Wicked Lessons

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Sehun is a new model fumbling his way into the cutthroat, corrupted Entertainment Industry. Luckily, Jongin, a famous photographer, is there to guide him―but at what cost? Why does it feel like Jongin will be the one to taint him, instead?

You know what they say: "It's those closest to you that will ruin you best."




+ the rest of EXO



✽ this is what happens when i've written nothing but pure mushy fluff for months: my mind rebelled and demanded y, devious jongin.

✽ if you know me at all tho you'll know i can't write anything without an elaborate plot. so no pwp here. sobs.

✽ beautiful poster by ann1914 @ Infinite Possibilities, thank you so much!






"I'm a model, not a star."

"I didn't say you were," Jongin answers back easily. "But you know what's the one thing they have in common?"


"It's their ability to be seductive―to charm and captivate their audiences. And you better learn how to do it soon if you want to get anywhere in the modeling world."

"I..." Sehun trails off, looking at his feet. He doesn't know the first thing about being seductive. He couldn't even attend high school back then―too busy working multiple jobs to support his family―let alone have the free time to talk to other people and know how to seduce them.

"You were a when I took you that night, weren't you," Jongin states bluntly, and Sehun squeezes his eyes shut, trying and failing to stop the blush from rising up his face.

Sehun makes a small, pathetic noise at the back of his throat when he feels a palm brushing at his cheek, stroking him gently.

"Hey, it's fine," Jongin murmurs as Sehun timidly opens his eyes. "It's never too late to learn."


The other nods. "I'm willing to give you, ah. Private lessons, if you'd like."

Sehun brings faltering eyes up at the older man, biting his lip.

"You need this job, don't you?"

"I do..." Sehun answers, a lost, defeated sound.


"So..." Sehun drops his gaze, gulping and steeling himself before bringing shaky, but determined eyes up at him. "Please teach me, Jongin."

The older man chuckles, a low, deep sound that sends shivers down Sehun's spine. "Good boy."


[WL] c02 posted! enjoy the... second half... Dx

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Chapter 7: I really love this story, thank you for updating. I wonder what Krystal character will be. Will she be the mean ex girlfriend or at least nice enough to just face the fact that her ex now likes or is interested in someone else without throwing a tantrum. I absolutely love Kyungsoo’s character in this, he’s so savage and straight to the point. He just doesn't try to sugarcoat or impress. Why do I get the vibe that Kris has a crush on Sehun. It's really interesting to see the way they interact with each other. I have suspicions that Kris and Luhan share a story or he just likes Kris. As for Jongin character it's interesting to try to piece together all the things he does. The way he treats and acts in front of Sehun is really intriguing. I think he is starting to see him as something more. Sehun on the other hand is just so precious and sometimes a little bit naive, but that kind of worked in his favor for now at least. I was really happy when I saw the update. Can't wait to read the next one ^^
seventeendorks #2
Chapter 7: i wonder if krystal will be the y ex-girlfriend hmmm
FoxyVixx #3
Chapter 7: Thank you for updating ! I wonder how the meeting between the old and the new muse will go ;)
blairv #4
Chapter 7: Ho ho ho..... tug of war between kai n Kris~~~
androsisdead #5
Chapter 7: wow the story just keeps getting interesting and aw it’s a shame that this fic won’t be that long but quantity over quality ;). again a great update and hope everything is going well in your life!! :))
exoency #6
Chapter 7: woooahh sehun and krystal. now that i think about it, yeah, sehun and krystal is a bit similar.
Thanks for the update!! Can't wait for the next chapter hehe
aidanayla #8
Chapter 7: I wonder what’s kris & luhan’s backstory is... I mean I’d be bitter af too if my crush started giving his attention to someone else

anyway! can sehun go like krystal instead so we can expand this love pentagon into a hexagon lololol I’m joking pls don’t do that my poor heart can’t handle anymore complications (or can I)

I must say I absolutely love kyungsoo’s character in this, he’s so savage and straight to the point like how kyungsoo is often portrayed as

needless to say, I’m pumped for this! I’m also looking forward to seeing (reading?) sehun’s cringey CF acting yasss king of CFs get dat publicity
Chapter 7: Okay my guess for the love interests is that Luhan likes Kris or has some history, Kris likes Sehun, Sehun may or may nor like Jongin and Jongin may or may not like Sehun. And obviously Krystal did something to turn Jongin into this heartless piece of human garbage and she will probably want him back.

What I can guarantee a 100% (from knowing you personally and knowing your writing) Sehun is gonna a hellllll of a lot more than just this. This is just an appetizer and I can't wait for my soul to get ripped into half :)
teufelchen_netty #10
Chapter 7: Does Kris likes sehun or is he just a good boss and someone who cares for him
And why is luhan always such a ? And does he maybe have a story with Kris or is this just my imagine xd