The Vow?

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There are many things in life that don't make sense but there is one thing that is certain...if you wake up one day and a hot piece of named Kim Jongin says he's your husband, you don't question it. 



I never understood 'The Vow', what was the point of that movie? If you wake up one day and Channing Tatum says he's your husband...just don't question it! Girl that is a BLESSING.

Anyway that was what the 16 year old me thought and then again 'The Vow' was just a movie and things like that don't happen in real life. 


Moving forward- on my 21st birthday, I partied so hard and honestly I have no idea what happened...okay? No recollection whatsoever. 

When I woke up the next day I learned that I got engaged overnight and that I was supposed to get married pretty soon.


Also...some dude named Kim Jongin is my husband.


the ? 


[an]: I was having "hey, happens during college parties"/arranged marriage feels!

Disclaimer: I have actually never watched The Vow,I saw a post on tumblr asking why the chick from the movie questioned the fact that Channing Tatum was her husband lol and i was like hey, would anyone question Kim Jongin? 

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thanks for all the love! enjoy reading!

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89 streak #1
Chapter 9: Haha... Exactly that's what k-drama addicts feel...I even skipped college to watch my fav
vujuha #2
Chapter 18: Author-nim broke the fourth wall and sent it to the space.As aliens we are thankfull for this gift
Chapter 24: A mini me of Jaekyung personality wise of Sehun.
Oh Hyunjjn. ?
Chapter 23: I imagine Sehun full of sass like his character here. Lol
Chapter 16: Pfffttthaahahahahaha...oh Gahd!! I'm dying!!! My precious Sehun. XD
Chapter 14: Oh my....they thought I was a lunatic suddenly bursted out laughing.
oudusgirl #7
Chapter 25: nice story...I had fun reading it..♥♥
Laursens #8
Woooohpeasants342 #9
Chapter 24: It is 2:18am in the morning rn cos I have been up reading this book for hours and I dont regret it at all!! Soooo good!
Congrats on getting featured!