Never Too Late


Some days are harder than others. After all, it isn't easy balancing a life that involves a high-stress job and ten growing kids at home. But with Yifan by his side, Junmyeon knows he can handle anything life decides to throw at him, no matter how difficult it is. Sequel to In Between.


It is recommended that you read In Between before reading this fanfiction.

“I just don’t know which one to go with. They’re all very beautiful,” Junmyeon finally admitted, fingertips absently fiddling with the top right corner of one of the cards he was holding in his hand. “What do you think?”

Yifan hummed, slowly lowering himself onto the carpet too. He mimicked his small lover, twisting himself a bit so that he could sit cross-legged as well, perched right beside Junmyeon. He cast his eyes thoughtfully over the near ocean of invitation samples Junmyeon had spread out on the floor, sending their carpet into an odd rainbow of colors.

“What I think…is that you need to stop worrying,” Yifan said slowly, reaching out to pluck a white invitation off the ground that was decorated with gold letters. His attention may have been focused on the card, but he could feel Junmyeon’s gaze on him now. “Just follow your heart and pick what you want, not what you think everyone else will like.”

Junmyeon audibly swallowed as he traced his fingertip over the edge of the invitation. “I just want things to be perfect…”

“Junmyeon, this is your wedding,” Yifan commented, glancing over at his fiancé. He smiled warmly, free hand reaching out to rub over the expanse of his lover’s back, already able to feel Junmyeon practically melting under his touch. “So do what you want to do. I told you it’s not too late for you to have your dream wedding, and I meant it.”

A/N: This is a direct sequel to my fanfic In Between. I know I previously mentioned that I didn't plan on doing anything else with this AU, but I've been thinking about it a lot and now here we are! It's been a long time since I've worked on anything dealing with this AU, and I have to say you guys are super patient considering In Between ended ages ago. But I hope your wait has been worth it! Enjoy the fic.

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