The Lost Nothing


Jaejoong was a nobody, he had a deadend job, a crappy apartment and his only friend was a ghost. So why were these two kids looking at him as if he was their last hope.



“!!,” Jaejoong yelled irritably, as he sat up on his bed and immediately throwing off his covers and reached across his nightstand for his cigarettes. He looked back at the man while lighting up the cigarette, wondering what to do.

You see, Jeajoong wasn’t worried about the murderer who possibly saw him running away from the crime scene, nor was he worried about the ghost staring right back at him.

He was never afraid of death; he was just extremely annoyed by the things that came after it.

He finally took his eyes off the man to look across the small apartment to his shabby red couch at the three occupants sitting on it; one missing a limb, one without an eye, and the last with a gunshot wound to the heart, each of them in an equally dead state staring right back at him.

Shaking his head, Jeajoong finished his cigarette and laid back down, ignoring the four sets of eyes that were staring at him.

“You guys really …..”












Changmin (unknown):






Main: Yunjae (maybe more, later on.)



My second story, i'm new at this so if there is anything that doesn't make sense tell me so that i can fix it. My english writing skills are rusty, so there might be typos and grammer errors. Not much of this fic is thought up yet so if you read and have ay ideas i'm open to them and constructive criticism.

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Edit: unlocked the fic, i'll put warnings if there needed.

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subtitler #1
Chapter 20: I really really love your story... I hope you can turn it into a book once you've finished it...
springmiya #2
Chapter 20: Changmin should have told Yunho about the wall and what happen, as it happen to Yunho with Taemin too. such a good story have to keep rereading because i love it so much. Junsu rreally need to tell kai he is his son.
Chapter 20: awwww yunjae moments!! yes jae yun is married obviously coz he's married to u <3<3
Ecilimin #4
Chapter 20: Ohhh that's great that they at least know the reason.. I hope they will be able to find solution and help Jae to get his memoris back...
phinea2009 #5
Chapter 20: Thanks for updating. It’s sad Jaejoong doesn’t remember Yunho but it’s a start. I hope Yunho will find a way to break the magic spell or curse on Jaejoong. Why do I get the feeling Yunho’s father is involved.
springmiya #6
Chapter 20: so good. i was waiting for the update. I though it may be updated this week and i was right. brillant.... Can't wait to see how things work out. Such a good story if i could upvote it again i would, Love the story
Chapter 20: Oh my god.... I'm so curious...Btw, Thank u for the update.. This story is overwhelming...
18 streak #8
Chapter 20: Finally yunjae meet each other
It's must hard for yunho
But why changmin not telling yunho what happen to jaejoong before?
Busnut #9
Chapter 19: Omg they finally meet, I'm soooooo happy, I'm shaking lol but can't wait for the next chapter
Chapter 19: they finally meet again!!!