Puppy Love and the Storm Above (Part 1)

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Eighteen-year-old Jessica Jung sobbed alone over a pile of dirt deep in the forest. She swore to never use magic or let it touch her life again. Then the beast crouching in the shadows descended upon her.


In dual but irrevocably connected worlds where children are sacrificed all too often, will the few survivors of the latest generation accept the destiny laid out before them or walk away from it? Will they save their worlds, end them, or build new ones?


Alternate Ending Options:

PLatSA2: Resurrect: The original ending in which our heroes storm the Guild, but some may have to lay down their lives to save their friends.

PLatSA2: Invasion: The plot-twist ending in which demonic possessions and soul-swapping run amock and almost no one can be trusted.


Fluffy Side Story:

Brighten (Puppy Love): Jessica Jung happens upon a puppy and brings her inside. It really wasn't supposed to be that life-changing. And the puppy wasn't supposed to change either. But she did... 

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AOD_WQ 46 streak 1 points #1
Chapter 23: SooFany why so cute? hehehe Soo looks like the big sis there, but she is the baby, cute sisters *cries* author let's hug them.
AOD_WQ 46 streak 1 points #2
Chapter 22: Aww cute TaeTae, she looks so beautiful here, I wonder which song was she singing. I like the color at the background, I think TaeTae love it hehehe. Was TaeTae singing for JeTi?
AOD_WQ 46 streak 1 points #3
Chapter 21: that is scary :'( is the pic from Charmed? I feel like I saw it in one chapter, but still is scary *hides*
AOD_WQ 46 streak 1 points #4
Chapter 20: Hehehe JungLi in KryToria honey moon LOL ok no, JungLi looks cute, Krystal's smile is funny, what where those kids think or more like doing? I don't rememer hehehe but seems like they where having fun there.
AOD_WQ 46 streak 1 points #5
Chapter 19: Sunny and CL? lol now I'm not sure if she is CL or Minzy XD well Sunny bunny looks cute, hehehe who is the one that you take off the pic? hehehe another eye smiling girl ^-^ cute hehehe.
AOD_WQ 46 streak 1 points #6
Chapter 18: Sulli and Fany hehe, why were they laughing? was it raining? they look so happy, hehe in that pic you can mistake Fany for another 2 soshis XD
AOD_WQ 46 streak 1 points #7
Chapter 17: Is that Sunny's dad? aww they look so cute together, Sunny's smile is so sweet, Sunny can I have a hug too? why is Sunny so cute?
AOD_WQ 46 streak 1 points #8
Chapter 16: Well Sulli looks good here, still having some mixed feelings for her, but I think the good and lovely side of my feelings are wining the battle, but still I feel like she used BomDara to her own benefit and I don't like that.
AOD_WQ 46 streak 1 points #9
Chapter 15: I can't say a lot about this, but it's really help full to understand and remember what's the role of each character and who is sister, or related to who ^-^
AOD_WQ 46 streak 1 points #10
Chapter 14: Hehehe this is funny SooSun rules hahaha, this is like when you are trying to have a lovey-dove momment with bae and your little sister thinks she owns everyone hehehe and don't want to let you have your sweet time with bae ^-^ Jealous Soo?