12 Bad Skin Care Habits That Give You Wrinkles


As society keeps evolving, there has been an increased concern in our image. Looking young and vibrant has become very desirable to most people hence a great priority. Wrinkles are a major sign of aging and most people seek various ways of wrinkle treatment. We always see celebrities with beautiful toned faces and not a single trace of wrinkles in their forties and fifties .Not  achieving that youthful skin  might be  caused by what we are doing wrong especially with skin care leading to the appearance of wrinkles.


1. Not Removing Make Up

Make up can be a useful complement to our natural beauty but make up and environmental pollutants accumulate during the day and seep into pores of the skin breaking down collagen and elastin. This actually speeds up the aging process causing fine lines and wrinkles. It is therefore advisable to moisturize and cleanse your skin before bed.

2. Streaching Your Skin When Applying Makeup

It is a common practice by most people to apply mascara with the eyebrows lifted or pulling on your eyes and stretching them when applying eyeliner. These practices actually create wrinkles and are even frowned upon by most makeup artists. It is advisable that you move your whole face when applying makeup and avoid stretching it.

3. Sleeping Position

Sleeping on your face or dozing off while resting your face on your palm can give you wrinkles. As you sleep, you consistently push on your face when lying on the pillow. This accelerates wrinkle formation. To solve this, you should sleep on satin pillows or sleep on your back.

4. Giving up On Products

Purchasing a proven anti aging product fills you with great optimism as most people think that this is an end to all those fine lines, age stops and wrinkly face. It therefore becomes disappointing when after a few days there is no significant change and you end up tossing the product in the trash. What you should understand is that most products take weeks if not months to produce results.

5. Aggressive Removal of Eye Makeup

As previously stated it is very important to remove make up before bed. It is however important to do it gently without rubbing or scrubbing the skin around your eyes. Aggressive activity around this area can cause a broken blood vessel, wrinkles and puffiness since the skin is thin.

6. Cleaning the skin aggressively

Exposure to serious dirt such as grease may force you to try all available methods to clean. This may result to using harsh soaps to obtain a clean skin but on the downside, it strips the skin of its natural oils that help to prevent formation of wrinkles.

7. Overconfidence in Organic Foods

Though most organic foods have been proven to posses numerous health benefits, the case may not be necessarily the same for anti aging. Some organic foods may actually contain inflammatory substances. Good knowledge of the food and the effects it may have on the body is important before you consume it.

8. Relying on a single one off product

Most people will go for a single ‘miracle’ product that will leave their skin flawless and with no sign of aging anytime soon. However, a great youthful skin is achieved by adopting a good lifestyle and this includes sleeping habits, exercise, avoidance of harmful substances and most importantly a healthy diet.

9. Not Applying Sunscreen

The amount of damage the sun’s rays can cause to the skin after long exposure should be a major concern for many. Over exposure can cause appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and age spots. Not wearing sunscreen therefore leaves the skin exposed to all these dangers. Applying sunscreen helps to prevent premature aging signs and provides a few more wrinkle free years.

10. Mixing Different Anti aging products

People seeking the perfect skin are tempted to use different products at the same time hoping that it will provide a working combination. This may have the complete opposite effect as the combination might actually irritate the skin, cause inflammation and eventually accelerate the aging signs. It is advisable to try few tried and proven products, or as guided by a dermatologist.

11. Smoking

There are plenty of negative effects of smoking and wrinkle formation just happens to be one of them. Smoking restricts blood flow to the skin cells depriving them of precious oxygen and nutrients necessary for them to regenerate. Chemicals in cigarettes breaks down skins fiber and elastin making you look older at a faster rate.

12. Pricking Zits

You wake up one morning, take a look at the mirror and notice a small bulge on the skin. Naturally most people will try to prick it as a quick fix. Pricking however leaves small scars that can make you look aged. You should let zits come out naturally or use natural products to get rid of them.


It is advisable to avoid certain mistakes such as stretching the skin when applying makeup, mixing different products and improper use of anti aging creams and soaps as they can be a game changer in the wrinkle treatment. Negative lifestyle habits like smoking, which limits blood supply to skin cells, accelerate premature aging signs. Exercise and good nutrition improves the skins resistance to aging thus providing you with a youthful and flawless skin you will always be confident to show to the world.





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