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so i took it upon myself to write drabbles for fanxing all throughout february, you know, just because it's valentine's on the 14th and this year i'm feeling super cursi and motivated to get some writing done. (update: i failed to write daily, shame on me, whatever, i knew this would happen. moving on, i changed the title from "fanxing february" to "february madness", and now, finally, to "fanxing madness". I suppose the reason would be, I'd like to think I'll update whenever I can, for whatever month.) so, that said, these drabbles will be less than 700 words as i don't want to go overboard like i did on my pwp fanxing one-shot collection. i'll try to write for as many genres as i can, including romance, angst, hurt and comfort, slice of life, possibly comedy/humor (though i'm not the best at it), and, maybe if i'm feeling extra, i'll add a little pwp here and there (although, i can't make any promises. any pwp is more likely to go on my oneshot collection). still, i hope you guys enjoy this and leave comments. ♡  deliciouslay

drabbles arranged by genres:

hurt/comfort: but love isn't supposed to hurtshameless
tonight (let's pretend we're married) •  seven attempts at lovelove you so
fact: yixing will never admit he likes yifan
daddy •  the adventures of a mischievous brat [1]mr. fan
slice of life:
it's not love (but it's pretty damn close)
(with my eyes) i see your lies 
we love, we lose, we weep
coming of age:
perfectly simple

i'm the worst at writing and updating daily, i swear

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yixingmaid #1
Chapter 24: Joahae~ ♡♡♡
Chapter 18: The passion dancing couple, preach.
This was so perfectly beautiful /.\
I just... just... I can't *cries in a corner*

Thank you for writing this! ♡
irukachan #4
Chapter 16: YES!!! I LOVE LAYRIF. ah... poor yifan.
Chapter 16: Omg stephh the angst ♡ huhuhuhu break my heart will you
badluckwithotps #6
Chapter 12: Ohhh author-nim, it is Valentines season but almost all of your drabbles are about heartache and pain :'( I'm starting to thinm that I might be a masochist because I absolutely love every single one of your drabbles!
Chapter 10: Well...
I do think they still love each other but whatever Yifan or Yixing did wrong was totally the killer of the relationship I mean like there is love but lock :B
It makes sense?
Chapter 9: That's my Yixing, always stubborn! Okno xd
Chapter 8: Uh, uh, uh, Mr. Fan is being fan-tastic (͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°) omg, no, that was horrible :B everything is so cute! Ugh, I can even vomit rainbow! (lol, no) is so fluffy (unicorn) and cute and damn! I really like and the ansgt, uh, it was hard u.u please, update soon! ~(>□<)~