The Betas

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Betas are outcasts, betas are outsider.

Baekhyun is a male beta lives in a world which believes betas are peculiar species. Yet he believes beta have their own specialties. Something that makes them unique and different from alphas and omegas. He is determined to find his particular specialty, and make the world approves beta’s existence.

And, he met Chanyeol

Suddenly, his beliefs are true.


Basically, I am trying to find a way to refresh my mind on my thesis. And suddenly i remember mostly on ABO universe, betas are pretty much ignored and usually their roles are not really important. I'm trying to reverse the usual ABO verse. Dont expect too much tho. it's been almost five years since i wrote a stroy. 

Warnings: unbeta'ed, english is not a first language. first time writing exo fics (not a first time writing a fanfiction tho), late updates since i am busy working on my thesis 

Disclaimer: The following characters are belong themselves. I only own the plot and story. 

Feedbacks are very much appreciated!


"What is he doing here?" 

Murmurs of female omegas are heard when he walks through their clearing for dinner. The corner of his eye sees male alphas looks down at him. Just because i am a beta. 

He knows his species are extinct, odd, anomaly to their clan. He is not as strong as alphas neither too delicate nor too fertile like omegas. Even in this clan, he is the only beta, who can do both alpha and omega's role yet not really dominant toward other side.

He knows he is different, and he believes he is special. Not an anomaly. 

And he will do everything to prove his thoughts. Betas are a part of this whole world existence too.


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Chapter 3: Thanks for the update!! and I think for mpreg it depends on the stories !! some stories i have read with mpreg was really good and others were like kind of okay but since this story is an omega-alpha au!! I think it is your choice whether you want to do it or not!! You should do what you want to!!! cuz I am sure you have given some thought to how this story will go on right!!
Chapter 3: mpreg i- and no you shouldn't!! it'll give spoiler and I suggest you to ask reader to highlight the warning instead, heheh
Chapter 2: This is really great, can't wait for the next update :D
meongmungee #4
Chapter 1: Whoa this is the first time I read beta chanyeol and beta baekhyun. So far so good, can't wait for the next update.