Capturing Her Idol's Heart



There are millions of girl in the world who dreams to see her bias in person, touch him, talk to him, get to know him better than just his stage attitude….. let him know that she exists.

Shin Ha Neul, her name that signify ‘sky’ is one of those girls who crave for her bias’ attention, in the sea of fangirls screaming, whaling, crying, shouting the name of their favorite members. Shin Ha Neul has a sky high dream it is of course, to get noticed by her favorite member but Ha Neul’s case is different. Ha Naeul is a trash when it comes to him to the point where her classmates call her a sasaeng fan. Ha Neul is not an ordinary fan she is a die-hard fan of this so called group EXO and she’s obsessed to this certain member of the group named Byun Baekhyun. 


Will Ha Neul realize that her dream is way too impossible to happen?

Will Ha Neul realize that it is not easy to get close with her idol?

Will Ha Neul realize that Byun Baekhyun is different from what she sees on the stage?

Will Ha Neul realize that she is wasting her time from achieving her silly dream?


Will Ha Neul make the others believe that nothing is impossible?



I know this storyline might be cliche but hey, it's worth giving it a try. 

I guess. :)

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Chapter 2: If I were her, I'd die of happiness! Being able to see your bias face to face ugh Baek *_*
Chapter 2: hohoho now the story beginsssss XD byunbaek with haneul :D
Kuhsut #3
Chapter 2: Omai , im getting excited to know about the next updated . What haneul reaction when she's the one will makeup baekhyun :D
Chapter 1: I loooooove the storyline! Haneul is so lovable. It's refreshing to see how much she likes Baek. I love him too lol he's my bias <3

Please continue with this story :(
Kuhsut #5
Cant wait ! Authornim hwaiting