Why Have My Chibi Dolls Come To Life?!

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I knew my life was different, I was the odd child whose parents wanted nothing of and my older siblings hardly noticed me, I was the weird one at school though I knew I was no different to any of them.

I lived two streets away from my grandma, the only family member who actually cares for me and I have seven amazing friends at school, so life was still good to me. Though with no one sharing the big house with me I get lonely, so I naturally became attached to an item every child holds dear, stuffed toys. Any kind of stuffed toys I see, I get. So it was nothing different of me to go into a quiet toy shop looking for a new companion to share my bed with, it was also nothing strange for me to walk out holding five more than the one toy I had intended to get.

I mean the doe eyed chibi doll just looked so cute and it would have been wrong to rip the one chibi doll out of the shop and put it in such a large and lonely house with just me, so I brought the surrounding five chibi dolls with us, so there would be plenty of company in the house.

But that didn't mean I wanted to wake up with a real boy beside me, hugging me as if it were the most natural thing. I must be insane to think my six childish dolls have come to life, how do I explain this to my friends?



Meet the characters;

Do Yura

"You guys are weird"

Bang Minsoo (C.A.P)

Lee Chanhee (Chunji)

"We are the dolls and we hear and see everything around us"

Lee Byunghun (L.Joe)

"My pretty Yura"

Ahn Daniel (Niel)

Yoo Changhyun (Ricky)

"You talk in your sleep"

Choi Jonghyun (Changjo)

And 100%

Seo Minwoo

Kim Rokhyun

Jo Jonghwan

Kim Chanyong

Woo Changbum

Jang Hyukjin

Lee Sanghoon

So I'm coming back with my second Teen Top story! I hope you can enjoy this one as much as my other stories, I love you!

A big big big thank you to Reducto17  for the amazing posters! You are amazing at what you do! xx


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Chapter 4: Yay am update. And on my birthday!! ^^ Any way back to the important stuff lol I think Neil might actually like Yura, like romantic feelings. Is it true who know but only you know lol. Nice update and I will be here when you update again ^^
Chapter 2: The dolls have awaken. I wonder if they are also going to go to school with her but as humans and not as dolls
Chapter 1: Yes, ot6 for life. No matter what. I have been an Angel since debut and these boys have a special place in my heart that can never be taken. And plus you also included 100% ot7!!