Kaleidoscope Heart

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She looked like living desire, the craving, the want, boiling inside of Irene everytime she looked up to gathered another detail to draw, Wendy transitioning from easygoing to sultry in the time Irene had taken to draw her out, the look in her eyes taunting, as though she was saying that she was something out of reach, like the stars she portrayed.


University AU Set in September's universe, where smoking and drinking is acceptable within the underaged community. 

Featuring the pairing where both of them hold each other close to each other's hearts and huddle deep within the warmth of the other's soul. 

A/N: Thank you, dear beloved cutely whipped true soulmate for making the cover for me when you realised I was PS retarded! :D Please continue being whipped for me, weirdlatte!

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