Roller Coaster

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The beautiful and sweet married life story of our newlyweds.

Kim Taeyeon and Kwon Yuri are bestfriend since they were in diapers, they know each other so well because they spent most of their whole time together, they have same purpose and same passion in their life, they want to be a success person in the future. That was no joke, they did it, their hardwork and their sweat didnt betray them, now they are CEO in their succesful companies in Korea, Kim Taeyeon is CEO of game developer company and Kwon Yuri is CEO of resort and tourism company. Their dream is came true.

Until the two beautiful girls appeared in their life, make their life more meaningful and complete, make their life more beautiful and colorful, make they know the one amazing word called ‘Love’. They decided to make their first love to be their last love, they married them and found their happiness.

Oh, I think it is not just about beautiful and sweet story of their marriage life. I forget to tell you something, It is true that Kim Taeyeon and Kwon Yuri are best friends, but not for their wives Tiffany Hwang and Jessica Jung, because they are enemies, big enemy.

This is not a simple thing for Taeyeon and Yuri, they have to deal with this and solve the problem.



[Kim Taeyeon]



-Cute, dorky and y

-Sweet and caring husband (in their relationship, because they both are girl)

-Her wife is her life

-No one cant help her byuntae mind

-Kwon Yuri's best friend


[Kwon Yuri]



-She has tanned skin, it makes her look ier

-Sweet and caring husband (in their relationship, because they both are girl)

-She treat her wife like a princess

-Prankster and teaser

-Kim Taeyeon's best friend


[Tiffany Hwang/Kim]


-Short but taller than her husband

-Beautiful, y and attractive

-lovely and clingy wife

-Love her husband so much

-Pink addict, shopaholic and fashionista

-She has famous eyesmile

-Designer in her own boutique

-Hate Jessica Jung so much


[Jessica Jung/Kwon]


-Short and not taller than her husband

-Beautiful, y and irresistible

-Lovely and clingy wife

-Love her husband so much

-Hate cucumber, shopaholic and fashionista

-She has famous icy glare

-Designer in her own boutique

-Hate Tiffany Hwang so much


“Taeng!” Yuri waves her hand.

“Yul!” Taeyeon waves back.

They met accidentally in department store in this evening, and they want to spend the remaining time together before they will go home, but something has stopped them.

“Hubby~ Im tired, lets go home.” Tiffany whines. Taeyeon's wife.

“Seobang~ My legs are hurt, I want to go home.” Jessica whines. Yuri's wife.

“But-” Taeyeon and Yuri said in unison.

“NOW!” Tiffany and Jessica gave their deathglare to their husbands.

Tiffany and Jessica stared each other and exchanging their death glare, feel something bad will happen, Taeyeon and Yuri grabbed their wives shoulder and calmed them.

“Okay okay, we go home now princess.” Yuri rubbed Jessica’s arm.

“Poor my baby is tired, lets go home now.” Taeyeon pinched Tiffany's cheek.

Their wives smiled immediately. Jessica and Tiffany have calmed, but they were showing their death glare again when their eyes met.

“Crazy girl!” Jessica mumbled to Tiffany.

“Witch!” Tiffany mumbled back to Jessica.

“You called me what?!” Jessica raised her voice.

“You! Witch!” Tiffany smirked.

“YAH!” Jessica pulled Tiffany’s hair.

“Sick girl!” Tiffany pulled Jessica’s hair back.

“Oh god!” Taeyeon and Yuri said in unison.

This is not a ferris wheel again, but this is a roller coaster.


Hi, this is my second fanfic.

I dont know what to say but yeah hope you will like it.

All images/pics/photos on this fanfic are NOT mine, credit to the owners, I just took it all from internet.

I hope you dont mind if I make some mistakes, since English is not my first language.

Thank you!

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