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What happens when two incredibly awkward people accidentally bump into each other on the street?


Jin (BTS) x Reader


Hey guys!

So this idea has been floating around for a while and I wanted to write it down! I have absolutely no idea where this story will go, but who knows? It could go well, right? They're not idols in this, just some friends.


If you guys don't know, I've been obsessed with Bangtan lately. Let's just say, in the past few weeks my phone already has a playlist of 20 songs w/ them.


Hehe  (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ *:・゚✧


Hope you like this story!



I am still editing drafted chapters. if you are a returning reader, please re-read it! some content has changed and i wouldn't want any confusion! thank you~




No promises on updates, but expect at least 1 this month (july)
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