The Truth My Senses Told


All five senses of Sunyoung turned to be great love detectors... or maybe, Jongdae was too irresistible.


this will be a cliched friends-turned-lovers fluffy story, I warn you. also, English is not my first language, I apologize if there's any mistake and let me know where to improve it. I wrote a bunch for this ship because both of them are my biases and they're cute together (and actually I'm still upset about not watching their performance as BenNina in 'In The Heights' Musical, their 'Sunrise' must be great!), but I wrote them all in Bahasa Indonesia; translating is a hard work T.T this f(exo) ship needs more love I think. no offense, but aren't Kai, Krystal, and Kaistal too mainstream and boring because of sooo many fanfics about them? Once again, no offense, I love these two y magnaes together ^^

this fanfiction was an entry for a challenge in one of writing blog (Bahasa Indonesia).



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Chapter 1: Nice story!
Chapter 1: Oh my...this was brilliant and beautiful and sweet and lovely! Thank you so much for this! <3
victory00 #3
pls3 do translate your stories...I love to read luna fics as main character..and I ship chena so much..
idontcare #4
Chapter 1: Pleasee do so! I love this couple really much!
Chapter 1: Cute !! LuChen
Chapter 1: Chen and luna are my favourite people ever, i like to call them sun-dae as a ship name because it's just too cute, like this story hahaha