Weirdos in the convenience store.

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Min Yoongi works part time at a convenience store close to his university. Every day, there’s new weirdos who annoys him to no end. He thought working in a store would be chill and easy, having to deal with all kinds of people isn’t his style. There’s only one person who makes his time there easy. That’s his co-worker, Park Jimin.


Every chapter will be a one-shot and really short, since I plan to write a ton of them! :D

Inspired by korean movie Futurless things and japanese manga/drama Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store.


Please suggest a chapter-plot & people if you want! :)


Main characters;

Min Yoongi.

Personality: pokerfaced, easily irritated, sarcastic, quiet, judgemental, scary-looking, jealous, extremely lazy, bad at doing anything, not very smart but not dumb.

Likes: Jimin, sleeping & staring at customers.

Dislikes: Loud people, old people, children, animals, celebrities, alcohol, doors, Krystal and basically everything else.


Park Jimin.

Personality: Innocent-looking, naturally charmy, friendly, bubbly, clumsy, almost impossible to irritate but very scary when irritated, amazing martial-arts fighter, rich his whole life but not spoiled, a good cleaner but a bad cook, very intelligent.

Likes: Yoongi, training, colors, animals, being happy and sweets.

Dislikes: When Yoongi's oblivious, injustice & being molested by old ladies.


Krystal Jung.

Personality: Self-centered, a bit narcissistic, money-crazy, dramaqueen, loud, happy-going, often skipping her tasks during work, changes boyfriends often.

Likes: Money, herself, food & shopping.

Dislikes: Being poor & unable to buy things.



Support characters(who appear more than once or twice).

Han Sang-Hyuk.

(Becomes a regluar character later in the series)

- Extremely unpredictable.

- No one knows what's going on in his head


Park Jae-sang (Psy).

- The boss of the store.

- Extremely desperate to get more workers, despite how useless they are.

- Wants to become a millionaire.



- Jimin's favorite cousin, cares about Jimin very much.

- Works under Jimin's father & as Jimin's private driver.

- Quiet and calm.



- Goes to the same university as Yoongi.

- Thinks he and Yoongi are best friends.

- Very loud, annoying, oblivious and unbelievably strong.

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