Dawn's Breath


Fernweh : A longing to travel, missing a place you've never been.
PG-15, 4200 words, A/B/O verse



Fangs sank into his neck, making him cry out loud at the painful yet pleasurable sensation of finally being claimed by his beloved. Strong, warm limbs were caging in his limp body, and Luhan felt safe bathing in the musky scent of his mate and the sound of his laboured breathing. Kittenish were wetting the side of his neck, nursing the wound, coaxing out the last drops of blood.

Once the last smear of red was clean from his skin, Luhan felt his Alpha’s tongue tracing his freshly-made mark; the powerful male rumbled a soft, satisfied growl, whispering how proud he was of his beautiful little omega, his breath tickling Luhan’s ear and making him shiver with need when gentle kisses replaced his sweet nothings.

The Alpha’s hot lips traced a wet path to Luhan’s jaw, slowly and deliberately, to further mark his territory even as he pounded his natural scent into the writhing omega. Luhan could only answer with moans of acknowledgement to the ecstasy with which his lover was infecting him, little hums of satisfaction in response to his ministrations, and a loud gasp escaping his wide-open mouth when his mate once again filled him to the brim and clouded his senses with so much affection and love.



“What does he look like?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know his face, nor his name, he’s mate,” Luhan replied, though his curious eyes shifting around the landscape, absorbing every little detail that could be useful, meant that he was only half-heartedly paying attention to his best friend.

They were walking towards a pack located a few miles away from their own, in search of Luhan’s mate. The Alpha was apparently “hiding” in Luhan’s dreams, where both of them had shared several intimate memories, waiting for the omega to find him in the real world – which could be anywhere, much to Sehun’s misfortune.

Luhan had never been able to remember him when he woke up the next morning, only the feeling that was surrounding them he would often describe as beautiful, strong, safe, and most of all, incredibly loving. Most of Luhan’s dreams consisted of his mate claiming him. Those were the ones vivid enough for Luhan to recount them to Sehun with an adorable blush accompanied by a radiant smile – a gift his supposed mate offered after making him his, a gift Luhan would only wear after coming back from one of his numerous trips in dreamland. Sehun would be annoyed at those specially reserved smiles if they weren't so damn stunning which was a thought that annoyed Sehun greatly.

Sehun was an alpha, also known in their pack as Luhan’s best friend. The two grew up sharing their youth by giving each other support and affection since they were mere pups and became closer to the point of being inseparable. They were often mistaken for a bonded pair, earning gentle teases from their families and friends. Though Luhan would always accept them with a laugh, Sehun on the other hand would scowl every time, frustrated that their jokes unknowingly poked fun at his impossible dreams.

Sehun acknowledged that he was in love with his best friend a year ago, at the age of eighteen – although he would have realized it much sooner without the unnecessary denial. Indeed, it was hard not to fall in love with the pretty omega and his beautiful porcelain skin that Sehun itched to touch as he watched his best friend welcoming a butterfly on his dainty finger.

The sight was ethereal.

Luhan’s wide hazel eyes twinkled at the small creature flapping its colorful wings. The wind was messing his golden hair, sending the locks in every direction, making him look just that much more angelic with his slightly parted lips reflecting his awe. Those soft-looking pink lips curled up into a beautiful smile that Sehun returned with a thin one of his own.

The knowledge that he’d never be able to taste and convey to them his feelings hurt him honestly, especially because Luhan wanted them pure for his mate. Sehun has been helping him look for his lover for two weeks now, because whatever the cost, Luhan’s happiness was his first priority.

They both stilled as the butterfly flew away, and watched on until it became a small dot then disappeared in the sunset.



“I think I love him,” Luhan confessed suddenly, breaking the silence with his little voice while the fire illuminated his charming smile.

After walking a bit more, they had settled in a valley not far away from civilisation. The pack was near, but they decided not to enter it at night for fear of being seen as thieves or intruders. Shortly after, Luhan had gone to gather branches for the fire while Sehun was hunting and, without much difficulty, managed to catch the two rabbits they were currently eating.

Sehun choked on the piece of grilled meat he was swallowing, for Luhan’s words created a lump in his throat Sehun had to cough to get rid off. Luhan was at his side in a second, handing him the gourd of water. Sehun thankfully took it.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, thanks,” Sehun answered in between a few coughs. “I– what were you talking about?” Bringing the previous subject seemed to be a good idea as it quickly replaced Luhan’s worried expression with a shy grin.

“You’re the only one who know about my dreams. I don’t bother to tell anyone else since they wouldn’t believe me.” Luhan let out a small chuckle. “We’ve been searching him, my mate, for some weeks now, and even though it sounds crazy, I believe it, and you believe it, you believe me, and I’m really thankful for that, Sehun. Really, thank you.”

Sehun felt warmth spreading through his chest at Luhan’s genuine smile. The emotions in his eyes were twinkling beneath the moonlight, and he looked so beautiful, even with that blemish on his lower lip. Sehun unconsciously reached to wipe the stain of meat off.

The action was natural; albeit Sehun was two years younger than Luhan, the omega had always been clumsy and reckless, fooling everyone with his cherubic and innocent face. He was thin in comparison to Sehun, weaker due to his omega status, and also a target because of his delicate and flawless features; the number of alphas who wanted his precious Luhan as their mate was ridiculous. This was actually the only reason Sehun was grateful to get out of their pack so often, and though he would sometimes wish Luhan’s mate didn’t exist, he’d shake the thought off a second after. He had no right to hope for anything that wasn’t Luhan’s happiness.


Sehun blinked. He removed his hand that was resting on Luhan’s soft cheek with a start, realizing that he had been in that position long enough for Luhan to watch him curiously even after he returned to eating. Sehun chose not to pay his best friend any attention for he wasn’t sure how well one could read the raw feelings he carelessly let appear in his eyes. Sehun hoped the few stars in the sky were the only witnesses, and would keep whatever they’ve seen secret.

Sehun hoped the strong wind would dissimulate the sound of his heartbeat, and also drift Luhan’s scent away.



“I read in a book once that stars can hear our thoughts.”

The sky was pitch black during winter’s night. Stars were scattered here and there, but they weren’t bright enough to light up a path, divulge the threats within the forest, or distract Sehun’s mind from Luhan’s proximity.

They'd been lying on the grass for some time, basking in the smell of the nature and listening to the wind playing with the trees, when Luhan’s voice joined the harmony. It was soft, but clear as Luhan’s lips were mere inches away from Sehun’s face. They remained still for a moment, slightly parted and letting out warm breaths that hit Sehun’s cheek. Luhan’s attention was directed towards the sky, eyes seeming to seek for hidden mysteries in the wide abyss.

“It was said that if you talked to them with a genuine heart, they would answer you, and even make your wishes come true,” Luhan said before closing his eyes. He burrowed his face into the crook of Sehun’s neck, a hand blindly reaching for Sehun’s to fiddle with his fingers. “I’m scared of being alone,” he added in a barely audible tone.

The confession was surprising, a bit strange and sudden, but it may have something to do with those weird noises coming from creatures lurking around in the darkness. And though Sehun had no idea how to react since Luhan had never so blatantly shared his concerns with him before, he carefully slipped his hand out of Luhan’s hold and brought it up Luhan’s fluffy hair, the scalp gently to try and appease him by making his presence more noticeable.

“You don’t have to worry about that, you know I–” love you. “I… I’m here. Always.”

This seemed to relax Luhan who let out a quiet sigh. Sehun kept on running his fingers through his hair, soothingly and unknowlingly lulling him back to sleep.

Sehun had heard about the stars’ legend before, when he was younger. Believing it was easy at that time, when his dreams constisted of hunting down a bear and becoming the leader of his own pack; those weren’t impossible, but not necessary contradicting his current wish. Sehun didn’t know what would happen when the softly snoring boy in his arms would find his mate, but the pain would certainly be greater than what he prepared himself to, no matter how much he was willing to give up for the sake of Luhan’s well-being.



“You like him, right?”


“Luhan. You like him, don’t you?”

Sehun shot his friend an incredulous look.

The neiborhood pack had welcomed them a day ago, when the sun was about to rise. At that time, alphas were out to hunt while some omegas and betas were around, certainly waiting for their mate’s return. One of them had beckoned them over, face brightening as though he’d been waiting hours for their arrival. The kind omega, Baekhyun, had led them to their guest hut, a wide grin adorning his face as Luhan answered his skin care's questions with a shy smile; Luhan’s beauty had always been a popular subject among every pack they’ve been to, so Baekhyun’s fascinated expression wasn’t really surprising.

Each of them were given a job in exchange to their stay, and it helped in getting accustomated to the dynamic of the pack. Luhan was currently in the river, teaching attentive omegas how to catch a fish with his claws only, but Sehun was more amazed by the water glistening Luhan’s skin and making his honey blond hair shining like gold under the sunrays, or how lilted his voice sounded rather than his skills and explanations.

Sehun’s captivation apparently didn’t went unnoticed by the alpha next to him, the one with he just came back from seeking supplies in the forest nearby because him and his mate deemed it necessary to throw a party for their new guests. The knowing gaze Chanyeol was challenging him with was a bit unnerving considering that Sehun thought he knew by now how to conceal his pent up feelings and not let anyone know about them, especially someone he just met.

As though he had heard his thoughts, Chanyeol grinned and patted Sehun’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.”

Sehun sighed. “Luhan is my best friend.”

“Baekhyun was my best friend once too.”

Sehun chose to ignore the remark. Instead, he quickened his steps, looking straight ahead to avoid being confronted with Chanyeol’s smirk.



Twenty minutes in the party, Sehun was pleading Luhan to leave the awful place owned by awful people and never come back. A cute, amused laugh was his only answer, and Sehun sighed annoyingly as he expected this reaction; Baekhyun had the horrible idea to begin the night by playing ‘truth or dare’ and of course, the boisterously cackling omega had to change the rules half way, so that Sehun was always designated and forced to reveal embarrassing stories he burried so deep in his mind, he had long since forgotten them.

Sehun groaned. The only thing preventing him from giving Baekhyun the correction he deserved was that Luhan seemed to like him. And though Chanyeol’s glare whenever Sehun threaten the life of his mate should be a bigger reason for his reluctance, Sehun was far from being intimated by the alpha’s silent warnings.

“So Sehun,” Baekhyun breathed out as he wiped a tear out of the corner of his eye, “truth or dare?”

“Why are you asking me again? I just answered a question. I should be the one asking–”

“Truth or dare?”

Sehun heaved out a deep sigh. “Dare,” he mumbled, hands clenching. From the beginning, he chose truth because he knew by now that Baekhyun was crazy and thus would make him do odd things – notably judging from his mischievous grin – if he chose the other option, and unfortunately, Sehun wasn’t wrong about that; for Baekhyun’s dare had his eyes shot wide open in stupor.

“Kiss Luhan.”

“What the ?!” Sehun shouted, eyes fleeting to Chanyeol’s, demanding help with his stare before landing them back on Baekhyun’s innocent-looking ones. “No way!”

“Hey, you know the rules, you can’t back off.”

“Who are you to talk about the freaking rules? I’m not doing that, period.”

“Come on, Luhan doesn’t mind.”

Sehun looked aside, gulping once his gaze found Luhan’s. Despite his expression showing nothing but a bit of embarrassment, a storm of emotions were twirling in Luhan’s eyes. Surprise, awkwardness, agitation; pinpointing them was easy as Sehun grew accustomed in reading the feelings Luhan had yet to know how to keep secret if it wasn’t by closing his eyes or looking away like he just did, which made Sehun frown slightly in confusion because rejection wasn’t one of them.

And when Luhan looked up, lips forming a bashful smile as he curtly nodded in Baekhyun’s direction in approval, Sehun’s bewilderment blocked out Baekhyun’s whoop of celebration in order to stare at his best friend now turning towards him, the tilt of his head seeming to ask if he did the right thing.

Without really knowing what he was agreeing to, Sehun nodded quickly. Slowly becoming aware of his surroundings and the pesant silence, he his lips in apprehension, inwardly cursing Baekhyun who was clapping his hands like an excited seal. Sehun took a deep breath. He didn’t think, simply closed his eyes shut and leaned forward to place a quick peck on Luhan’s lips, pulling away just as quickly, face burning in mortification.

There was no spark, no giddy feelings, nothing that Sehun had read on those tales and all these things the protagonists felt during their first kiss. No, there was just the aftermath thoughts bothering his mind, nagging him into doing it again, asking him why he didn’t make it last longer, and the sight of a cutely blinking Luhan in front of him making it hard not to give in so he did just that; slowly reducing the gap separating them, he once more felt the softness of Luhan’s pink lips pressed against his.

The wonderful taste had something shift inside of him; the urge to dominate, claim and convey showed itself through a low growl, making Luhan retaliate with an immediate, submissive whimper, hands clawing at Sehun’s shoulders in a desesperate attempt to steady himself as he was roughly pushed down.

Sehun’s senses were obstructed by Luhan’s exquisite scent leading his movements and taking entire control of his body, allowing his hands to relish over the tenderness of Luhan’s cheeks. The fact that the squirming omega was eagerly responding while fighting to keep up made the experience that much more pleasurable.

Sehun parted away, gasping for air. Beneath him, Luhan was doing the same, and the sole thing holding back Sehun from stopping the process, from across the swollen lips and abusing them further more was the sudden awareness of their audience; Baekhyun was cheering and Chanyeol was whistling, fists in the air.

Blinking away the haze surrounding him, Sehun swallowed thickly as he found back his consciousness, gaze settling on Luhan beneath him whose face was equally if not redder than Sehun’s.

“Wow, that was hot!” Baekhyun breathed out as he fanned himself. Sehun barely heard him though, too busy staring at Luhan’s unreadable expression and immediatly reprimending himself for causing it.



The rest of the night went on smoothly; laughters, jokes and playful banters were thrown around, creating new friendships. The mood was good and seemed to warm everyone’s hearts yet, Luhan was unusually calm, sitting next to Baekhyun and staring blankly at nothing. Whenever the fellow omega would bring him in the discussion, he would caught everyone’s stare in a start and force a few words to tumble out of his mouth shaped in a shippish smile that dissimulate a million thoughts.

Sehun had apologized already, a lot, but it was too easy, not enough. It was more than obvious on their way back to their guest hut, and even more inside; the silence was unbearable. Luhan went to bed without sparing Sehun a single glance, making him feel that much more miserable and sorry.

He knew by experience that Luhan wasn’t doing it on purpose as he naturally keep his problems to himself to not bother anyone, going as far as hiding it behind a smile, but it hurt to see him like this and felt odd not to hear hear him spill out his troubles; Sehun was the only person Luhan trusted enough to disclose his secrets, thus he was Luhan’s only source of comfort and reassurance, but he was powerless right now and it felt just awful.

“Luhan…” Sehun called quietly, taking small steps towards the bed, “I’m sorry, really. Talk to me, please? I–” I’ve already lost you as a lover, I don’t want to lose you as a friend. “I know it won’t be easy, but can we forget about it? I don’t–”

Sehun blinked. It was barely audible, but the impact would have been the same if it were screams reaching his ears. The sight was even more heartbreaking, but Sehun reacted quickly; he climbed on the bed and reached his arms out, holding Luhan close and wiping the tears that had slided down even so more were falling.

The little hiccups leaving Luhan's mouth soon were replaced with a sigh as Sehun rubbed his back soothingly, calming him down.

“I can’t have pups.”

A longue moment and a few inhales later, Luhan quietly uttered this revelation. So that was what was actually bothering him? Sehun didn’t know how to respond but, albeit he wanted to know, he sure wasn’t going to dig in search for more comprehension. Found out he didn’t need to as Luhan filled his silence with what he was looking for.

“Kyungsoo told me. A rare disease he said. That’s why I've never went through heat.”

Luhan must have had a hard time dealing with the news. It pained Sehun that he probably chose not to share it with anyone that wasn’t their pack’s doctor as if he had a curse; as if he was ashamed. “Does it matter?” Sehun considered with a small frown.

Though it was uncommon, Sehun had no siblings and had thus experienced loneliness when he was too young to go outside, especially because his single mother was working all day. He had once admitted wanting a hut full of his children's cries and laughters to contrast with his quiet, early years, earning an understanding smile from his friend Jongin who obviously didn't mind living in a peaceful environment as he was now devoted to another alpha; Kyungsoo. Now that he thought about it, Sehun didn't recall getting any reaction from Luhan who appeared to be oddly calm that day.

“It does,” Luhan said, letting out a forced chuckle. “As an omega, my purpose is to give my mate an heir, which I can’t.”

“It doesn’t,” Sehun snapped, cupping Luhan’s face and holding it up to show him a deeper frown. “Your mate should love you for who you are, not for what you can give him.”

Luhan looked like he was pondering over the meaning behind Sehun’s words. He spent some time scrutinizing Sehun’s features and kept tracing them with his eyes, searching as he wondered, “Do you love me this much?”

Startled by the barely audible yet straightforward question, Sehun blinked. Anger gone and forgotten, his expression softened in an emotionless blank as he stared into Luhan’s hazel brown orbs. They were twinkling like two skies lightened up by stars, and Sehun couldn’t help but answer what they seemed to whisper truthfully.

“Yes, I do.”

Luhan’s eyes widened in disbelief. His mouth fell agape as though he expected those words but couldn’t believe Sehun had allowed them out of the comfines of his mind. Sehun smiled. Somehow, he felt better now that Luhan knew. The stars within his eyes were shining even more brightly. Hope and surprise were illuminating the skies like shooting stars, and Sehun had the sudden urge to get rid of his doubts by leaning in, slowly pressing his lips against Luhan’s in an attempt to stop them from quievering.

Sehun let them go once they were coated with enough warmth, but Luhan apparently didn’t think it was the case as he chased after him, reconnecting their lips and delicately sliding his hands up Sehun’s neck, bringing him closer as he tilted his head to better return the favor.

His lips moved desesperatly with a hint of hesitation. Out of pure want and natural affection, Sehun returned every gesture, relishing in the muffled whimpers the omega made when he was too distracted to keep them in. And althought fighting the sudden onslaught of feelings provoked by Luhan’s lovely scent mixed with his ministrations proved to be arduous, Sehun needed to remember he didn’t deserve this amount of pleasure. Luhan wasn’t his. Luhan belonged to someone else.

It was with much difficulty that Sehun pulled away, panting and bringing air back into his lungs. “W-won’t your mate be mad for… what we’re doing?” Sehun asked with a of his lips, still cradling Luhan’s face in his palms. He had no idea how he came up with this question, but he was searching for something that would confuse his best friend and keep him away from cutting off the last string of sanity he had left, and thankfully, it seemed to work.

Luhan blinked a few times, and Sehun swallowed because he looked so damn cute with his flushed cheeks and puckered lips. The omega frowned lightly. “I don’t know, would you?” he asked hurriedly, voice dripping with annoyance.

Sehun was so dumbfounded by the question, he didn't realize how harshly Luhan was tugging on his collar's shirt. “I… yes? Probably? I–”

When Luhan finally got what he wanted, he hummed happily at his achievement and whispered against Sehun's lips, “He probably won't.”



Kittenish on his neck had Luhan’s eyes fluttered open and he could distinct barely audible Mine, mine, mine said in the darkness. Luhan smiled. He turned his head aside, just enough to whisper a Yours against his mate’s lips.

The alpha’s reaction was expected; a low, satisfated growl resonated in their hut, earning a chuckle from Luhan who brought a hand up the side of his neck. He could feel it, the bond mark. He smiled because it was real, he could trace it with his fingertip even though he wasn’t sleeping anymore – and what a wonderful feeling that was.

The arm around his waist held him tighter, and Luhan sighed in delight. He could feel the love in his mate’s voice as he expressed how pleased he was to finally call Luhan his. Luhan could relate to his words as he had been waiting years for this to happen, concealing his feelings in the only place he could freely express them; his dreams.

Now that they had slipped into reality, he didn’t make them anymore. He also didn’t need an excuse to travel around packs and lying about finding his mate who was simply a representation his subconsious drew in his mind every night to either help him go through the day, or remind him of his unreachable fantaisies.

Luhan found that love was stronger than his darkest convictions and could altern his beliefs.

There was a hand combing his hair, pulling him out of his thoughts and towards the beautiful twinkle in his mate’s eyes. They were radiating so much fondness, Luhan wondered how he could have mistaken it for friendship affection.

Luhan closed his eyes and snuggled closer. The comforting warmth reminded him of this place where he was now allowed to wander freely. Luhan sometimes felt sorry to possess this special place he called home, but he was also extremely thankful to finally dare take a step inside after reassuring discussions and silent promises, even if his mate had given him the key long before.

Luhan felt incredibly loved here, and he'll surely never dream living anywhere else than in Sehun's heart.





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