Yifan's little family


"A family in harmony will prosper in everything"

-Chinese Proverb


OHANA means family(in an extended sense of the term, including blood-related, adoptive or intentional). The concept emphasizes that families are bound together and members must cooperate and remember one another. 


Series of Drabbles and one shot of Yifan's Family

(Including ChanBaek, Xiuchen, Hunhan and Kaisoo)

 Drabbles/Oneshots varies from different timeline (From past to present to future) Some are connected, some are not ^^




It's my first time posting a story here.

I'm a BIG fan of Krisho and a er for familyau!

I hope you'll enjoy! ^^

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meatherlence12 #1
Chapter 90: Oh my that pic really look xiumin? Whos that?awesome!
meatherlence12 #2
Chapter 13: Omg i love that gif! *o*
Thank you!
Such wonderful ff
Chapter 92: Still waiting formu to still keep on writing gosh i do love this story a lottt
Chapter 92: This fic is such a rollercoaster ride. I have laughed and cooed and cried and smiled. This is so good. One of my favourites. Thank you for this wonderful story.
Chapter 4: My heartu!!! Is paining!!!(。>﹏<。)(。>﹏<。) kaisoo
niaabdrazak #6
Chapter 92: Waiting for you to update unnie. Update juseyo...
Chapter 53: hey authornim. idk if you’re taking request, but I have something in mind. I actually want to see more interaction between Kim’s family. Grown up Daeul when he’s with Minseok. Is he clingy? Is he still whiny like a baby? I would like to see that but this is just what I want. It’s okay if you’re not gonna fulfill it hehe. all in all, I’m supporting you! Fighting!
HunieMineNahLuluis #8
Chapter 92: That cute lil interaction between Jun and Yifan are just soo cute. It’s pitty both of them dosen’t remember it
vivinka #9
Chapter 92: This one is sooooo cute
308 streak #10
Chapter 92: Junhee trolling Kevin got the boy panicking at his use of English in Korea... HAHAHAHA good thing Choi sobli gs have been taught languages at an early age!
amazing!!! they've been fated from the very start!!!

never thought Jun was a mischievous child when she was younger! HAHAHA she's probably their househelp's constant cause of headaches! HAHAHAHA

im curious at what point in their relationship did they realize that they met each other when they were younger??? they're at the age where they remember stuff already, so i wonder if a situation triggered them to remember this meeting *i think a chapter on this would be nice too? it would be cute! HAHA but only if authornim wants to! :)*

ps. little did they know they wouldnt achieve the dreams they said here... but theyll have each other instead :)