The Royal Family

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It all started with a royal wedding.

This is a story of how Miss Park married Prince Jung.


He couldn't sleep after she confessed to him that night before they went to sleep. After what seems like forever, he turned around to face his wife whom he married to almost a month ago. She was sleeping so peacefully like an angel. Deep down, he knew that she felt lonely. She's still a woman that needs love and care from her husband, the sole prince of the royal family. But, he was too plain to see that. He was too egoistic. He was too shy to start with the first move.

Everything happened so quickly. He almost thought that he was dreaming.

He broke up with his long-time actress girlfriend because his parents, the King and the Queen, demanded him to. They thought that he is better off with someone from the royal family or maybe related to the royal family. That's when he met his wife. He still remember the day she came to the palace with her parents to meet him and his family in person. That innocent pair of doe eyes and uncertain look on her face, also her pale lips. He remembers them all.

He was about to caress her face when she suddenly opened her eyes because of his sudden movement. He quickly pulled away his hands and just stared at his wife. She sighed a little before sitting down on the bed.

"Where are you going?"

"To the toilet."


He sat at the edge of the bed and waited for her to come back and when she did, ten minutes later, he saw her eyes were swollen and she was trying so hard to hide her face. He knew she was crying in the bathroom again. She was about to go back to sleep when he immediately pulled her close to him and made her sit on his lap. He hugged her waist tightly and smiled faintly at her. She didn't move nor she's liking it either. She just look at her husband.

"I'm such a jerk, am I not?"


"I will learn to love you, Shinhye."

"Why are you suddenly saying this now?"

"Because my wife loves me so much. I think I'm really stupid if I were to reject her feelings for me."


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