##1: Watch Out Who You Put Your 'Phone' To

The Bona Fide Tales of Choco-Ball~ [OT7 + Chanwoo] (CLOSED)
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Hello to the second batch of the shop! And to BabybeMine, hopefully this meet your expectation.
I'm sorry if it isn't. I got caught with fever right now and halfway dying at the moment. -.- But ofc that doesn't mean I can get loose with writing this.

I put my best on it, hopefully you will like it. ^.^


#And I'm still accepting request. :)



For BabybeMine



9:45 PM
iKON chatroom.


Chanwoo: So, everybody has been texting me lately.


Chanwoo: Something that I should say, uncommon to happen.


Chanwoo: Yet you guys are doing it.


Donghyuk: Aww~


Donghyuk: Is our maknae shy? ~


Jinhwan: There is no need to be shy shy shy maknae~ :)


Donghyuk: We know you like it too~ ;)


Chanwoo: :)


Chanwoo: All of you are just too much you know


Chanwoo: I’m at loss of words to say anymore.


Bobby: Oh c’mon


Bobby: Just say that you like it


Bobby: Because hyung like it too. ^^


Chanwoo: ^^


Chanwoo: June-ya, just come out already


Chanwoo: I know you’re there


Chanwoo: Stop creeping around reading this all alone then act as if you have nothing to do with it


June: Aish I’m caught.


Chanwoo: I read yours too. All of you.


Chanwoo: And I’m just so ……


Donghyuk: So….?


Jinhwan: What?


Chanwoo is offline


Donghyuk: Eh? So sudden??


Jinhwan: What’s wrong with the maknae?


Bobby: Don’t know.


Donghyuk: Well, now that he’s gone, let me ask you guys something…...


Donghyuk: Hyung, you text Chanwoo too?


Jinhwan: Not recently


Jinhwan: About a month ago I texted him.


Jinhwan: It’s weird that he mentions it now though. Not like he just notices it today.


Donghyuk: I see


Donghyuk: Bobby hyung?


Bobby: I texted him yesterday. Until now he didn’t reply me yet.


Donghyuk: What did you text him?


Bobby: Nothing big. Just me asking for him to stop playing games and watch my new MV. ^^


Donghyuk: ^^ you sly kimbap.


Jinhwan: Lies


Jinhwan: Kimbap probably asked Chanwoo to not just watch his MV, but to also compliment how great his body and hair is. :)


June: I’m not surprised if that happened.


Donghyuk: Yeah


Donghyuk: Hol’up, maknae is texting me.


Bobby: That’s not true! I didn’t ask him to do such thing!


Bobby: I’m not someone who’s searching for such cheap publicity. :/


June: No, you don’t search for it.


Donghyuk: Guys ….


June: You are yourself the definition of cheap publicity.


Donghyuk: What the….


Bobby: Damn you JunHOE


June: :)


Bobby: If only I’m not scared of you then I will walk to your room right now and smash your pretty face to pieces.


June: Thank you. No need to say it, I know I’m pretty


Donghyuk: Did maknae just ……. sass on me?!


Bobby: What?


Donghyuk: Hyung, Chanwoo is replying my text to him yesterday


Donghyuk: And guess what, he’s cursing on me


Donghyuk: And threatening me too!


Donghyuk: And he calls me ‘you good for nothing other than your shameful body rolls’?!


June: Whoa, that’s just…


Donghyuk: Yeah! Can you believe it?! Our maknae just said that!


June: So true…...


Donghyuk: You Gu Junhwe.


June: You’re welcome ^^


Jinhwan: He’s texting me too.


Jinhwan: He said, ‘I don’t need your love hyung. You’re just too small for me.’




Jinhwan: And he said ‘just go back to June. He needs you more than you need me.’


June: Well, that’s not entirely a lie you know.


Donghyuk: Chanwoo-ya, why are you saying all of this cruel things to me?


Donghyuk: You even call my forehead ‘iKON's thinking pouch’……...


Donghyuk: I’m so sad that I want to cry right now. :’(


Chanwoo: That’s what all of you deserve for texting those bullsh*t things to me


Jinhwan: Bull what?


Jinhwan: Watch your language young man


Jinhwan: I’m still alive in this group.


Bobby: Is our love that bullsh*t to you? :’)


Donghyuk: :’)


June: I know that you’re the satanwoo, but the sass king in here is definitely me.


Chanwoo: Oh shut up you HOE you’re just the same


Chanwoo: ‘You are my one and only partner in crime’ and ‘you are much handsome than me that I’m falling for you too other than the fans.’ Trust me, you are so stupid.


Yunhyeong: Hands down people. Satanwoo has just called June stupid. ^3^


Chanwoo: Don’t think you can get away from this too, Yunhyeong hyung.


Chanwoo: I’ve read what you sent to me.


Yunhyeong: What did I send to you?


Donghyuk: Yunhyeong hyung, did I just heard you gasping from the other room?


Chanwoo: ‘You are really pretty when we cross dressing, much prettier than my sister~’


Chanwoo: ‘Thank you for buying me the new balm, maknae. That’s why I love you the most here :*’


Chanwoo: I want to puke reading those.


Yunhyeong: Ok, first; those are from the long long long time ago. And second, I thought your reaction was not like this! You are acting different, Chanwoo!


Jinhwan: In fact, I think he’s acting really weird right now.


Jinhwan: You don’t talk like this when I texted you those.


Jinhwan: You liked it.


Chanwoo: Only because h—


Donghyuk: ?


Bobby: What’s up with the unfinished message?


Chanwoo: Only because I am a fool. I was so stupid not to see how terribly disgusting you guys act towards me. Except for Hanbin hyung.


Chanwoo: In fact, he’s the only one who can call me sweetie. Not Jinan hyung, Not Bobby and not anyone of you!


Jinhwan: O~kay, I smell something very wrong here.


Jinhwan: Chanwoo would never call me ‘Jinan hyung’ when we’re texting in group.


Bobby: And although that kid is really super annoying with his satanic jokes and stuff, he would never ever not call me hyung.


Yunhyeong: and since when Chanwoo is so defensive about Hanbin? He never did that before.


Donghyuk: Ŏ.Ố


June: Tell us….


June: Are you really Chanwoo?


Chanwoo: ……...


Yunhyeong: ……??


Bobby: Yah Chanwoo-yah, stop playing around.


Bobby: Or are you even Chanumon?


Donghyuk: Guys …… where is Hanbin hyung?


Jinhwan: …….


Chanwoo is offline


Yunhyeong: Again?!


Bobby: Who is it walking like a bigfoot in the living room?


Donghyuk: That’s Jinhwan hyung. He said he would go to Chanwoo’s room to see him himself.


Yunhyeong: I’m not at home, boys. Tell me what’s happening, okay?!


Yunhyeong: Make it live!


June: Maybe you should come home quickly and watch momma Jinhwan finally slapping his favorite son, Chanu.


Donghyuk: Once again let me ask; where is Hanbin hyung everyone?


Bobby: I think I heard someone screaming just now.


June: Me too.


Yunhyeong: Wait, did hyung really kill Chanwoo?!


Donghyuk: Wait a sec, that’s not Chanwoo’s voice.


June: Is that Hanbin hyung?


Bobby: Why the hell would Hanbin suddenly screams?


Bobby: Why the hell would any of us not realize he’s in the dorm?!


Donghyuk: Guys, I saw something in the hallway…


Donghyuk: Why the hell would Hanbin hyung has maknae’s phone in his hand?!

Yunhyeong: ?!


Yunhyeong: What?!


Bobby: WHERE IS CHANWOO????!??!!!!!!???????!


June: Dun dun duhhhhh!!!! War is coming ……….





12:33 AM

PMs between Chanwoo and Hanbin


Chanwoo: Hyung


Chanwoo: Hanbin hyung


Chanwoo: Are you sleeping already?


Hanbin: No.


Hanbin: Can’t sleep.


Hanbin: I am still mad. :/


Chanwoo: Hyung ….


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