Animus Online


With the invention of a virtual reality device that allows you to explore an open-world MMORPG you are able to experience a brand new world like never before. Are the captivating members of the Bangtan Guild whom you meet during your adventures truly the strangers you expect they are?


Genre: Science Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Comedy, Friendship and Romance

Rating: PG-13; Violence, some adult themes, and occasional foul language


A/N: Here it is! A virtual reality fantasy AU featuring the BTS members, inspired by the Elder Scrolls series, as well as the brain-computer interfacing themes in shows like Sword Art Online (I’ve only seen the first two seasons) and .hack (of which I’ve only read a single manga)… with my own little twist! I’ve been working hard trying to figure out the best way to write a fresh MMORPG virtual reality-based fanfiction without leaning too heavily on the elements of any one of those universes, and I think I am finally satisfied. I hope you enjoy!

P.S. If there's anything you would really like to say, you can also contact me on Tumblr! My Tumblr blog is ilirimaer

Also, thanks so much for your comments! Seeing what you guys have to say, even if it's just something really simple like you enjoyed it, really makes my day! Constructive criticism, and telling me things that seem to work well are also comments that are appreciated! In return for your support, I'll continue to try my best to finish new chapters  as soon as I can!

5/6/16: Finally! I sat my down to write this all. I finished classes, so you can definitely expect frequent updates! Sorry for the wait...Hope you enjoy!

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Tarako 1 points #1
Chapter 6: what a great read!! this story is so cool!!! please keep updating, can't wait for more intriguing adventures, hehe ❤
Anneme 1 points #2
Chapter 6: Gosh, I was so excited to see this story update! It's funny to see how differently (Y/N) reacts to the real world Yoongi and game Suga and cool to see that she previously had a history with Namjoon and it didnt end badly. Looking forward to the rest of the story!
1 points #3
Chapter 5: It hurts to see the previous button only :(
1 points #4
ah, i miss this so much : ((
Chapter 5: Oh my god, I've been obsessed with this story, I keep reading this (I've reread each chapter loads) even if it's only like five chapters. I hope you do continue, I understand if you're busy or not want to continue anymore. I hope you do! :) It's really good.
uroppa #6
THis was a greatttt read so far:'))) its ur choice really but i hope u continue this!!:-) hwaiting!
1 points #7
It's so good, I hope you will continue this amazing story :D
mell-cellaneous 1 points #8
Chapter 5: Ughhhh its been five chapters and I'm already obsessed. The whole plot and premise of the story is interesting in itself, I love the originality, I'll look forward to future installments! :D
KQueen13 1 points #9
Chapter 1: The premise is really unique, and must be challenging to write as well as you have done, major props from me!
somehow_sunflowers 1 points #10
Chapter 5: *sighs happily* I love this book.