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hello, myeonghwa high school students! we hope you're enjoying your spring break so far.
as a reminder, the boys' lacrosse team will being holding tryouts at the beginning of the term. in order to participate, a permission form signed by a parent or guardian must be sent to or dropped off at the school office by the first day of the new term. in addition, come to tryouts on one of the following days: the 7th (weds, 4:30pm–6:00pm), the 8th (thurs, 4:30pm–6:00pm), or the 9th (fri, 4:30pm–7:00pm) on the athletic field. prospective players who arrive more than 15 minutes late to tryouts will not be allowed to participate for the day. 
playing equipment will be provided, but cleats or sneakers and appropriate athletic clothing should be brought to wear on the field.
after tryouts, please check your school email regularly, as an email will be sent letting you know about your results, and details about the first week of practice. if you do not show up to the first practice, except with a valid reason and documentation or extenuating circumstances,  it is assumed you have no more interest in joining the team, and therefore will be cut.
if you have any questions, please email head coach moon cheolwoo ([email protected]). d
A/N hey folks, it's been a while.
to make a long story short, i adore this fic, though at the same time there were also a lot of things i wanted to change about it. so, i got some life experience, did a bit of research (did you know the fil men's rulebook is 98 pages long?), and now i feel i'm at a point where i can effcetively write this story.
and once the story gets going, i'm aiming for bi-monthly updates. i can't promise that'll always happen, but i'm setting that goal for myself because it feels realistic.
anyway, i hope some of you will wanna come along with me on this journey this is getting… cheesy
 WDB / hello! two updates: 1. i've got a phat lang report and misc assignments, all due monday, and tho i'm chipping away at reviews, all that writing makes a girl Tired™ ja feel. so, reviews next week. 2. LONG overdue, but i'm almost done with mhs schedules!! (classes, clubs, sports by season)


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Chapter 2: hi there, just wondering; do you have a deadline in mind?
busans #2
Chapter 1: screams i hope it isn't too late for me to apply/!!?! brb working on my app now uwu
kantos #3
a sports au? SIGN ME UP
sports au sports au sports au sports au !!! sign me the UP
hi back im still hyped for this uwu
Chapter 2: hello there i have another question.
my friend who lives in korea says that school starts at 8 am for her, what about mhs? what time do they start and what time do they go home? what kind of punishments will they recieve if they're late? thank you.
Chapter 1: as already mentioned, vague teasers are always great :D
but teasers with haeil would be interesting too? not only would it give insight to your character, but getting a glimpse of the varsity captain would be really fun and would set the tone of the story perhaps? am i making sense LOL and the coaches interacting with each other or having a meeting would be fun to see too :)
Chapter 2: hi a question regarding my app uhhh can the parents be like.... the teachers of the school?
uH id love 2 see any kind of teasers tbh :^) but my biggest weakness r vague teasers that leave a lot up to interpretation !! idk why but they're a lot of fun 2 read and to try 2 figure out....hhh
Chapter 2: hi i have a question!
the plot mostly revolves around he varsity team recovering from their loss last year, so what's the role of the jv team and cteam in the story?