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1. Taenger - Kim Taeyeon

2. Jessica.syj - Jessica Jung

3. RainyDay - Lee Sunny

4. TippaChanBbuingBbuing - Tiffany Hwang

5. ThePrettiestGirlHyo - Kim Hyoyeon

6. PreciousBlackPearl - Kwon Yuri

7. Veryhotsootuff - Choi Sooyoung

8. YoongYeoshin - Im Yoona

9. SeororoBaby - Seo Juhyun


Hi! This is my first time writing fanfiction in English. To be honest, I cant write and speak English nicely, but I have tried my best :)

Please bear with me and I hope you dont mind if I make some mistakes.

All images/pics/photos on this fanfic are NOT mine, I took it all from internet.

And sometimes I make the chapters on this fanfic is based on their REAL MOMENTS, but most of it is only my imagination, pure imagination.

Happy reading! and dont forget to leave a comment! Your comment is my energy!

Every comment is appreciated! 

Thank you!

[GG's Chatroom!] I feel sorry to all my readers here :(
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