The Hands Of Fate

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The first meeting of Kim Taeyeon and Kwon Jiyong.

The story that follows and the fate that bounds them together.

A GTAE fanfic.



A GTAE fanfic by Sillysesame


What if your past comes hunting you down mercilessly?



What if the answer you've been trying hard to find lies in front of you all along?



What if two people tangled together in the chase of a murderer who takes people's lifes out of vengeance?


Taeyeon is a homicide detective working in National Police Agency, a fictional agency that work under the government of South Korea to deal with high profile case. While working hard to catch a serial killer, she's tangled in her own feeling toward her odd neighbor. A neighbor that has so many things hidden under his flirty trait.



A gtae fic. Prequel to "STEPHANIE."



Since it's a prequel, no need to read the afore mentioned story first. But I still recommend to read it though, for the sake of shameless promotion. ^^


Warning : English is not my first language. Beware of me commiting grammar suicide almost everywhere throughout the story.

Feel free to save this silly girl from further embarassment by informing me of any mistake you spot.



Comments are my fuel.Give me some if you can. Give me more if you're kind. Share your thoughts so we can shape this story together.


Happy reading. ^^

PS : Cover is the product of my untalented hands. Images come from the internet.




I'm so sorry. Update will be delayed for a long while until my workload lessen. Please be patient.

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zacky123 #1
omo omo omo!!!! i didnt know that Stephanie has a prequel!! i gotta read this right now!! N.O.W!!!
adelliew1919 #2
Chapter 14: This is a very exciting piece of thriller with love.Gosh, you got me hook with all your works. Reading non stop looking sleep too. Thks for the effort!
Thank you, author-nim, for a great story! It was really entertaining and well-written! I really couldn't stop and read it from cover to cover, so to speak, in one go. Addictive, to say the least!
Chapter 12: Man, at first, I was worried for Jiwon… now, after all the clues, I'm not surprised about what's happened…
Chapter 7: Oh man, this gets more and more interesting - I can't stop reading! ôwô
Chapter 6: Something tells me, as well, that things are going to get worse .-.
Chapter 4: Aw, how romantic :D They're super adorable together! I can't wait to find out more about these two!
Chapter 3: OMG, that was the cutest! ôwô That last comment got to me exactly like it got to Taeyeon XD
Chapter 1: Man, this was intense… I feel for GD so bad ;;
qweentaeng #10
Chapter 14: i read your story from first part until the end non stop and its already 3 hours past midnight. Your story just so good i can't stop reading till the end!!!! thank you so much for this story hope you make another gtae stories in the future:)