Thank God your always beside me^^

My Personal Assistant

From that day on Jaejoong had a very packed schedule for almost three weeks because of filming, promoting and guesting that he doesn't even have time to sleep and eat so you always do your best to prevent him from getting sick

It's saturday morning, when you arrived at Jaejoong's house you're wondering why it's so quiet then you found Jaejoong lying in the couch still in his pajamas, hugging a pillow and holding a toy car, you went up to him..

You: (concern) why are you there? Is there something wrong?

JJ: (soft voice) I'm tired..

You: (looks at him and touch his forehead) Omo! your burning hot!

JJ: (just nodded pouting his lips)

You: (runs to get cold water and towel) wait here...

You came back with water, towel and blanket..

You: (helping him) here.. can you move? wait I'll cook soup so you can drink medicine..

You are soo panicking that you don't know what to do first... then you remember to call his manager first to help you cancel his filming then you cook and prepare him medicine...

You: (helping him to sit up then feeding him) here eat this first then drink medicine... You should have called me earlier when your feeling sick..

JJ: Help me go to the restroom..

You: okay.. (help him stand up and guide him to the restroom) just slowly be careful..

He vomitted in the restroom everything he has eaten even the medicine..

You: (while tapping his back) you vomitted everything how will your fever go down?

He vomitted even in his shirt so you help him go to his bedroom and change clothes, ofcourse you saw his y body that you  tried to ignore... after changing you help liedown on his bed..

You: You want me to bring you to the hospital? I'll call Yoochun Oppa so he can help us

JJ: (grabs your hand and hold it tight) No... I don't want just stay here with me.... I just want to sleep..

You: are you sure?

JJ: (nodded, not letting go of your hand)

You are sitting on the floor beside his bed while he is lying there holding your hand...

You: (trying to stand up) I'll get you cold water and towel again wait..

JJ: (hold your hand tightly) No... stay here...

You: your so stubborn how will you get better if you're like that?

JJ: (looks at you) P.A... can you sing for me?

You: (shocked) what?! I don't want!

JJ: please......

You: (sighs) okay.... (starts singing) twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are.....................

JJ: (giggles softly then close his eyes)

He fell asleep like that but still not letting go of your hand... You stayed like that for long hours and you kept on monitoring his temperature until you also fell asleep... Jaejoong woke up in the middle of the night feeling much better and saw you there sitting on the floor sleeping beside him while he's still holding your hand, he brushed his fingers through your hair and stand up and carry you to the bed then covered you with his blanket..

JJ: (sat beside you on the bed, whispers) Thank God your always beside me! "you stayed with me and never left... I bet your also tired"

He then lie down again beside you and continue sleeping....

The next morning you woke up and the first thing you saw is Jaejoong's angelic beautiful face, you thought you are just dreaming until you realize where you are, you immediately got up not knowing what to do so you decided to just cook porridge for him and leave before he wakes up. When he woke up he looked for you and just found the porridge in the dining with a note saying "I think you will be better when you wake up, eat this porridge okay? I'll go home first I have things to do its sunday it's rest day right? ... P.A^^"  he read it and smiled and started eating...

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Kimberlyannkim #1
Chapter 43: Hello I'am one of your new subcriber and i really love your stories espcially this one its well written so please if your still deciding if you should re-write it please dont cause its really good the way how it is written and the way how the story is really daebak ☺
Angelz0715 #2
Chapter 42: Awww so cute ^^ Really nice story :)
[deactivated] #3
Chapter 11: JAEJOONG IS SO CUTE!!!!!
[deactivated] #4
Chapter 6: WTF?!!! what does he mean with your body!!
kyusarang0203 #5
Chapter 43: author-nim you don't need to re-write it.....i really love it!!!! can we request for a sequel?!! ^^
Chapter 43: Kyaa! This story is overflowing with adorableness..... You don't need to re-write it cause its perfect as it is! Please do more FF. Author-nim DAEBAK! =D
wow i just loved this story, it was daebak!
Authour-nim, it was well written anyway so you don't need to re-write any of it.
Chapter 43: ofc u must make another jae n oc story..^^
this first story is very amazing..dont re-write again because it just waste ur time...
just make another story we can subscribe ur story again..haha
thank you so much^^
froggie95 #9
Chapter 43: I love the story as it is right now!! No need to rewrite it .. but i would love to read your new jaejoong fanfiction :D
pocapeh #10
Chapter 43: no need to rewrite..
pls write a new fic of jaejoong and OC or reader hehe..