Poll Closed! And The New Theme Decided Will Be ........

The Bona Fide Tales of Choco-Ball~ [OT7 + Chanwoo] (CLOSED, FINISHING REQUEST)
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Poll is closed! (though I'm 2 hours late haha) Sorry I'm a bit busy. And I won't be at home for the next 3 days....

Alright, first of all thank you so much for the vote. And I'm happlily announced that the next theme for the shop based on the vote conducted and voted by all of you, the winner is.....


OT7 wins with 45 votes! Congratulations to the voters!!! ^^


In case any of you feel confused, (which I'm sure a few of you are since I've been receiving request from some when the otp hasn't been decided yet. Don't know if you guys misread the rules or too excited. ^^'

Yes, JunChan got the highest in the first poll with 33 Votes but, I said that it's either OTP or OT7 that you guys want. Means if you vote for OTP, then you say NO to OT7 then. And if you choose OT7, you won't vote for any ships in the OTP. Which also means you want OT7 only.

Now I don't know why I'm writing this, probably I'm getting sleepy. ^^"


Okay~ Now the theme is already decided, which automatically request is opened!! You can send in your request starting from now until 8/9/2016. The request will be consisted of

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Thank you!
Still accepting request ~~ ^^


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0 points #1
Can you make one with Junhoe, where Chanwoo was giving him a massage on their fansign?
R_nine21 0 points #2
Chapter 39: n in the last one Chanu said that his hero in iKon is Bobby XD
hows hanbin heart ?¿
R_nine21 0 points #3
Chapter 38: I guess june is drunk XD
0 points #4
Chapter 39: kkkke as always maknae on top yaaaa >,< and jealousy hanbin is sooo cute ^^
thanks authornim for two updates in a day yuhuuuuuuuuuu ><
Yumi_desu 0 points #5
Chapter 39: Two update from you authornim Thank youuuu so muchhh .
I LOVE To read Hanbin being jealous ! Chanbin ♡
& the bickering of junchan is so cute !
I dont know if you saw yesterday, at the fanmeeting every junchan moment & this epic moment of chanbob when chanwoo accidentally given him the finger with the glove of thanos their reaction was so cute lool
0 points #6
Chapter 39: Maknae on top stay winning, bye hanbin XD
0 points #7
Chapter 39: I'm letting the biggest uwu here! Hanbin being jealous is so cute! I really love Chanbin, they're making me feel giddy!!!
0 points #8
Chapter 38: Ah this is so cute
Cuneng 11 streak 0 points #9
Chapter 39: Yuhuu leader love maknae so much
AJP0910 0 points #10
Chapter 38: Yeyy. Hahahaha. Thanks authornim.