It Might Be You... Who Knows? (Sec. 1/Chapter 4 -Page 1/?)

It Might Be You... Who Knows...Sequel Story: The King and I (Will start at Chapter 537)

  Intro:     Minnie’s only wish for this grand day of him is to have Bummie join him and have fun. As such, destiny does not allow him – will premature sorrow grip his heart…

Chapter 4      Happy Regardless...

     Minnie’s 10th Birthday Party and His First Heartbreak?…


Point in time:    Kibum’s and Minho’s Age – Up to 10 years of Age

 Location:          Choi’s Mansion - Parkland Hills



It is a grand revelry for the Choi’s family – 10thBirthday Party for Minnie. While Minnie’s parents are busy preparing for an ideal party for their eldest son; Minnie is pondering whether to have a huge celebration or not. Originally, he thought of having a small party with just Bummie’s family as invites however his parents are rather more excited than he is. So that, when his parents suggested having a grand party with many invited kids and adults, he agreed to it. This is written more in Minnie’s POV


Minnie POV:

(Ponders) this is going to be a great day for me,my tenth birthday party. Last year, there was no party coz I was sick. Today is going to be the best day of my life. I am going to wear my favorite costume –  I need think…ah…perhaps, a superhero, a cartoon character, an animal suit – hmmm. I don’t now yet, I think Mommee and Daddee have not informed me about what my party would be but i gave them the idea - so i trust them completely. Of course, there should be games, for Bummie and me to play with. Bummie – should be here, I am pretty sure my parents have invited them; he is my extraordinary super guest. And I like my Mommee and Daddee for treating me so special when they asked me if it is alright to invite neighbors’ kids and Mommee and Daddees’ adult friends with kids as well. Hhhmmm, wait – I want to see what’s going on?


He goes to his parents still continuing as regards Minnie’s Birthday Party Theme; so, he listens to their conversation and he finds himself laughing at the giddily reaction of his parents. When suddenly, Sooyoung turns to face him and says,

Sooyoung:       Sweetie; Minnie, are you excited? Today’s gonna be a wonderful moment for you. Last year, we were
                        not being able to celebrate your birthday coz you were sick, ha?

Minnie:            Yes, Mommee.

Sooyoung:       Okay, sweetie – just relax and get yourself ready.

Minnie:            Ok, Mommee, I have a question?

Sooyoung:       Yes; sweetie, what is it?

Minnie:            Is Bummie coming?

Sooyoung:       We will see; I have given the Kim’s family an invitation – a separate one for Bummie in fact. No need
                        to worry, I am pretty sure they will come. And Sweetie; as I have requested, I have invited several kids
                        from our neighbors and my friends with kids? You now, it will be fun to have many people celebrating
                        your birthday?

Minnie:            That’s fine and thanks, Mommee.

Sooyoung:       Minnie, you may go to your room and rest and we will call you when everything is ready, ok. We want it
                        to be a surprise for you. And, I said please do not get down until we call you ok?

Minnie:            Oh! No help from me, Mommee? I would like to offer some help.

Sooyoung:       Oh, sweetie – we are quite alright, we hired people to arrange it. No need to worry but thanks a lot for
                        being thoughtful. So, go now to your room and make yourself busy playing video games or watch 
                        cartoon movies. Later, Mr. Kikwang will just fetch you as soon as your party starts. And by the way, no 
                        peeking!! Ok?

Minnie:            Yes Mommee!!


So Minnie goes up to his room. Inside his room – he broods over what is gong to happen today. So he continues contemplating


Minnie POV:

I prayed so hard last night to give me a wonderful weather that it must not rain today since it is going to be an outdoor celebration – I even offered flowers and food to God. Rain makes people cranky. My mom invited some neighbor kids as Mom wants me to have my birthday with lots of friends (old or new). I don’t have any since this place; neighbor lives miles-kilometer apart – lucky for us when we moved here, Bummie’s house were built after 6 months we moved.


So Minnie makes himself busy by reading comic stories, playing video games and after watches cartoon movies and after playing without even noticing, Minnie sleeps mulling over his grand event for today.

After awhile, Mr. Kikwang knocks on Minnie’s door to ready him for today.

Kikwang:         (knocking) Sir Minnie, I have come to ready yourself. (Opens the door and sees Minnie, wakes him up)
                       Sir Minnie, wake up please.

Minnie:            Oh, ssorree Mister Kikwang – I fell asleep. Is it time now?

Kikwang:         Yes sir.


As he readies himself, he hears the kids downstairs are cheering joyfully so that he wants to go and peek but Mr. Kikwang stops him.

Kikwang:         Ooopss, sorry sir – let’s hurry. Your visitors are waiting for you now.

Minnie:            Tee-hee, ok Mister Kikwang.


So you know Minnie’s birthday celebration is a space themed party. The theme is somewhere like Minnie has landed to a strange planet so let’s visualize how his get up outfit would look like. It is a NASA Kid Astronaut white space suit with helmet of course with NASA stickers on it. His parents were deciding whether what color the white or the orange color thus finally deciding on the whie one.

Minnie’s birthday party is both an indoor and outdoor so Minnie’s guests can enjoy whatever place they choose.

Party starts at 10:00 a.m.

So Minnie is ready and set for his birthday party – gets down with Mr. Kikwang. As soon as he steps down; he is caught up in amazement of how everything was prepared and pinches Mr. Kikwang’s leg. Then, Mr. Kikwang says..

Kikwang:         Happy birthday Sir.

Minnie:            (Faces Kikwang and beams widely) Thank you so much.

To visualize:

Inside the mansion’s ball location - the area is a mixed designed of the entire space and that of the history of life on earth – evolution; adorned with the following such as; representing the:

  1. Stars - are sparkling small lights
  2. Moon -  is a huge color yellow (of course) round parched paper with color gray and orange cloth patches (representing land or whatever) enclosing the chandelier lights thus spitting an orangey-yellowish color - placed at the center - fastened to the ceiling.
  3. Other planets specifically arranged affixed to the ceiling around the moon – in various colors and each planet designed accordingly.
  4. A milky way structure
  5. Falling stars as well (lights in descending manner)
  6. Of course – below all of it what we call the Earth’s evolution – designed air-balloons in the shapes of Extinct Animals (such as; types of dinosaurs, reptiles, birds); Flowering Plants (how it is done? By mashed paper or Paper Mache – a hollowed object inserted with lights matching the color flower it represents – it is pretty taxing to make them by the way)
  7. Installed video games at the area where each animal is also placed.
  8. Balloons everywhere in various colors.
  9. A large wide screen mini-cinema showing the Theme of the Party – History of Space and Life on Earth…


(A/N: So this is how I described Minnie's Space Theme Party – of course in real life – darn is so expensive indecision)


Minnie is asked to stop at the center of their staircase central coast – designed with a big space (sort of a stage place that meets two staircase directions, left and right). The party DJ announces his name – Minnie’s parents along with his visitors cheer and greet Minnie. Minnie looks around and happy that everyone is having fun: wearing party hats with faces masked in various designs (that glows), playing games, trying to bust balloons.


Of course, Minnie is happy the entire time but something is missing – goes to his parents and asks,

 Minnie:          Mommee, Daddee is Bummie comm…? 



 Page 1 of Chapter 4 ends heresurprise

A/N: Thank you very much for reading.. Page 2 to follow..I will try to post the entire chapter today..but incase I can not - please bear with... laugh

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Chapter 536: I... Cannot... Believe... It's finish....
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