The Ugly Duckling Club


What makes a person beautiful? How can one define beauty? What standards does one have to meet in order to be considered beautiful?


Four girls- Kang Seulgi, Son Wendy, Park Sooyoung, and Kim Yeri- are considered ugly based on society’s standards. They are not skinny enough, white enough, or charming enough to please the people around them. Everyday, they are discouraged by trends, music videos, social media, and standards. They are shunned, complete outsiders. They represent only a small number of a million struggling teenage girls who suffer from low-self esteem because they can not meet unrealistic perfection. However, when a nationwide suicide happens, all the dark and dirty secrets come out. Everyone is interviewed, no one is safe.



Title: The Ugly Duckling Club

Author: cupcake_gongju

Pairings: idk it’s a love story

Length: Chaptered

Status: Incomplete

Rating: PG15

Genre: Angst, Teen, Mystery, Drama, Romance, Slice of life

Warnings: a bunch of teens with low self-esteem and poor decisions

Disclaimer: this is a parodied version or/and a based on reality fic with girls who struggle against society, some situations may be complicated.


The Ugly Duckling Club's OST:

  1. the acid- basic instinct

  2. aquilo- you there

  3. lorde- tennis court

  4. little dragon- twice

  5. arctic monkeys- why'd you only call me when you're high?

  6. the weeknd- house of balloons/glass table girls

  7. banks- brain

  8. glass animals- cocoa hooves

© cupcake_gongju

All rights reserved.

No printing or redistribution without permission.

Do not plagiarize.

I do not own these characters.

This is an inspired work, please enjoy:)

Please check out my new pic friendsovervitamins, it is much more lighter and comical than TUDC if you want to take a break from angst and crying lol!


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Chapter 27: I'm so hyped, I can't even explain chsjjssj.
41 streak #2
Chapter 26: Wow i'm all for Wonwoo and Wendy together ❤ I honestly forgot about them having a potential love-line so I went back to Party Monster chapter to read it lol. It will be hard for the both of them tho since Seulgi seemed to really hate Wonwoo. If my memory serves me right, Seulgi has a brother before whose name is Jisung. I have a really bad memory so not sure about this.
HufflepuffBaby 263 streak #3
Chapter 26: Wonwoo tho!!! Asdkfghjkls I'M SHOOK
And my poor baby Yeri, I wonder why she won't speak :(
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Chapter 25: Oh god, reading this chapter really made me feel emotional. I've missed the og characters so much!! I'm kinda glad that Irene recovered and I felt bad for her because of her thoughtless guardians. Chaeyeon didn't even change wow i still hate her. I somehow knew that Ten would change for the better but I was still amazed when he was being described and I really love him now. He's so caring towards Irene so I hope it would reciprocated. Taeil shocked me the most and it made me more curious about him. My heart broke for Taeyong because he was still in contact with Doyeon like it became a fixation or something. At the part when Taeyong thought about the heartbreak, I was thinking, "Hey that's what Seulgi felt before , now you know". But I can't blame him since he's confused at himself too. I still want to see the 4 girls reconcile. THOSE TAEIL GIFS GAVE ME LIFE
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Chapter 24: I was pretty shocked with Rosé that night. Honestly, I'm still not used to these new characters as I've really loved the original characters in season 1. I'm glad they're going to appear in the next chapter. Seungwoo and Daniel's frienship was beautiful btw. I'm surprised that wonwoo's kinda playing a big role in here because in season 1, he only appeared in the later part.
Chapter 23: I want it to be known...that if Johnny hurts my broken princess Sooyoung in anyway... I will climb him like the beanstalk he is and beat his
Chapter 25: This was lit af. I knew it wouldn't be easy with Taeil and Taeyong lmao.
Chapter 25: I feel bad for Irene. I'm so confused about Taeil as well now...
HufflepuffBaby 263 streak #9
Chapter 25: Even though i really hated Irene in this story, I have to admit that I'm glad to see her doing fine
Thanks for the update dear author