Jessica : Ray Of Light

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Chapter 12. Jessica : Ray Of Light

Yuri was feeling uncomfortable. It was easy to see from the way he couldn't focus on one thing since we got here. He touched the health care magazine on the coffee table but ended up not reading it at all. He folded and unfolded his arms across his chest so many times. And to top it all, he didn't say a single word since we had arrived at this sophisticated clinic.

You okay?” I rest my hand on his thigh, propping my chin on my other hand as I looked up to my dear husband. “We still can cancel everything.”

He sighed. For a moment I thought he would run for the door but he then smiled a small one at me. “This reminds me of the day mother took me to the doctor to get circumcised.”

His words made me smile too. “It's that bad, isn't it? Let's go then.”

I stood up. No matter how much I wanted to have a child, no matter how far I was willing to undergo any artificial procedure to get a baby, Yuri's feeling was still my priority.

No.” He held me by the wrist, tugging a little at my hand and effectively made me sit by his side again. “I'm just nervous. It will pass. Soon, if the nurses are pretty enough.”

My hand went straight to pinch at his thigh while my lips pursed into a rather amused frown. My husband was too good at teasing sometime.

He laughed but stopped when a nurse, which of course not as pretty as me, asking us to come to the room.

YoonA was already inside, greeting us with her wide smile then introduced us to the other doctor in the room. Doctor Lee Chihoon was probably in his mid sixty but he was as bright as YoonA. He gave us a welcoming smile before started giving us the overview of the procedure. Other than the procedure itself, he mentioned about cost, risks, and the probability of failure too.

I tried to listen as the good doctor covered all bases but my mind was already busy with the thought of holding Yuri's child in my arms. On the other hand, Yuri was all ears. He leaned forward a little, and at one point even started recording doctor Lee's explanation with his iPhone.

There are a few initial screenings needed to be done before we start with the procedure. Blood test to determine how healthy you both are. Ovarian reverse testing and thorough uterine exam for Jessica. Also analysis for Yuri.”

Can we see if I will be strong enough to bear a child from those screenings?”

We should be.” Doctor Lee's smile was as encouraging as it could be. “YoonA has given me the copy of your health record but further examination shall rule out a few problem and also shed some light on what to do next. I heard you guys are also considering surrogacy?”

I looked at Yuri who's expression seemed to change a bit. I knew surrogacy wasn't his preferred option but I didn't want to close the window for that chance yet.

We are.” I answered, entwining my hand with Yuri's under the desk.

As a last resort.” Yuri added, squeezing my hand before bringing it to his lips and gave a loving kiss that I treasured so much.

Then we also need to screen the surrogate mother.”

I think they want to see the screening results of themselves first, Sunbaenim.” YoonA explained from where she was sitting on the armchair by Doctor Lee's desk. “To put into considerations before deciding on anything.”

I see.” The older doctor nodded. “Let's start with the screeningsvfor both ofvyou then. Please follow me, Jessica.”

Okay.” I nodded before looking at YoonA. “You'll accompany me right?” I already considered the pretty doctor as my best friend and having her with me throughout the process would hopefully ease my anxiety.

Of course, Unnie.” YoonA nodded before coming to my side. “As long as Doctor Lee doesn't mind having me around.”

Why would I mind having a smart and beautiful assistance?” Doctor Lee also rose up from his chiar. “Let's go, Jessica. The examination room is to the left.”

What about me?” My husband stood up and pointed at himself.

You go to the room across this room, Yuri.” Doctor Lee tilted his chin toward the door.

Okay. Will I meet another doctor there?”

YoonA grinned at my husband while doctor Lee just raised his eyebrows. I stare at both doctors with silent questions now.

We need to analyze your .” The older doctor stated matter-of-factly while frowning at my husband.


A nurse will give you a cup outside.”


At this point, YoonA had burst into laughter. I, who finally understood the situation, also couldn't help but chuckling. I pushed my husband to the door, actually enjoyed his confused look.

Go, Yul.”


Didn't you say this guy is a multimillionaire CEO?” Doctor Lee now asked YoonA in annoyance. “Shouldn't a CEO be smarter than this?”

YoonA, who was now holding her side, laughed some more.

The senior doctor shook his head, lips pressed into a thin smile. “There will be adult videos and swimsuit magazines to help you in the room,CEO-ssi. Hand the cup filled with your to the nurse outside so we can analyze your in the lab. You've spared yourself from ing for the last three days per my order when you first made this appointment, haven't you?”

Oh!” The sight of my husband face-palming himself was actually pretty cute. If I didn't put how embarrassed he was at the moment into consideration I would have laughed my jaw off.

See you later, babe.” I blew air-kiss to my lovely husband.

You know this can be done way faster if you come to the room with me right, Jess?”

In your dream, CEO-ssi!” Doctor Lee shouted from across the room. His expression was torn between amused and annoyed. “This is a reputable fertility clinic not a love hotel.”

I could help it no more. My laughter rang in the room along with YoonA's.

What a way to start an artificial pregnancy procedure.

For someone who has vowed to stick with me through happiness and sadness, you seem to enjoy my pain too much.”

I laughed again. We were already on our way home but my dear husband was still sulking after the embarrassing incident at Doctor Lee's clinic. We had undergone every screenings needed and now have to spend the next few days waiting for results.

I'm sorry, baby.” I caressed his thigh. “You were too adorable being clueless like that.”

I was nervous.” He scratched his head. “You know I can't think straight when I'm nervous”

I know.” Leaning over the middle console of the car, I pressed my lips against his cheek. “I'm sorry for putting you trough this. Let me make it up to you.”

He grinned at me. “Really? How?”

Well. Let me cook something special for you tonight. Meat or Seafood?”

One of his hand let the steering wheel go and caressed my thigh. A bigger grin plastered on his face. “I'm thinking of something else not related to food right now.”

Yuuul!” I could feel my cheek blushing at his insinuation. He could be bold and shameless like this sometimes.

What? You have no idea how much I have held myself back for the last three days.”

Fine.” I looked away, actually felt the familiar tingling inside. “Food and wife for tonight.”

Food tonight. Wife right now.” His hand now crept dangerously under my white summer dress.

But you are driving.”

So?” A finger now rubbed me at the right spot “I know many perfect parking spots.”

I sighed. My barely survived the fruit of his one-hand action. The promise of having both his hands where I needed them the most was too enticing.

Aren't you just unloaded yourself at the clinic?” It might seemed like I was stalling but the fact was I already started leaking down there. His nimble fingers were forever my weakness.

You know me.” He winked at me before taking a left turn that brought the car into a basement parking lot. “I can always do more than once.”

A finger slithered inside of me. My eyes closed involuntarily, my body was ready to go.

I gave up on the tips of his fingers

It was a feast to see Yuri riding a horse. The way his slim yet muscular body leaned forward, how his arms flexed, and the determination in his eyes as he made the shiny black horse jumped over the wooden bar were all like candy to my eyes.

I let go of the binoculars, waving at my husband as the horse stomped the ground in front of the deck where I was standing. We were at the Kwons' ranch in Gyeonggi-do, enjoying some times off from work here since Yuri barely had time for real vacation.

How do I do?” He shouted as the horse sped up, making a pose on the saddle. I laughed, lifting my thumbs up as an answer. He rode for a few more rounds before stopping in front of the deck again, motioning for me to get down.

Want to try?” He jumped off the horse, stroking its head as he grinned like a boy who just got his first bike. “It's fun.”

Nope! I'm good.” I shook my head. The possibility of falling from a galloping horse was too terrifying even just to think about.

You look good on him though.” I tried to touch the horse but retracted my arm the instance it pranced a little.

It's a she.” Yuri pulled at the leash, calming the horse down. “The prettiest in this ranch, Elizabeth Kwon.”

Really? Elizabeth?” I snickered. “Please tell me the name is not the product of your creative mind.”

Mother's idea. We also have Diana, William and Harry in the stable.” He grinned again, patting the horse. “You seriously need to try horse riding, Jess. It's relaxing.”

I shook my head once more, stepping back a little as the horse seemed so eager on invading my personal space.

See? She loves you. Here, touch her mane.”

My arm reached forward once again. When my hand made contact with the soft fur, both the horse and I jolted a little.

Relax... she can feel you.”

I moved my hand, slowly stroking the back of the elegant horse.

See? Ready for a ride?”

Promise me you won't let me get hurt.”

Have I ever let you get hurt?” Yuri leaned in, stealing a kiss from my lips before striding the horse in one swift move. “Let's go.”

He easily hoisted me onto the saddle with one hand and before I knew it, the horse already made a few slow steps forward.

Yuuul.” I hissed, grabbing at his arm for something to hold. “It's uncomfortable. I'm slipping.”

Yuri laughed. “Relax, it's practically the same way with riding your husband.”

Yah!” I gave his thigh a hard slap. No turning back though, I was already on a galloping horse. Yul kept the pace slow enough for me not to lose my breath in anxiety. At some point, I felt relaxed enough to let go of my hold and leaned back onto Yuri's broad chest.

See? Fun?”

Not exactly my idea of fun. Too bumpy.”

How about now?” Yuri wrapped a hand around my stomach. His lips kissed my cheek. “Fun?”

A little.” I turned my head to the side, letting my lips locked with his. We kissed the way we often did, slow and gentle. “There's still room for improvement.”

I see.” He dipped in again, pulling the hard-kiss card now.

I was about to give myself into the kiss when my phone rang.

Aish!” He sounded extremely annoyed. “Why bring your phone? Leave it at the villa.”

I can't. We're waiting for the screening result, remember?” I fished the phone from the pocket of my button-up shirt. It was actually Yuri's shirt that I loved to wear so much. “It's YoonA! Can we stop?”

Yuri pulled at the leash and put Elizabeth to a stop. He rested his chin on my shoulder as I picked up the call.

Hello? YoonA?”


The reception was bad though, the call got disconnected before I could even hear a word from the other end.

Help me, Yul.” I got down slowly from the horse with Yuri's help. Trying to dial YoonA back, I stepped uphill for better signal while Yuri tended the horse.

Hello, YoonA?”

Yes. Jessica unnie, why is it so hard to reach you today?”

I'm out of town. Did doctor Lee already relay the result to you? Is everything alright with us?”

I listened carefully as YoonA was talking. Halfway through her explanation, tears uncontrollably fell from my eyes. I wiped at them with the sleeve of my shirt, trying my best to hold back from sobbing.

Oh Unnie, don't cry.” YoonA tried to sooth me.

I couldn't even talk anymore at this point.

Are you alone right now, unnie? Is anyone with you?”

Yu...Yuri's here.”

Okay. Talk to him, Unnie. Remember to stay positive.”

I nodded, completely forgot that YoonA couldn't see me nodding.

I'm gonna hang up now. Call me or Doctor Lee later when you're ready, okay? We need to discuss the next step to take.”


The call ended, leaving me crying while clutching the phone to my chest.

Jess?” I felt Yuri's hands on my shoulders before he called my name. He spun me around and I had to face his worried eyes. “What's wrong? What did YoonA say?”

The ability to say words had left me, I sobbed in Yuri's arms. My tears wet his dark blue shirt as he hugged me tight. I wanted to say a word, I needed to explain, but I was too shocked.'s okay. It will be okay.” He patted my back and kissed the crown of my head. “Whatever it is, we'll get trough it.”

It took me a while to compose myself. When I pulled away from Yuri, there were already large stain of tears on his shirt.

You okay, now?” He held me at arm length, concerned eyes staring at me. I nodded, finally found the ability to smile a little.

Let's get back to the villa, baby. Let's get some rest.” He wrapped a hand around my waist, leading me down the hill. It was one thing that I loved the most about my husband; patience. Even after I had literally cried a river in front of him, he didn't force me to talk.

YoonA said-”

It's okay. We'll talk about it later.” He kissed my temple. “It has been a tiring day.”

We got the spot were Elizabeth was bounded by the leash to a tree. He patted the horse on the leg before fastening the saddle. “Come on, I'll help you up.”

I took his proffered hand then stopped when the reality hit me. “Yul... I can't ride the horse. Too bumpy.”

But you've came this far. Come on up, We'll ride slow.”

Yul. I can't.” My hands instinctively went to cover my stomach. “I'm pregnant.”

It's okay. I-” His eyes went round, his mouth gaping. “You're what?”

I'm pregnant.” I was pretty sure my smile outshone the sun at the moment. “YoonA said that my blood screening has came out with unexpected result. I'm already with child. Our child.”

He didn't say a word. He didn't make a sound. Just arms enveloped me in a tight hug, lips alternately kissing my cheeks and forehead over and over again.

I thought YoonA called to deliver bad news.” He let go of me after a while, sighing while ruffled his hair. “It scared me seeing you crying like that.”

I'm sorry.” I looked up at the bright blue sky. Tears were threatening to fall again. I was so happy I felt like crying and laughing at the same time.

Yuri hugged me again, much gentler this time. “Is everything okay? You? Our baby?”

I don't know.” I lay my hand on top of his hand that was already resting on my stomach. “YoonA said we should get everything checked as soon as possible”

Let's go.” He took my phone from my hand. “I'll call Dongwon-ssi to pick us up with his car.” He mentioned the caretaker of the ranch.

Ummm, Yul. I don't have his number.”

Aigoo.” He scratched his head. “You have to wait then. I'll go back to the ranch with Elizabeth.”

I nodded. “Please be hurry. It's too quiet here.”

Don't worry.” He bent down in front of me, kissing my stomach through the shirt. “Keep mommy company, okay? Daddy will be back in a flash with a much comfier ride.”

I grinned. The grin lasted until Yuri rode the horse down the path. He waved at me from a few hundreds meters away and through the wind I could hear his yell.

I love you, Jess!”

I loved Yuri too, so much.

--- tbc ---

Author's note : Am I a good girl or am I a very good girl? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ! No surrogate mother,a little y scene, a natural pregnancy for the couple, and a sugary wrap up for this chapter. Don't I deserve more comments for fulfilling my dear readers' request today?

PS : Can't promise there will be no drama on the next chapter though. *runs and hides*


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