Her Whisper Is The Lucifer



The SHINee members dont understand when Lee Taemin suddenly get so strange. His cold acts with the fans forces to put the band on hiatus. Meanwhile, the British-Korean singer Park Jean Francine (known as Frannie J) arrive in Korea to live with her uncle, one of the S.M. Entertainment bosses.Frannie is hired as S.M.'s trainee. 



By chance, Frannie listen during one of the uncle's meeting that if SHINee end she'll be the S.M.'s new superstar. From there, she start to do it all to make the band over and get what she wants. If it wasnt for Taemin to discover her plan.

Will he prove her evil plan?How could the lovely kpop maknae get along with the  british rebel girl?


This is my first fanfic and english is not my first language, so sorry for some of the mistakes. Hope you enjoy it ^^

Main Characters:

                                                                                              Frannie J.


 Attitude girl. Sometimes she is so strong that some can imagine shes rude.

Her father was Korean. After he pass out she comes to live with her uncle, Park Joo-Eun. Likes U.K. a lot, dont know how to speak formal Korean.

Her dream is to be a singer, dont matter which country.

Age: 17

















Lee Taemin                                  


Ex-cute maknae. Taemin was always the cute and polite boy that loved to dance and drink banana milk, but with no reason he becomes rude and starts to act strange.

He dont talk too much. But this changes after he discovers Frannie's plan to end his once loved band.

Age: 18
















 Lovely lady from Girl´s Generation. Every SHINee member have a crush on her but Taemin seems very uncorfortable around her.

She is the only one besides Taemin that dont belive in Frannie's innocence

Age: 22













          .: SHINee :.       













Other Characters:  

                                                                                Uncle Joe/ Park Joo-Eun                                             


     Frannie's Uncle. She calls him Joe because she can't decorate his and KaeYoung's name. After his     brother Soo Jong and his wife Alice Jean were murdered in a robbery he brings his beloved only niece to live with him on Seoul. Is a very important man in S.M. Entertainment.

Age: 44














           Kathy/ KaeYoung                                                          

Uncle Joe's only daughter. It's cute and have a pure heart. Knows Frannie's bad side but still loves her and thinks she have feelings locked inside her heart.

Wants to help Frannie to become a singer.

Age: 16






















                     .:   GIRL'S GENERATION  .:                                         



                                                  .:    SUPER JUNIOR  .:                                                            










And much more artists I'll not say right now ^^~~khuhuhuhu :3

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