Weirdos in the convenience store.

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Min Yoongi works part time at a convenience store close to his university. Every day, there’s new weirdos who annoys him to no end. He thought working in a store would be chill and easy, having to deal with all kinds of people isn’t his style. There’s only one person who makes his time there easy. That’s his co-worker, Park Jimin.


Every chapter will be a one-shot and really short, since I plan to write a ton of them! :D

Inspired by korean movie Futurless things and japanese manga/drama Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store.


Please suggest a chapter-plot & people if you want! :)


Main characters;

Min Yoongi.

Personality: pokerfaced, easily irritated, sarcastic, quiet, judgemental, scary-looking, jealous, extremely lazy, bad at doing anything, not very smart but not dumb.

Likes: Jimin, sleeping & staring at customers.

Dislikes: Loud people, old people, children, animals, celebrities, alcohol, doors, Krystal and basically everything else.


Park Jimin.

Personality: Innocent-looking, naturally charmy, friendly, bubbly, clumsy, almost impossible to irritate but very scary when irritated, amazing martial-arts fighter, rich his whole life but not spoiled, a good cleaner but a bad cook, very intelligent.

Likes: Yoongi, training, colors, animals, being happy and sweets.

Dislikes: When Yoongi's oblivious, injustice & being molested by old ladies.


Krystal Jung.

Personality: Self-centered, a bit narcissistic, money-crazy, dramaqueen, loud, happy-going, often skipping her tasks during work, changes boyfriends often.

Likes: Money, herself, food & shopping.

Dislikes: Being poor & unable to buy things.



Support characters(who appear more than once or twice).

Han Sang-Hyuk.

(Becomes a regluar character later in the series)

- Extremely unpredictable.

- No one knows what's going on in his head


Park Jae-sang (Psy).

- The boss of the store.

- Extremely desperate to get more workers, despite how useless they are.

- Wants to become a millionaire.



- Jimin's favorite cousin, cares about Jimin very much.

- Works under Jimin's father & as Jimin's private driver.

- Quiet and calm.



- Goes to the same university as Yoongi.

- Thinks he and Yoongi are best friends.

- Very loud, annoying, oblivious and unbelievably strong.

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Chapter 80: this is really cute...:)

happy new year as well and i can't wait for the spin offs...hehehe...:)
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Chapter 80: I love this.
This wass my favourite fanfic and i would really like to read the sequels
Chapter 80: This is honestly one of the BEST YM STORY EVER. i could actually re-read the whole thing omg. The characters, humor, romance, basically EVERYTHING is on point!!! You've reached the 80th chapter! Wow! And the fact that you're going to do spin-offs of this makes me extremely happy!!
This story is a literal PERFECTION -i may sound exaggerating- but it is the truth!
Julylikemyfaceu #8
Chapter 80: I'm pretty sad that this is the last chapter, it feels like the end of an era and I'm seriously going to miss all of the convience store shenanigans and all of the weird but wonderful characters. Looking forward to the spin offs!
Happy New Year Author-nim, I hope 2017 will be everything you wanted and more ^.^
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