Say Hello to You

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We were once at the same place.
Though we are now no longer in the same race.
We will always be in a same place.
Even if we no longer see each other in the same space.
Have Faith.


A fan of the nation's trending top rising girlgroup, Girls on Top, decides to send a letter to her idol,

just to say hello.



Dedicated to goodbyes.







inspired by

(although it's not my fav song of the five songs...but it's my 3rd fav i guess? xD)


And let's hope this is the last produce 101 fic i'm starting since it's not like i'm writing anything creative anyway...just for feels sake. and Chaekyung-Shiyoon moment when Chaekyung was told to give message to Shiyoon in ep8 pierced my heart T^T. i'm inspired by Shiyoon this time. though i was torn bcuz i get the feels from Hyeongeun n her other Kconic girls as well, n maybe Hyeri n Sihyun from SE too...but i guess, this pair fit best for this simple idea, as usual...and this is just gonna be a oneshot...probly will post tomorrow since i feel like zombie who doesn't sleep at all rite now. 

ps: sorry for the very unoriginal


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wow thank you so much for writing this :D cant wait for it!