Reincarnation of The Light

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What if one day your mom told you that you're going to save the world from darkness? And you're one of the reincarnation of The Lights? you need to find ten other girls that will help you with their powers. Well that's what happens with me Kim Taeyeon, before that I was just an ordinary person with such a boring life, I'm always dreaming if one day my mom tell me I'm a daughter of billionaire or we're werewolf and she hide it from me. i didn't expect with something like this, i have powers? hell i don't even think i have one since  i thought i am just an ordinary human like others. why my mom told me something like this? it's still mystery for me but she said i will find out soon. so here i am inside an elevator something like in harry potter film following my mom. she is still keeping shut inside this weird elevator.

after we're arrive in some place that look like a library and it is under my house for 's sake. why i don't even notice this before? maybe i'am too dense.. my mom approaching one of the bookshlef and then pull one of the book named 'THE LIGHTS' and that bookshelf is open by itself. we are coming inside the bookshelf but the weird thing is this room is so bright SO FRICKIN BRIGHT do you get it? we're underground and there's no lamp or something so where that lights come from? my mom sit at one of the sofa and the color of sofa is white for your information.

"i know you have a lot questions inside your head and it is shocking you. am i right?" i just nodded my head still speechless with this sudden information. my mom smile and said "well it was begun when the war happened many many years ago..."


Hey I want to give a try after such a long time just reading fanfics and i decide to write some story, I really hope you enjoy my supposed to be story lol.


llamaajol out /wink/


I will update this story 2/3 days from now so please be patient with me and sorry if I make some errors with my grammar and for typos. thanks for supporting me
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