TWICE Short Stories - Tzuyu x Sana

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Credits to the person who took those two photos

Master List:

Chapter 1- 3: JYP High School Investigators Features

Chapter 4 - 5: JYP Boarding School Features

Chapter 6 – 7: How Can We Be Together?

Chapter 8: After 5 Years (Ad)

Chapter 9: You’re Mine

Chapter 10: Lucky

Chapter 11: Crush

Chapter 12: -

Chapter 13 – 15: What Was I Thinking?

Chapter 16: Middle

Chapter 17: Minatozaki Inc.

Chapter 18: New Story - Once Upon A Twice

Chapter 19: The Princess & The General (Satzu Version)

Chapter 20: Jealous For You

Chapter 21: 3 Rules Of Being A Spy

Chapter 22: Café

Chapter 23: Bullies (SaTzu Version) [M]

Chapter 24: Roses That Blossom [M] [TW]-NEW!-



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1 points #1
Chapter 24: Part 2?
Why this chapter is so sweet ><
Chapter 24: Part 2...and maybe part 3 too plz!!
Chapter 24: part twoo part twoo!
satzu1205 1 points #4
Chapter 23: sana XD its why tzuyu called u mean
1 points #5
Chapter 24: Aww...Sana is Tzuyu's angel. How sweet <3
1 points #6
Chapter 23: Omg lol but I thought SaTzu would do something more
1 points #7
Chapter 23: Wow XD
RazerBlade 1 points #8
Helloooo I love all your fics, but wouldnit be possible if you added SaTzu to the tags? That's the more popular ship name now, and I wanna see you gain some readers~~!
Devone1225 #9
Chapter 22: FLUFF! x) i love all of it! ^^
1 points #10
Chapter 22: Aww SaTzu's so cute :"> plz make more