Hate You Or Should Love?

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Meet Mark tuan, the playboy aka kingka of JYP academy of entertainment and talent. He is on the top of pyramid along with his best friend Jaebum and Jackson. Now meet Jinyoung,  Park Jinyoung the sweetheart and innocent soul who would be joining the academy for the new session.  What would happen when they cross each others path and Jinyoung humiliates the kingka infront of whole academy. Would Mark forgive him and move on Or would Jinyoung have same fate as other who went against Mark Tuan?


You can also read this story in another language other than English, the link is given below -

Russian by dijung

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Chapter 9: This is so cute, it's rare to find a ff with all my ships - Markjin, 2jae, and jackbam <3 also thank you for not leaving Yugyeom by himself, he and Juhi are so cute together
Chapter 9: wow wow wow, markjin, bamson and 2jae, can't wait to know how their relationship will go... ^^ kyaa
Chapter 9: finally you update! cant wait for next chapter! curious about markjin ^_^
vmarkjin #4
Chapter 9: Want more markjin pls
184 streak #5
Chapter 9: So little markjin here. ~T_T~
ChinnyBuu #6
Chapter 8: OMG! I could not wait to continue the translation, so I decided to read the original), I'll be honest, it's great) I'm looking forward to the next chapter..
Chapter 8: Omg pls update soon
Magentusrex #8
Chapter 8: Ok, did not see that coming. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
JinyoungsMark #9
Chapter 8: Hehehehe.. Lol.. Jinyoung falling for mark's trapped.. Can't wait for the love to bloom soon! ^^
Chapter 8: Mark and jinyoung married omg . I can't believe it! Heh I will make sure mark will fall deep in love with jinyoung. I don't want jinyoung to be hurt. Finally krescent you update :)) I always wait for you everyday.