Tell Me About Your Story Mommy (One-Shot Collection)

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story about sweet moments with family..

i hope after you read this you will miss them more

or maybe wanna have a one soon












1.  This Our Story (Kim Family)

2. My Overprotective to My lil Sis (kwon family)

3.  Can I Marry Your Daughter Sir ?? (yoonhyun)

4.  Wish They Never Grow Up (Kim Family)

5.  Your Date.. (Kim Family)

6.  My Bitter Sweet Memories (kwon family)

7. Dear Diary (kwon family)

8.  Pajama's Incident (Kwon Family)

9. Long Distance Valentine (Kim Family)

10. Sweet Shocking (Kwon Family)

11. My Lost Quality Time (Kim Family)

12. Autumn feel

13. Lullaby (Kim Family)

14. Spills The Tea (Kim Family) *new



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