this to me too


Yunhyeong: I’m for God’s sake is holding the door for everyone and my eyes are teary already


Bobby: Aish Jinan hyung! Please stop it! If Chanwoo reads these he will be sadder to know that you’re crying


Bobby: Stop it already guys! I can hear your sobs all the way to the front door


Jinhwan: Shut up! I have eveyr right to cry. You guys know nothing


Jinhwan: do you guys have ever seen him quiet like that? Have we ever seen him like that? No! and look at him this all day long. He didn’t talk, didn’t smile and I swear he was crying in the van when we sent him back to his parents’ house today


Jinhwan: and I amm very much allowed to be having this lot of typos when typing this with my eyes blurry with tears


Jinhwan: so don’t ask me to stop! Let that boy knows how much wreck he has done to me. To all of us!!!


Donghyuk: guys, I’m with Jinhwan hyung right now and he’s definitely not okay


Hanbin: Hyung, we can do this later okay?


Hanbin: right now Chanwoo is more important


Hanbin: I got call from his dad that he replies to their texts just now that he’s fine


Bobby: you listen that hyung? Chanwoo is fine. That kid is doing alright. :)


Hanbin: now we just need to find him. We’ll talk about this later. For now, I need you hyung to stay at the dorm. In case Chanwoo got back... Donghyukkie, you stay with Jinhwan hyung. The rest and me will go and find him.


Donghyuk: alright Hanbin hyung


Bobby: good. We’re good. June, you’re good?


June: My God, I swear that if only Jinhwan hyung is not crying, I would be so pissed and spam the chat group asking you guys to come fast


June: I’m freezing guy


June: and Jinhwan hyung, please stop crying


June: we promise we’ll find maknae soon


Jinhwan: alright. Thank you June. You guys take care


Hanbin: and please Yunhyeong hyung, stop crying. You’re looking like an idiot


Yunhyeong: You don’t have to type that here now everyone knows!


Hanbin: coz when I ask you in person, you still won’t listen to me!


Hanbin: okay, Bobby hyung asks us to put our phones down and move now. We’ll keep updating


Donghyuk: Be safe hyung


Donghyuk: And Yunhyeong hyung, are you sure you’ll be fine without your lip balm?


Yunhyeong: Shut up, that boy is far more important than my lips here.


June: I swear to my beautiful face that is so cheesy


Yunhyeong: you wait there Gu Junhwe. Let me slap your for once


June: :P


Jinhwan: Hanbin ah


Hanbin: Yes, hyung?


Jinhwan: Bring him back home, okay?


Hanbin: ;) okay boss~





2 hours later


Donghyuk: is everyone sleeping already?


Jinhwan: I’m still awake


Donghyuk: I know that hyung. You are right in front of my eyes putting in those carrots in the fridge


Jinhwan: Ceh no one loves me :’(


Donghyuk: Everyone except Jinhwan hyung; are you guys asleep already?


Hanbin: About to sleep now. Bobby hyung is long out

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