It's Not Like The Movies

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Love life is not always about glitters, dinners, and kisses under the moonlight. Or is it?

A story of fate, circumtances, and a try at happy ending.


So?” Seunghyun lifted his glass of mojito. “A toast to another chance?”


What will happen if I say no?”


Greetings loved ones.

A while ago I made a little guessing game on my Gtae fanfic : Stephanie

The winner may request a story from me and this is what my dear winner  cipudcupid11

has to say about it :

"I love soshibang pairing especially topfany and gtae couple, hehe... Happy ending story i love the most, combine romance and angst in rated with happy ending maybe would be great ;)

This story was intended to be a oneshot but it was so fun to write that it has branched out into two more chapters with one extra chapter for the rated scene.

I'm planning to post all four chapters in the span of a week and will be very grateful for any kind of feedback you guys could give me via the little comment box.

This story is dedicated to cipudcupid11 so I hope you enjoy it, dear.

And for the rest of the readers, welcome and join me in some Topfany fun!



Chapter 2 is up! 3 will have to wait for awhile. Still can't time to edit. T_T

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Assou000 #1
Chapter 3: Can you give me the password to read plus I open the account just for you and followed you there too I just find you and it's interesting stories you have good job but plus give the password to you sits thank you
Chapter 1: Omg....why in the world I just found this topfany fics-_-? This is so the I miss seunghyun more. It's so hard finding topfany fics that I haven't read yet. Thank youuuu so much^^
Chapter 4: Heol.. ur the author of this story too? Forgive me for not recognizing ur stories.... huhuhu... im a fool... rereading it again! XD thank you and fighting! More great stories! XD
desyprameswari #4
Good story
Sone_snsd_9 #5
Chapter 3: OH MY GOD! Finally i can open the mysterious password! Haha thanks author nim! I am still trying to open the others
[deactivated] #6
Chapter 3: Can I have the password of this?
tae7881 #7
Chapter 3: Just chanced upon this ff, nice story here.. Can I have the password too? Thank you!
Aww it's lovely^^ i wish they get to date with their loved ones openly in real life too...
[deactivated] #10
Chapter 4: I'm having trouble to move on! This is too much for me! Hahaha. Update soon