5 Types of Acne Bumps You Should Never Pop - Never, Never!



It is indeed best to leave well enough alone.

When you gaze into the mirror and do a midday makeup check. You spot a huge zit or something that is staring back at you. It is tempting to go ahead and go berserk on your face. However, skin care experts all agree about one thing, and that is when it comes to bumps and blemishes. You should never just pop away. A hands-on-approach is the best way to go. This will nip it in the bud the best. Popping acne bumps or blemishes will not only cause your skin to break. It can also lead to inflammation, infection, and other issues.

All about Ingrown Hairs
This can be a frustrating problem. Nonetheless, it isn't worth picking these hairs, to be honest. It doesn't matter if you just shaved for a bikini line that is supposed to be blemish free. Don't pick an ingrown hair. Ingrown hairs happen when the hair shaft gets trapped somehow beneath the surface of the skin. The red bumps that often follow can become itchy and inflamed. Don't ever use tweezers or try to force it out with plucking manually. You will end up breaking your skin and this can only lead to more inflammation and infection. It can even end up producing dangerous complications such as staph infection or sepsis. The squeezing of ingrown hairs will only serve to make them more inflamed and irritated. Avoid doing this, if you don't want red marks that will last for months. You should instead apply some hydrocortisone that lessens the redness, itchiness, and irritation. You should also wash the afflicted area with a form of exfoliating cleanser to help the hair to reach the skin's surface successfully. This is just one of the 5 types of acne bumps you should never pop. There is a hands-on treatment for acne and that should only be the thing to be done here. Popping or picking is not the way at all. 
All About Cold Sores
You don't want to inspire a whole army of these bad sores. Never touch them. Picking at cold sores can easily lead to the formation of another sore and another sore. Popping them will release a blister like fluid that will have the same virus in it. It can easily be spread on to other areas very fast. These blisters are a result of the herpes simplex virus. It can be transmitted from one person to the other through touching. Small sores will have over the course of time. They can be treated successfully with treatments from over the counter. However, if you do notice that they are frequent or are spreading, you need to get to a medical professional to get them looked at. Don't make out with anyone either. You should avoid any kind of physical contact with anyone until the cold sore becomes dormant. If you decide to get close to someone, it will only spread them, all the more.
All About Milia
Have you ever noticed a tiny white bump on your face? If you have, this is a skin condition called milia, and it has tiny white bumps that simply refuse to pop. It doesn't matter how hard you try. Be rest assure of one thing and that is they don't pop. They can be treated by a medical professional. Picking at them will produce little to no effect. Trying to pop them may leave your skin red, irritated, and inflamed. The milia will remain in tact. The one reason you aren't getting any results by pushing your two fingers together on this white spot is evident. It is because milia isn't dirt, oil, or any grime. It is nothing but skin cells that are trapped. If this condition is bothering you, make an appointment with your healthcare professional, and they will likely extract it for you. It will take a heated and well sterilized tool to make this happen. 
All About Keratosis Pilaris 
This skin ailment is often called "chicken skin." What causes this condition? This condition is caused by a buildup of keratin. Keratin is the protein that protects skin, hair, and nails from any infections or harmful toxins that can be environmental in description. This keratin buildup develops a plug. This plug is something that does block the opening to a hair follicle. If you squeeze or pick at these lesions, they can cause much worse effects, and these effects can be redness and scarring as well. Don't get your hands dirty. Use a chemical exfoliant that has salicylic acid or glycolic acid in it. It will help to calm the inflammation down and help to treat the condition from in-home. If this is something that doesn't work, do see a medical professional right away, who will be able to treat it properly.
All About Blackheads 
These pesky dark spots on face aren't, at least, red or inflamed. They still can rain on one's complexion parade all the same though. This is especially true if they colonize the face in twos, threes, and fours. Blackheads are the same thing as whiteheads. They are pores that do get clogged up with lots of oil. What happens with the oil is this. It is trapped and has become oxidized after getting exposed to air. This gives it the black or brownish color that it does have in essence. Although it may seem easy to pick and pop them, it isn't an easy solution to do, but it isn't worth damaging one's skin. Squeezing them forces the bacteria to go even deeper and this can cause trauma to the skin. You can work the oil and dirt out without having to pick or pop them directly. Don't apply any pressure to them. Just use an exfoliating face wash sort of like Biore Complexion Clearing Warming Anti-Blackhead Cleanser. It is $8.00 and can be bought at ulta.com. It works fine to get the blackhead to the skin's surface. This will leave you with a fresh face in a few days down the line.
All About Cystic Acne
This kind of a pimple happens very deep inside of the skin. It forms a red and very tender sort of nodule. It is very painful and can be hard to treat with any OTC meds. The inflammation that goes along with cystic acne can delay the healing process and this leads to permanent scarring that is hard to get rid of overall. Picking at them will never help either. These cysts occur very far beneath one's skin and you won't get close to reaching the bump at all. The only thing you will be left with is a bloody spot that is hard to cover up with any makeup. You should book an appointment with your medical professional who can properly assess and treat the situation right away. They may also be able to save you from any chance of scarring too.
These are all forms of bumps and blemishes that you should never pick, pop, or try to eliminate on your own. The actions you shouldn't do are the very thing that most people do anyhow. This is the worst way to go. The best kind of treatment for these bumps and blemishes is very clear. Get assistance from a highly qualified medical professional only.





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