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Kris and Hwayoung were a happily married couple, at least, they once were but instead of choosing to acknowledge their growing apart, they instead live life together as if nothing is wrong, pretending that they're both happy just like they used to be.


A lie is spread and a misunderstanding occurs, suddenly, this seemingly happy couple separates and all the suppressed secrets and hidden trouble come to light. One of them wants to end things all together while the other desperately tries to fix their broken relationship but it isn't easy as it seems there are opposing forces coming from all sides.




Kris Wu: the rising Asian star that is loved and envied by many. Everywhere he walked, eyes turn to him and hearts practically drop and his astonishingly good looks. His personality is just like what people see on tv, a man with a golden heart that was sweet and dorky but no one was perfect. Despite his kind heart, Kris was also prideful, proud, and at times patronizing. Hwayoung, being his wife, was able to witness all sides of him.


Im Hwayoung: she isn't famous, she isn't popular, and definitely not well-known. She was just your average girl who happened to meet a superstar by chance. There was nothing exceptionally special about her. She wasn't strikingly beautiful or charming but like her husband, she did have a heart of gold as well. Honest and kind, Hwayoung was the rare type that always had well-intentions and honest to a fault.


Bang Yongguk: the surf shop owner on the coast. Carefree, laid-child, and gentle, all this man wanted to do was live a simple life. His gummy smile and comforting ways helped Hwayoung in her time of need and the low key man became an unexpected hero to Hwayoung in her darkest of moments.  


For my regular subs, this was the Kris angst that I had been talking about. This is my first angst story, as I'm a fluff writer and lover, but I wanted to try something new. Hopefully, I'll be able to bring this story to life where you guys will want to punch a character and your heart aches for another. I sincerely hope you enjoy this story despite it's forthcoming hardships. 


P.S. Anyone know any good graphic shops? 



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samsamphorn #1
Chapter 21: Please update soon!!!...
lovesupergeneration #2
Chapter 21: I'm on Yongguk side tbh he is super sweet and careful without looking pushy with Hwayoung, I really like him! While Kris was so dumb and such a jerk he came to the small town thinking that he could drag her out of town and into city where she is not happy, he doesn't deserve a 2nd chance... Amazing story authornim! I love it and I do picture myself visiting the cozy town! Fighting!
Was so nice to read that new chapter. I really enjoy that story and the chapters are so soothing, I can really imagine the little village where YongGuk lives and the peaceful pace of his day.
Fighting ^^
Chapter 21: They still oblivious about her being preggo..
Chaoticstar2 #5
Chapter 21: Thank you for the update!!
Chapter 21: I'm grateful that yongguk didn't like hwayoung as a lover but only as a friend..because I don't want Kris and hwayoung relationship become worsen
200 streak #7
Chapter 21: I like how Youngguk doesn't want to date Hwayoung because he feels that she wouldn't be interested. But maybe Hwayoung might if she wants to get over Kris.
samsamphorn #8
Chapter 20: please updated soon
againagainagain #9
Chapter 20: Awwwwwe! Let the friendship keep building. I'm the turmoil of regret which is Kris, it's like a fresh ocean breeze to see the calmer and more carefree fymamics with Yongguk
Chaoticstar2 #10
Chapter 20: Thank you for the update! ?